Student Blogs

Carissa Pearl Moya, Senior (Magnolia)


On March 13, 2020, a week before our Spring Break, the news of school closure hit our district emails. At first, I was a bit ecstatic assuming that the worries and frustrations of finishing the year strong—especially with college decisions around the corner—will somewhat relieve me of the stress, even for the slightest bit. However, a few days after this email came the official statewide school closures. My heart immediately sunk, defeated that the year had ended, virtually. Many students look forward to the last three months of school excited to engage in senior activities—prom, senior trips, senior activities, and graduation. Not knowing that March 13 was going to be my last day definitely took a toll on me, forming regrets around my shoulders. This fact alone petrified my worries—how am I supposed to transition?

Anthony DeGuzman, Senior (Katella)

Hi, I’m Anthony DeGuzman, a senior at Katella High School. This situation will go down as the saddest times for the class of 2020. Personally, this first semester of the school year was the best one yet and I was so confident that my final semester was going to be the perfect ending in this whole high school chapter. But, that is not the case and all I can tell myself now is; I never got to be a cheerleader at powder puff and make a fool out of myself with my friends, I never got to go to a prom throughout my four years, I didn’t get to play my final season in volleyball, and I never got to say a true goodbye to everyone in the school. There are so many things that I wish I was able to do with my final moments in high school, but now I don’t have the chance to do it. With all of this in mind, I just go through the flow now not caring about anything. I picked up new hobbies like painting and cooking new things, but I do not have any motivation. I wish this was all a dream. I hope everyone is safe and doing well and once this is all over I know we will be stronger as a whole.


Carissa Pearl Moya, Senior (Magnolia)

My name is Carissa Pearl Moya, a current senior at Magnolia High School, and I am in the midst of transitioning from a world that I have come to known for the past 12 years into adulthood as I choose where I go for the next four years. Senior year—the most thrilling and exciting year, yet—is meant to be celebrated in multiple ways, hence students look forward to this year the most. Football games, senior activities, pep rallies, and dances are just some of the icing; more importantly, graduation poses as the coronation of our transitioning and the tip of the iceberg where our families, friends, and teachers celebrate one of our biggest milestones before we head off to college. However, all of this disappeared in an instance. At first, the news of the novel coronavirus, originating from China, became one of the biggest jokes in our country, unknowingly the worst has yet to come. One by one, countries brace the impact of the virus and countries such as Italy become the epicenter, followed by the United States of America.