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Week 7 – It’s All So Bittersweet

I just finished my internship and honestly I am sad about it. It has been overall so amazing. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. Being able to follow and observe what it really is like in a hospital was a dream of mine before I start planning on what my dream major was. I finally have an expectation and know that I’m capable of reaching what my heart desires to accomplish. I do not regret applying for this internship at all. I’m glad I decided to spend my last summer before college interning at Kaiser Permanente and being part of both the AIME program and OCAPICA’s AHA program. Some of the most exciting moments was just being able to watch a professional do their job. Some examples were when I was able to observe an Emergency Room Assistant do their job. I was able to watch them enter a patient’s room in an orderly manner and demonstrate some normal tasks such as performing an EKG on the patient and some splints. Some other exciting experiences was being able to transport patients to other floors to be admitted as well. It’s so simple, but was amazing to experience. I felt like I was a part of something even if I was just watching the ERA do their job. They actually let us tag along and and made us feel welcomed. Another experience, overall, was being able to just follow my supervisor. Being able to see how she acted around staff and patients was cool because I learned that these professionals are human. They can joke and laugh, but they can also be serious and get work done. I find that amazing. Also, besides interning at Kaiser, I also really enjoyed coming to the district on Fridays. However the AIME part of the Fridays were kind of boring, but staying later and hanging out with the AHA group was awesome. I loved the different icebreakers and activities. I felt that in each and every one of the activities, the group felt close and became intimate with one another. I really appreciated them because I feel like we all have become kind of a family. We may not be blood, but we feel close and trusting of everyone to let out our thoughts and feelings. Being able to express what’s going in our life and reflecting upon it was one of the best moments throughout this internship as well.

Compared to when I first started, I noticed that I started to be more extroverted. I was able to say hi to different staff members without being shy. I was able to go into patients’ rooms and talk to them. I was also able to understand how the workplace functioned. I didn’t have the expectation of excitement like the ER scenes in the show Grey’s Anatomy. This experience contributed to my growth because it helped me break out of my shell even more. It helped my communication skills and let me grow connections in a work environment. I wasn’t afraid anymore. I would walk up to the hospital entrance, say hi to the security guard who already knew who we were, say hi to staff members I walked by, and then walk into my supervisor’s office and said hi to every single person there. I wasn’t shy anymore because I just felt like I was apart of them and belonged there.

I feel like experiencing this internship made me both confused and more confident of what career path I want to take in the future because originally, I was planning on trying to pursue careers between a doctor, nurse, or physician assistant. However, after this internship, I’ve been more confident than ever that I want to be in the medical field and probably become a nurse. I’ve observed how they work and how much interaction different professionals have with the patients. I have decided that I will probably try to look more into nursing rather than the other professions I was thinking of just because I like to be social and meet new people. I feel like nursing to me will be a great opportunity to help people and have an impact in their lives. It also is a great opportunity for different doors since becoming a nurse can lead you to so many other specialties and branches of it. I’m only really confused because there’s so many jobs that I’d like to also think of trying out such as working in the lab. I love working with scientific thing and being hands on, so being able to work in the lab seems interesting especially since the whole idea intrigues me. However, being in the lab seems like there would hardly be any interaction with people and I’d probably be lonely.

With everything I’ve learned from my experience as well as from the different people I’ve met and encountered throughout this internship, some advice I would give to the next ten students interning at Kaiser Permanente would be that to not have high expectations. I have learned so many things just observing and following people around, including the occasional hands on things such as arts and crafts and filing. When you go into this internship, try to be confident and remember that these professionals are not scary. They can be intimidating at first, however, they are also human and did choose to sign up to get interns with them. They don’t hate or despise you, so you have nothing to worry about. Walk into that hospital, medical office, call center, or whatever part of Kaiser you’re in and have a positive attitude and a smile. This internship can possibly change your life as well as give you one of the best moments of your life. You’ll create different relationship and just won’t regret ever doing it at all. Even if you’re spending 5+ hours at the internship site or at the district, it will still be something you wouldn’t want to miss. Good luck new 10 student interns. Just like this year’s ten interns, you guys will do great and won’t regret it.

Goodbye, Kaiser and everyone I met there. You’ll be missed, but I’ll be back. 😉

Sheena Quiambao, Class of 2019

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Week 6 – Just One More Left…

I’ve just finished my second to last week with my internship. Wow. I’m feeling all kinds of emotions in all honesty. It’s kind of bittersweet. For example, I’m glad that it’s coming to an end and that I don’t have to wake up early, but it also sucks because I actually enjoy interning at Kaiser. I made new friendship and work relationships there that I feel will help me for the future. I made a new friend which was my intern partner. She’s been great and it was awesome being able to have a partner to go through my experience with. I wasn’t alone and that was the great part. It sucks that it’s coming to an end and I will definitely miss everything, even my favorite white chocolate macadamia nut cookies I bought in the hospital cafeteria on the daily and my potato leek soup I got every Monday or whenever I saw it. So much has happened and the whole experience was amazing. I would never replace it for anything and I don’t regret applying for this internship opportunity even if my life depended on it, figuratively speaking.

For the last week of my internship, I am looking forward to working maybe an extra hour in order to get more experience and time with my supervisor and all the staff there. Everything has been so amazing that I want to spend my final week making the most out of it. I hope to finally be able to fully communicate better especially with patients and just see everything. Whatever I learned from this experience interning at Kaiser, I can apply to my future by being able to work with professionals and coming into consensus. I can use my experience of observing what it is like being on the floor and having an expectation of when I would one day be working on the floor myself. I can use my experience to also reach out to the staff and my supervisor for help with job recommendations or for advice in general. I can use practically everything I learned to make my future a lot better. I feel more confident going out in the real world and I feel that it is definitely possible to do whatever I dream of doing. I can’t wait for what happens next.

Sheena Quiambao, Class of 2019

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Week 5 – An Incredible Experience

It’s almost to an end. Wow.

Some of the most influential events that happened this week was going to the simulation lab at Kaiser Irvine and being able to follow an Emergency Room Assistant (ERA) for a few days. Being able to go to the simulation lab, it was glimpse of what clinical experience can feel like. It made me realize how much I enjoy doing things like sutures, intubating the manikin, inserting IV’s, feeling different levels of cervix dilation, and experiencing a code Blue situation. Being able to follow the ERA around the emergency room and observe what he did on a normal day gave me perspective on how reality of patient care is. It’s not like the movies where they yell at you all the time and all of the dramatic things that happen in them. It’s actually a nice feeling being to talk to the patients and experiencing the blessing feeling of helping someone who was hurt or sick. However, there are times where the patient is in incredible pain and it sucks to imagine what they’re going through, but being able to experience that helps me realize if I still want to continue to pursue this career pathway. So far, I feel like that the feeling of helping them get better oversees the negativity in this field. I still want to continue the medical field.

I feel like I’ve progressed in communication, character, collaboration, and just experience in general. I’m able to communicate any question I want to ask if i’m ever curious about anything. For example, if I didn’t know a certain terminology or procedure, I’d ask and I’m able to receive a sufficient answer. I’ve been able to get along with many of the staff members there, create a relationship with them, and show them my true character and personality. I progressed in collaboration by being able to work with my partner intern with work ours we want to work together and completing tasks that we were assign with. We would maybe even work with staff with project ideas such as designing certain things or creating posters. I also progressed in experience in general because I feel like I experienced new things and new environments to better understand people and situations.

Overall, I’m happy with what’s happening so far and hope to end this internship with a continuing exponential growth. 🙂

Sheena Quiambao
Class of 2019
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Week 4 – At Least I’m not Alone

Two main skills that I had to utilize during the internship this week was that I had to be patient and communicative. Being communicative kind of challenged me as well because I was a bit afraid and shy to speak up to kind of interrupt my supervisor since she is always busy and talking.

A life lesson that I obtained this week was when one of the staff members was entertaining us while our supervisor was at a meeting. He was trying to give us a whole talk about life lessons. One lesson would be to never let anyone keep you down from rising up. For example, don’t let anyone try to bring you down and to do what you want to do. I can apply this to many areas in my life that includes my future such as balancing life with family, future relationships, school, and everything else that’s in my life.

A task that allowed me to step our of my comfort zone was to go out of the office from being there all day and go out to the emergency area to ask the nurses if they needed help. That duty made me feel both positive and negative because it made me feel good that I was trying to help them since that was a good deed, but it also made me feel anxious and shy like they didn’t care or want to notice me. However, it was all good because I was with my partner and we were facing through it together.

Sheena Quiambao, Class of 2019

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Week 3 – I’m not yawning. You are.

It’s already Week 3? Wow.

This week in all honesty was kind of boring. All I really did, in summary, was sitting down, filing, hole punching papers, and talking. However, it was pretty knowledgeable for the most part and I learned life lessons from talking to staff. I worked only three days this week when I usually work four days because my supervisor was off this Thursday. The part that stuck out the most was that the project manager came and asked us if we wanted to try on the ebola suits they have to test them. It was awesome. The suit fit me almost perfectly while my partner who was like 4’11” had hers too big for her. I felt professional working and it was just fun.

Most days, I’m usually sitting and listening to her explain things,talking about life, and observing what she does everyday. To be honest, it’s exhausting to do nothing, but listen. It was pretty challenging. I try to hide my yawning, my drowsiness, and just try to be attentive. It’s hard to be honest. When one of the office secretary asked if she can take my partner and I to hole punch papers and file them, I was kind of happy because it meant we can do something and kind of hang. This helped solve the challenge of keeping ourselves from falling asleep. It kept our minds occupied on a different level. I mean it was still boring, obviously, but at least we felt useful because the secretary ended up thanking us so much since it saves her so much time. Even though listening to our supervisor and all that can be boring, don’t get me wrong, I love my supervisor and wouldn’t ask for anyone else. She’s really funny and I love her personality. I just don’t know if I would want to do her job every day for several years.

My experience in this internship is affecting me because since my supervisor is the Assistant Clinical Director for the nurses, they come up to her office to ask her question or go to her for problems. This reminds me of when my mom’s supervisor told the staff when they changed their schedules that if they didn’t like the schedule then to leave and find a new job. This makes me realize how each hospital has a different environment and that Kaiser is a company I would want to work for because they’re supportive in everything such as educating them, helping with their needs like their schedules, and so much more. It just seems like a great company to work for. Everyone is like a family there.

Although tiring, I’m still able to have a good time as well as learning more about life, career choices, and so much more. I just want to work at Kaiser.

Sheena Quiambao, Class of 2019

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Week 2 – An Interesting Week

For the first week of my internship the most surprising thing that happened was experiencing the environment. Everyone was so kind and welcoming to my partner and I. Everyone was happy to help out, answer questions, and just awesome. We walked around the department just observing what happens in the area. As we walk by, I was able to observe some procedures that caught my eye and was able to witness my supervisor in action at work helping a patient. I learned that communication is key and that the medical field has a wide span of careers. Also, I learned that I did NOT like to work an office job.

I found myself enjoying walking around the department and observing the doctors and nurses doing their job. Sometimes, I catch myself so amused by the work they do such as helping the patient, putting in IVs, and demonstrating other procedures. There wasn’t many tasks that I had to do, but some thing were hard was just trying to interact with the doctors and nurses because I was intimidated by them. Although, they ended up not being intimidating, rather they were super nice and incredible.

I can apply using communication, being more open to the people there, and just getting out of my comfort zones to network with the other employees. I can learn to figure out and narrow my career search. I can also just learn to expect what a normal day can be like in order to feel comfortable. However, being with another intern, experiencing the same experiences really helped my a lot with my level of comfort.

In conclusion, the first week of my internship was INCREDIBLE! I just liked everything and I’m excited for the next few weeks to come.

Sheena Quiambao, Class of 2019

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Week 1 – AHHHH!

My name is Sheena Quiambao. I’m pretty much interested in anything medical related. So far, I’ve been interested in nursing or trying to be a physician assistant. I don’t really know pretty much, I’m figuring it out. However, I like working with the body, surgery stuff, laboratory stuff, and learning how things work. Things I like to do for fun is watching Netflix, playing with my dogs, and watching YouTube videos which include a variety of topics from learning how to do things, to cooking videos, to video blogs, to science videos, and lot of more. I practically like anything of everything.

To be where I am now, I pretty much worked my gluteus maximus off, starting with my grades and making sure I get all my work done with the best of my ability. I also realized that I would need to join programs and clubs that can help me find a way to get to where I want to be, which is trying to go to a UC or Cal State. I learned that college can be achievable as long as I work hard and manage my time well. I always knew I was interested in the medical field because I’m Filipino and my mom always pushed me towards it. However, even though to some people they hate it, I’ve always had a passion for it, helping people, and the sciences. It amazes me. With this and joining several programs, I joined OCAPICA and AHA which opened the opportunity and led me to this internship. There was the opportunity to get an internship for Kaiser Permanente which I found amazing and perfect for me because I don’t know exactly what I want to do and working at a hospital to be exposed to everything will help me focus my scope on what I want to do.

The knowledge and skills I hope to gain from this internship is basically everything I need for my future career. Some being leadership, communications skills, patient care, and others.

In conclusion, I hope it’ll be the best experience for my career searching journey!

Sheena Quiambao, Class of 2019

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