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Week 7 – Our Time has Come To An End

Overall, my experience was unforgettable. The Call Center in Miraloma probably has one of the greatest environments. I don’t regret being here at all and the people made it even better. I hope I get to see them again someday and I hope they never forget about me. One of the most exciting moments for me has nothing to do with the work I’ve done but we rescued a cat from a car engine. I know, I know, not work related but that’s what makes it unforgettable because it was so unexpected!

Compared to when first started, I noticed that I’ve become more mature when it comes to work. I know that school isn’t a job, but technically it is for a student. Before this internship, I was serious about school but not as much as I should’ve been. I know school, doesn’t really have much to do with my internship, but the increase of my maturity level will definitely affect my performance at school and at any future job. For my career I’d like to become an Obstetrician or a Pediatric Surgeon. But as I leave the internship I feel a little more confused about what career I’d like to pursue in the future. I feel this because we had the chance to go to the simulation lab and we got to do different workshops and those workshops started making me think about going into critical care as well. So, now I have to think more about my future which is good because I’m becoming more open to other health care positions.

If there’s anything I could tell the next ten students interning at Kaiser Permanente, I would tell them that they will not regret it at all. No matter where you are placed, you will learn a lot and gain many skills. But don’t take it for granted, you are very lucky to have been chosen and the coordinators worked hard to get you this internship. Take everything in and just learn and enjoy.

Scarlett Ruvalcaba, Class of 2019

Week 6 – Approaching The End

I feel pretty sad that my internship is coming to an end because I absolutely love working here with everybody. I sort of got attached to the people because they always made me smile and made my day without even knowing it and I’ve just learned so much which makes me want to learn more. I’m really going to miss it here but I’m extremely grateful that I had this awesome opportunity.

Something I’m looking forward to on my last week at Kaiser are the very last moments because I know they’re going to be special due to the fact that I probably won’t be back and if I am, it’ll be a while. Everything that I have learned at Kaiser can be applied to my future when I go into college or apply to a real job because I’ve gained many skills that I didn’t really have before. I feel like I’ll be a bit more outstanding than I used to be and have greater opportunities.

Scarlett Ruvalcaba, Class of 2019

Week 5 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

An event that influenced me but also confused me the most this week was our trip to the Simulation Lab over at Kaiser Permanente in Irvine. We participated in different workshops which gave us the chance to learn how to insert an IV, intubate, stitch up and suture “skin”, deliver a child, and learn how to handle critical care. Originally I wanted to become an Obstetrician or Pediatric Surgeon but the critical care workshop really caught my attention and made me think about working in critical care but not sure exactly what position. Therefore, after high school I don’t know what path to take because I am pretty sure every career has its own path but I don’t want to regret any decision I make.

I’m not sure if I have really made any progress because my work and tasks have remained the same my whole internship but something I have made progress within myself is definitely waking up on time and going to sleep early. I never like sleeping early nor waking up early. Therefore, if I have to be productive one day it will likely not happen because I won’t have the energy but now that I have gotten used to getting enough sleep and going to bed early, I now have more productive days than I used to.

I am thankful for all that happened this week and I absolutely love everyone who has helped me out through my internship.

Scarlett Ruvalcaba, Class of 2019

Week 4 – Skills & Life Lessons

There were two skills that I had to utilize this week which was professionalism and patience. They both have played a huge part throughout my internship because there is an extent of work I am able to do at the Call Center. Therefore, when there are times that I get assigned a task and finish early, I literally just sit there and wait for a task. It kinda sucks because I wish I was working literally the whole time. And when I’m waiting I have to maintain and show a patient and professional image of myself. Having patience was kind of hard because I am a very impatient person and I cannot stay sitting in one place for a long time so I start getting desperate for something to do but if there’s nothing I can do then I can’t really do much about it.

One life lesson that I obtained this week is to be prepared. My coordinator, Mr. Tenorio had gone to my internship site to evaluate me and see how I was doing. I knew that he was going to go see me that week but I didn’t know if he wanted me to give him a tour, introduce him to everyone I work with, or just simply show him the work that I have done. I was really panicking the day that he was supposed to come to my site. But thankfully my supervisor, Cynthia noticed that I was a little nervous and helped me out explain what I have done my first few weeks of the internship. At the end of it all, Mr. Tenorio was really proud of what I have accomplished and learned about myself during this wonderful internship. But also, I did learn to be prepared no matter if someone is going to evaluate you at your job or going to an unknown environment. It is always great to be prepared as much as you can.

This past week I didn’t really step outside of my comfort zone because my work was the usual and most of it was around the area where I am usually at. Except, I asked my supervisor if she can help me with the project that we have to do for the internship. We each got different topics to talk about and my partner and I have to talk about Mental Health. Part of the project, we have to sort of tie our internship into/with our topic and I really didn’t know how to relate Mental Health with my internship. But Cynthia told me that it would probably be really helpful for me if I went down to the floor and ask people from the Behavioral Health section to help me out and get information about what they do and how my internship could possibly tie into/with Mental Health. But going down to the floor gets me really nervous because I automatically feel like everyone is staring at me. Therefore, going out to the people in the Behavioral Health section and asking for advice and their help, kind of made me anxious but it wasn’t too bad. They ended up helping me out a lot and they gave me more information than I could have asked for and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Scarlett Ruvalcaba, Class of 2019


Week 3 – A Success!!

Week three was a success! Remember when I said that I was working on filing my whole first week? When I barely started, I thought I would never finish because it was just so much and my supervisor said it was about two months worth of filing. But guess what!! I finished ALL of the filing on Wednesday! It was a big accomplishment because I was starting to get impatient and desperate for another task. After a while, filing gets really boring and if you are filing all day then you feel like your day is such a drag. But now that I’m all finished, I’m so excited to get assigned a new task.

There weren’t any challenges this week which kind of sucks because I want to be challenged to show my abilities. But one thing that kind of made me impatient is that on Thursday I didn’t do anything. Since my supervisor didn’t expect me to finish filing so soon, she didn’t really have any tasks ready for me to do. Therefore, I pretty much just sat there the whole four hours of my shift and I was getting impatient because I really wanted to work but I didn’t want to annoy my supervisor or anyone so I didn’t ask for any tasks. I wish I would have asked someone if they needed help with anything whether it’s to get them a snack or cup of water but now I know to speak up and offer help even if no one asks for it.

So far this internship has helped me out personally because I have to get up early and be punctual which I dislike but slowly I’m getting used to it. I hope by the end of the internship, getting up early sort of becomes a habit because I know that in the future I will have to wake up really early and once I start my career I know that there will be sleepless nights. Therefore, this is sort of a start which is a great way to change up my sleeping schedule and have a productive day unlike before where I literally do nothing all day. It has also helped me grow in a professional way. When I started getting impatient and frustrated with all the filing, I had to maintain a professional and determined attitude no matter how tired and frustrated I was on the inside. Also, the people I work with are really outing so we have the most random conversations but I know my limits and still keep the conversations at a professional and appropriate level.

Scarlett Ruvalcaba, Class of 2019!

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Week 2 – First Few Days of Experience

In the first week of the internship at the call center I was surprised on how friendly the people were. I honestly thought that they were going to be serious and always focused on their work because of the fact that they work in an office, but the environment is the total opposite from serious and strict. Of course they do their job and are on top of their game but they still find a way to make the atmosphere fun and positive and I really liked that about them and I couldn’t be more grateful to be working with them.

This first week I only worked for three days and those days my supervisor’s assistant decided to let me take it easy and just gave me the task to file. I have filed before when I once volunteered at Sierra Health Center where my mom works at and it was totally different. I actually had to put papers in the files which was a little more challenging than I thought because the files have different sections and the different papers had to go into a specific section which was sort of scary because I didn’t want to mess up the files. But eventually I got the hang of it and I can do the task without a problem!

After this first week I have fairly good idea how the call center works and who’s office is where. Therefore, I believe that whenever I get a new task it won’t be too hard for me to do and complete the task. But overall I really like where I have been placed and I look forward to going to my internship every week!

Scarlett Ruvalcaba, Class Of 2019


Week 1 – The Start of a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Here’s a little introduction about me, my name is Scarlett Ruvalcaba, a senior at Magnolia High School. I play Alto Saxophone in my school’s band, I enjoy going on adventures with my friends, I have a weird obsession with horoscopes, and I can be a pretty awesome person once you get to know me. I also intend to get a bachelors degree in biology and a doctorate degree in medicine to become either an Obstetrician or a Pediatric Surgeon which are currently my  careers of interest.

Where I am today, about to start an amazing journey cost me a lot of courage and motivation. I am not the type to try something new or throw myself out there because I’m usually shy and not very social. Furthermore, when I applied for this internship I already knew that I was going to go through an interview which got me extremely nervous because I tend to freeze when professionals are talking to me and all their eyes are on me. But I had to find a way to overcome this little fear of mine and practicing my communication skills. Which is where my mom came in, I asked my mom for a lot of advice which helped me so much and she helped me prepare for anything coming my way. Thanks to her, I did very well during the interview and got this awesome internship! Not only did I get accepted into the internship but I did learn a lot, I learned that being yourself is key and that you cannot doubt yourself at any moment because if you do, then how are you going to show a positive attitude and present yourself in the best way possible?

Aside from the little journey that got me into this internship, a few of my interests led me to want to be part of this internship. I am tremendously interested in the medical field and specifically in becoming an Obstetrician or Pediatric Surgeon. I knew that a couple of the partnerships with the AIME internship were St. Joseph and Kaiser Permenente which caught my eye and got me excited to have a possibility to work in either of the facilities during the internship. Also, what is extraordinary about my AIME internship at Kaiser Permenente is that it relates to my career goal in a sense of how busy it can get, how many patients walk through that entrance door everyday, and how many complex situations I may encounter. Therefore, at the end of it all I hope to gain skills on how to handle a situation in a professional way without panicking and not knowing what to do as well as communications skills.

Scarlett Ruvalcaba, Class of 2019