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Week 7 – This Summer’s Been Productive

I’m so glad I applied for the internship. It truly was such a rewarding experience that I’m honored to have been a part of. I was able to meet and work with amazing students and staff. It’s nice to be surrounded by such passionate people who thrive to best the best version of themselves and it motivates me to do the same as well. I was very excited about our visit to the Irvine Stimulation Lab, I had a great time and I’m sure so did everyone else, just scroll down a little to read all about it in week 5.

When I first started our coordinators had informed us about our overall time there. Attending all the orientations leading up to our first day really helped as well. We were very lucky to be apart of AHA and spend the extra 4 hours every Friday with Jody and the other students and I think that time improved my skills a lot. I’m someone that loves interacting with others yet can be a bit shy but opening up and talking to our group really helped me get out of my shell. It gave me a better understanding of those around me, being able to relate to a group of people and have the same interests is comforting. The relationships built in a short time were very genuine.

With my time coming to an end, I’ve seen growth in myself and my fellow interns. For me personally, I am now more confident in my future career path. I reassured my love for medicine and know that it’s what suits me best for many reasons. After the internship, I am now more open to the different options with patient care, with that being said I also know that administration isn’t for me. I came in determined I want to be a dentist and I still have such passion for dentistry but am also considering going to PA school, who knows. One of the nurses we met told us,”All pipes lead to the ocean” his story of how he became a nurse shows that its okay if you take a different route, there will be options waiting for you.

For all the upcoming students interning at Kaiser Permanente I would say enjoy every minute, it’s going to go by fast and you will miss it. A few tips would be to build a strong relationship with your manager during and after you leave. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions and if you have the opportunity to work at different departments that’s even better. Tell your supervisor your interests and don’t be afraid to show the real you. Also, time management is very important and if you get used to it now it’ll make things a lot easier in the long run.

Sarah Masadeh, Class of 2019


When I first heard how many hours we have to complete and the work we have to put in, I was like WOAH. I felt that it was too much work but I never even thought of giving up and knew I could do it. Now that it’s almost over I have so many mixed emotions. Part of me is so sad, I really enjoyed my time there, I learned to appreciate my supervisors hard work, even the boring moments when there wasn’t anything for me to do. Another part of me is so happy and proud of what I’ve accomplished. Without AUHSD, the AIME program, OCAPICA and Allied Health Academy, I have no idea how I would’ve been able to intern at Kaiser Permanente.

The following week is going to be busy with presenting, field trips, saying goodbyes and leaving a final impression at work. I am looking forward to heard my supervisors feedback overall on my progress with in these six weeks. There is always room for improvement and I want to here what she would recommend I add, change or work on overall. I also just want to enjoy my last days with them. Not stress much and just have fun and most importantly show my appreciation to them all.

I think this internship has been an outside classroom full of learning and actually applying all you learned along the way. Learning about the 5 C’s and interacting with others improved my communication and collaboration. I’ve developed a better character and I will only continue to grow and become wiser and stronger.

Special thanks to DeAnna my manager Jody and Angeline for supporting me along the way. I appreciate all you guys.

Sarah Masadeh, Class of 2019



Did week 5 go by too fast or was it just the best week yet?! During this week we had a field trip to the Irvine Stimulation Lab at KP. The day didn’t start out too well because Malk and I where about 45 minutes late, but lets just give a thank you to Mr. Eric Tenorio and everyone who waited, because the field trip was AMAZING!!

The trip was definitely the highlight of my week. We first were divided into groups, then we headed to the lab. Then we dressed in physician gowns!! Like what?! Can I re-live that moment please! With the nurses we visited each station. In the first station the nurse showed us the principles of how to perform splints on a patients. The following stations we were able to perform IVs and how to trim a wound. Then we went to the labor and delivery room and there were modules that display the different stages of a women’s cervix during the pregnancy. And last but not least we went to the respiratory station where a otolaryngologist taught us how perform CPR and how we would handle those situations professionally. We were also able to work with high quality machines that they would actually use on patients which was amazing.

This trip really got me thinking. I was completely fascinated by how the human body works and how its able to function a lot processes on its own. I was also very happy with the technology and machines that were available. I have so much appreciation to all the physicians and nurses, their job has huge responsibilities. It was very rewarding to be able to learn from them.

Spending time to reflect on the past weeks with the group made me realize how much progress and growth I’ve gained in a short amount of time. I’ve always loved interacting with people but would never make the effort to go and talk to people rather wait for them to ask me. During this internship with experience and all the information we gained from the Fullerton College class as well I’ve improved so much in my communication skills. I’ve also been able to develop and improve my professionalism skills.

This week was truly so rewarding and I am beyond thankful to all the people who made it possible. My only wish would be if the trip was longer. It was so much fun and educationally. Seeing how happy the people were with having us there makes me feel valued and I make sure I make them feel the same in return.

Sarah Masadeh, Class of 2019

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Week 4 – Another Week, Another Blog

Man time goes by quick, and we are already in Week 4.I was moved to another location on Thursday of last week. Now I work in the New Member Entry at KP. Members will call to schedule appointments or any possible questions. One thing that is very important and KP cares about is the patients overall satisfaction of the health care they are receiving. For example, you need to have good communication skills, be quick on the computer and comforting to the patient. There are certain questions that could be offensive if projected in the wrong way. Another thing from listening to calls is sometimes people will not knowing exactly what their health problem is, by asking for any symptoms they may be experiencing and any current medications, we are able to calm them down and transfer them over to speak with a nurse to make sure their health is in good conditions.

This experience has taught me a life lesson that I know I need to improve and that is patience. I am a very impatient person and I’ve learned to cope with certain situations even if I don’t enjoy them. Since the amount of work they can give my is very minimal especially since I don’t have access to the computers, I will defiantly need to learn how to handle situations to the best of my ability. With that being said there is just one thing I wish was better and I know from talking to my fellow interns this is different, but I wish I would come in having an idea of what tasks I’m doing today and once I finish one task move on to another, but it didn’t really work out that way. It does bother me a little because this internship is only for a few weeks and I would like to get the most of it as possible, but being able to communicate with my supervisor helped a ton and she is trying her best to keep me busy for Week 5.

I am some one who is comfortable talking to others, I love interacting with people and getting to know them so communicating wasn’t really an issue for me however, I can say no I am even more comfortable with speaking out my mind. Whether it’s my supervisor Deanna asking questions about me personally  or even the employees asking me how my day I am much more comfortable speaking my mind out because I feel valuable and people are very respectful of my point of view, their isn’t any tension of you are a kid and don’t know much about this at all but rather they are all very welcoming.

Sarah Masadeh, Class of 2019

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Week 3 – Third Week Already?

The third week is over already. It passed by really quickly. My experience this week went smoothly. Interning at KP gave me a glimpse of at its like to work there and truly is a rewarding experience.

I got to see the behind the scenes of KP and know more about what they offer both to the patients and employees. For example one of the workers at the Administration office asked me what I am planning on purse as my career. l know I want to be in the health industry but don’t know exactly yet. He gave me advice on how to get started with working in the field with even a high school diploma. He also told me more about Kaiser Permanente’s options for its employees and how flexible they can be to fit your schedule. I talked to the administrative staff, the nurses, nurse leaders and doctors and they all were more than happy to share about there experiences working in there positions and telling me more about what options you have with one degree. For example you can be a nurse and handle patients in the hospital or work the other buildings managing everything from A to Z. With time I’m sure I’ll be able to know what I want to purse in the future and hearing their stories of how they started helped.

With that being said there where a few challenges for me. One of them was time management. I had to be more organized with my schedule to stay on top of tasks, and be productive. Another challenge was to stay focused. This was difficult at times because there is only so much tasks for them to give us. For example being in a five hour meeting where all the managers are using abbreviated terms and certain plans to carry out tasks, this can be a bit overwhelming since I have no background knowledge on what they are concerned about.

During these few weeks, after sitting down with the group and reflecting on how my experience has been so far I realized I had already developed tasks with just being exposed to the work environment. For example being more open to say hi or good morning, asking people on how there day has been or offering help even if no one asks. This is a bit different than school because student will most likely work at there own pace however in the workforce everyone is very engaged and KP ensures its employees are comfortable and happy to be working with them to provide great quality care to all patients. Another thing was to smile more and be friendly with those around me. I made sure that I use my time here wisely to build relationships with people and leave a good impression.

Sarah Masadeh, Class of 2019

Week 2 – First time at WORK!

The first week on my internship was very easy. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. On my first day my manager gave me a brief tour of Kaiser Permanente, after that they put me straight to work. I spent my day preparing gift bags for the Medical Assistant Appreciation Week that is coming up, and lets just say there were a ton of bags that needed to be stuffed. I was surprised at how fast I was able to finish the task, I think I was able to do so mainly because I was very excited and I wanted to show that through my work.

During the rest of the week I was assigned to folding envelopes and filing papers. I was happy to offer help to anyone who needed it and was prepared to listen carefully for the instructions. The next few days I spent shadowing one of the administration project managers and I got to help here with doing spread sheets and double checking some schedules. I also got to see one of the projects they are working on for 2019-2020!!

Overall the first week went great. Everyone is so nice and they introduced me to the team. Having the opportunity to see their system and work environment is so cool, and I’m excited to see whats next in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

Sarah Masadeh, Class of 2019


Week 1 – So I’ll be with KAISER PERMANENTE!

Hey guys! My name is Sarah Masadeh and I’m a student at Magnolia High School. I’m also apart of OCAPICA’s Allied Health Academy. I decided to join this program for many reasons. It’s a place where I’ve made friends and shared many fun experiences with those around me. Allied Health Academy has opened my eyes to the different medical fields available with a fun twist, not your typical lecture. Yeah, you can go online and research all the information, but why do that when you can engage and interact with those in the same interest as you?!

Before joining AHA I didn’t know much about the medical field and now I’ve gained so much more information that is going to help me down the line. The medical field is huge and filled with different opportunities. In AHA all students strive for the best, and it’s okay to be unsure of where do you want to go to college, what are you going to major in or you may not how to apply to colleges, scholarships, and internships. We all go through this process and it can be stressful at times but that’s why being involved in a community, will provide that support when you need it most.

One of my biggest career interests is Dentistry, but I am open to different careers in the medical field as well. Being an intern for Kaiser Permanente this summer will allow me to see what a regular day would be if I go into a certain field. I am very excited to see a glimpse of the environment of working in a hospital and being able to meet new people, get some advice and talk to them about their careers and how they got to where they are now.

Sarah Masadeh, Class of 2019