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Week 7

The overall experience went during the internship was great and fun because I learned a lot about the health field and it made me to be more interested in learning about the different departments in the medical field. One of the most exciting moment about the internship would be when we went to the field trip at the Irvine Kaiser permanent at the simulation lab. This day was amazing because I really felt like a doctor in this day. We meet many doctors from different departments and different fields. When we got there, they had everything ready for us. We changed our clothes into the scrub to feel like doctors. There was six stations and each station had a different doctor that is specialized in a department. My favorite department was the baby delivery. The doctor showed us how the baby was born from the mother uterus. They had silicon babies that looked very realistic. It was fun trying it out and it’s a way to find my . passion. From this day I learned many things. Before I attendant the field trip  I was more interested in the dentistry and how everything works,but after this field trip I guess I changed my opinion and I found out that my passion is not dentistry. When I first started I was  very nervous and very shy to speak in front of people. I was also very slow at speaking and the words did not come out right because I didn’t have anything prepared to say. But, now as the internship is coming to an end I feel that I build up my strength in communication skill and now I can speak loudly. I feel that I grew a lot from the first day I started until now. I feel more confident in myself and I got out of my comfort zone. I’m leaving the internship more confident and I feel I know now what I wanna do for the rest of my life. I have decided and planed my future. The advice that I would love to give for the next ten students internship is to try their best and b in time and make yourself loved and friendly.

Malk Al-Rubaye, Class of 2019

July 9,2018


Week 6

As the internship is coming to an end I feel very emotional at the same time I feel grateful for this great opportunity that I got to be involved in and gain more knowledge and understanding about the health field industry. Many people wish to be in my spot and I got to be in this internship. So, I’m very thankful and grateful. I’m sad because I loved working there and everyone was so nice and welcoming. Everyone made me feel special in some kinda way which it was great and awesome. So, as it the last week of the internship at kaiser I’m looking forward to hear other people feedback on how I can improve myself and become a better person. I love to hear other people comments on me either if it’s good or bad because it makes me work on myself to get better at a specific things. I have learned a lot and improved a lot from my experience being at Kaiser permanent. The big thing that I felt I got better at is deferentially communicating to others and to my supervisor and also critical thinking. I can use this in my future because communication plays a big role in our society especially when I graduate from high school. I will be doing more presentations in front of the class and a lot of public speaking and using my critical thinking to make a good presentation.I have to get use to not being nervous in front of the audience. This internship deferentially helped me to find my strength and weakness and to work on my weakness to do successful things out there.

Malk Al-Rubaye, Class of 2019

July,9 2018


Week 5

The most influential events that happened to me this week during the internship is the field trip to the simulation lab. It was one of the greatest experience that happened to me and an eye opener for me. I got to use tools that official doctors use when they do surgery. There was 6 stations and each station had a different type of doctors. I got to learn the basics of developing a baby and doing a proper CPR. I was really interested in becoming a dentist,but I feel after this experience I might change my career  and  there is nothing wrong with changing majors more than one time until you feel comfortable. I really started leaning more on babies and human. I think it”s amazing to learn about how our body works and be able to understand what happens inside the body. It’s a miracle!!! So I feel my interest is to be obstruction. The progress I have made in this internship is deferentially my communication skill improved a lot. I’m starting to be able to start a conversation with anyone and make them my friends. Before I use to be really shy to go up to someone and introduce myself to them,but know I feel that I got out of my comfort zone and have the ability to go up to people and introduce myself and just keep talking to hem back and forth. I’m really happy to see myself develop through the internship. If there is one thing I wish to change this week would be doing things other than putting data in the computer and just filing it wold be better because since this experience will not happen twice so I want to get out the most of it.

Malk Al-Rubaye, Class of 2019


Week 4 – Achievement Week

The two main skills that I had to learn to utilize during the internship this week was definitely developing my communication  skills and actually talking to others without being nervous or shy.The second skill the I felt comfortably developing is the patients that I had to have in order to finish the tasks. I’m usually very inpatient person,but from the Kaiser internship I learned how to be patient with myself and  with my work in order to be organize. Also not to rush into things because the consequences might effect the work and then I have to repeat everything all over again. The skill that challenge me is actually not being in time or arriving late because it”s is not easy to get from point A to point B. The one Life lesson that I learned from work today is the way I introduce myself to others and how I say it because first impression is always important when meeting someone for the first time. That can help me later on in life when I apply for a new job and they call me for am interview I will need to know how to introduce myself perforation. The task that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone is talking to my supervisor and others about my dreams and future and collaborating with people I don’t know.

Malk Al-Rubaye, Class of 2019

Week 3 – Blog Question

During this past week my internship went great and I got to learn a lot of different things at being in the Kaiser internship. I learned how to manage my time and be on time and just organize my life into better. I also learned to keep my smile all the time to welcome people and make people feel happy. The most thing that stuck out the most was the way people were really nice and I felt I was one of them from the first day I met them. Especially my supervise was really nice and would make funny jokes.

Although,there was some challenges I faced during this week like I wasn’t able to understand how to file certain files or I wasn’t sure if I was doing them right or not. The way I was able to solve them was to ask as many questions as possible and tell the supervisor to demonstrate one in front of me to make everything correct. Also one of the challenges I faced was waking up early in the morning and be on time at kaiser,So I decided to sleep early and prepare everything from the night before so I can wake up early and be at kaiser few minutes earlier,but no later. The transportation was one of the hardest one I faced in this internship because my mom doesn’t know how to drive on the freeway even though freeway was faster to get to where you wanted to go,but we managed and avoided highway by getting out of the house by one hour earlier to not be late or not rush into the traffic.

The experience  in this internship is making me stronger and less shy to communicate with others and look them in the eyes when speaking to them to make them feel that it’s all about them. It made me look more professionally when approaching to people. It’s making me get aware and look outside the box into the real world because there is so much to learn the more we grow. This internship makes me feel more an adult and to be more responsible for myself. It also scares me at the same time to grow up and to face the real world by myself because it’s something not easy.

Malk Al-Rubaye, Class of 2019

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Week 2 – Internship Week

The first week of the internship was somewhat surprising to me because I expected to be working with patients and assisting them, however it turned out differently because I was at the kaiser office where I do failings and putting data in the computer. It wasn’t really bad either, because I learned a lot of different things that I didn’t know before. I also had the  opportunity  to leave a voice mail to patients to update them about Kaiser Permanente which felt amazing to learn how to leave a professional voice mail. I’m usually really shy person and it’s hard for me communicating with others that often, but this experience helped me to get out of my comfort zone and talk much more to people and my supervisor. it’s really great to be able to see yourself developing int the better and be Able to get out of your little bubble to discover the world around you. I also learned  how to manage my time and how to be on time because time is money and every second is worth it in doing something productive. With the first week being over, I think I can apply  it to the coming week is by being organize in my schedule and do what they tell me to do and just show that you are honored and happy to be working with them.

Malk Al-Rubaye, Class of 2019


Week 1 – Blog introduction

My name is Malk Al-Rubaye and I’m really interested in doing something in the medical field to serve my community and gain more knowledge. I would really like to major in the dentistry field.What I enjoy doing for fun is to hangout with my friends and go hiking on the mountain. Also, I really like to go walk on the beach.

I think the way on how I got to be right now is by working hard and focusing on my goals to achieve. Doing what right and following my brain is how I got to the point I’m in now. I really worked hard on myself to get this internship and be a part of Kaiser.

This internship is a great way for me to gain more information and experience when later I decide to what path I will take. This is a big opportunity for me to have a successful life later on.

From the internship I hope I can gain an understanding what career to choose wisely.

Malk Al-Rubaye, Class of 2019