Laisha Valle

Final Week

This is the last week of my internship. I must say that it has been an amazing experience. Through all the ups and downs, it was an unforgettable experience. I am grateful to all the people who made this possible. Monday was my last day at Kaiser Permanente and I already miss all the patients and the receptionists. Maria was one of the receptionists and I think that she is one of who I miss the most. Ever since day one, she stayed with me and walked me through everything. I was able to see her son through pictures and her son’s story helped inspire me even more to become a speech therapist. She was the one who mostly paid attention to me and made sure that I had my lunch on time. She even bought me chocolate twice. Maria is truly an extraordinary person and even though she is a single mother, I know that she is still able to smile at the world.

Even though I interned as a receptionist, I was still able to learn the abbreviations of the departments. I was able to memorize where the departments were and if I ever go to Kaiser, I know my way around. On my last day, I was on MOB #1 for about three hours. It was pretty slow because not many people check in there as they do in MOB #2. I felt kind of lost because I had never interned there before and I feared being asked where each department was. Luckily since I knew the departments in MOB #2, I was able to direct the patients who were in the wrong building. During the first three hours, I walked five patients to MOB #2 and helped them check in. I felt so happy because I was able to walk back and forth on my last day. I felt happy being able to greet everyone for the last time. I took my time walking up and down the departments so that I could remember as much as possible. I did feel a bit sad that I would no longer be there, but another part of me was filled with joy that I had finally accomplished my internship.

The night before I had spent time finishing my thank-you cards and was excited to imagine all the people I work with smiling at the cards that they would be reading. I wish I got to know each one more because they all have amazing stories that I identify myself so much with. I am thankful for my three supervisors because they were all nice to me. I was just sad that I was promised to go see the speech therapy department, but they never took me. I really wanted to see what they did because I want to be a speech therapist. Before I left, my supervisor told me that she had finally had something else for me to do. She had forgotten that it was my last day so I had to remind her again. I was sad again because when everything seemed to be getting better, I already had to go. My supervisor told me that if I was ever interested in volunteering there again that I could. Since it is kind of far for me, I know my parents wouldn’t let me volunteer there again. I feel accomplished though for everything that I did and formed part of.

I will also miss my OCAPICA coordinator and everyone who formed part of the program. I got to meet amazing people and know a little about their stories. I wish in the future to do more internships and to continue volunteering where I normally volunteer. I love helping kids and doing activities with them so for the remaining time that I have before school starts, I will be looking forward to that. I am surprised of everything that was able to be done in such little time.

Hopefully, I am able to find a job somewhere in the medical field like I want to. I will definitely use this internship in my resume. I know that I am proud and that my family is proud of me as well and that’s what will keep me going in anything that I do from now on.

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Week 6

It has so far been my second week at Kaiser and I have basically been doing the same job as I did the previous week. I’m starting to get used to it. I was almost moved to MOB #1 for a change, but in the end, I remained in MOB #2. I greeted many patients this week and helped guide them as well. I got to push a lady on a wheelchair to the pharmacy and to go do her blood work. That’s about the most exciting thing that I did. I also learned that one of the workers in the information booth is a bit grumpy and doesn’t really like children. He told a lady to quiet down her son because we are in a hospital. I felt bad because the lady wasn’t playing around, her son just yelled a little because that’s what children do. She did come back afterwards saying how it felt bad for her to have to experience that since her mother goes there for chemotherapy.

My shifts were pretty much the same although I worked on Thursday rather than on Tuesday because it was a holiday and the reception area was closed. I do get tired of standing in the same spot all day, but at least I get the chance to see all the patients pass by. Some are really nice and some can be a little grumpy. This week I got to meet this lovely lady who had so much joy when she came in with her husband. She was polite and greeted everyone with respect. She even gave me a tip and said that she loved my smile because it was pure and sincere. She told me that when patients come in sad because they are sick, a simple welcome and a smile can brighten up their day. On the other hand, I also got another patient who was partially deaf. I felt bad because she couldn’t really walk either and everyone was cutting in front of her. I walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to sign in the Kirosk since it would be easier. She told me to speak up because she couldn’t hear me and I did. It was a bit difficult to talk to her because I don’t have a strong voice and I dislike yelling. She handed me her purse and I thought she simply wanted me to hold it, but apparently not. She told me, “What are you waiting for, open it”. I hesitated, but she replied that if Kaiser didn’t trust me, I wouldn’t be working here. I asked her for her Kaiser card to check her in, but she kept handing me her visa for some reason. I then asked her the questions that the machine asks, but the way she answered seemed as if she was really bothered by it. Once the whole process was done she apologized and said, “Sorry for being such a bitch”. I told her she wasn’t and felt good that she apologized because after all she realized she was a bit rude.

The experience at Kaiser had been surprising. I never thought about all the departments that a hospital can have and all the sort of questions that the patients may have. I respect the receptionists for all their patience they have for the customers. All of them are really nice to me and don’t mind answering the questions I have. If I ever were to intern again at Kaiser, I don’t think I would choose reception since it does not pertain to the career that I want. Also, it can be tiring and troublesome. What I like about it though is all the little children and babies that I get so see everyday since they have checkups. I’ve also seen two dogs and unfortunately, I couldn’t pet them. I have used what I have learned in the AUHSD classes to communicate with the receptionists and with the patients. I use critical thinking when it comes to making sure that the patients are in the right place. I also use character to be able to answer every situation that I am in with patience and politeness. I hope to learn more things in my last week and hopefully visit other departments as well.

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Week 5

This week was I was finally able to start my internship. I had been so scared that my supervisor wouldn’t answer me because she was supposed to call me and she didn’t. I didn’t want to be placed somewhere else, but thank God someone did answer me. I started this Monday and I was really shy because I was going in pretty much clueless. The lady on the phone did not tell me what I should wear or what I would do. When I got there, I went to the information booth to ask for my supervisor, but they sent me to ask the reception area because they had no clue of what I was talking about. The receptionists didn’t exactly know what was going on either because one named Maria was only left a sticky note on her desk saying an intern would come. She was really nice and walked me over to my supervisor, but no one was there. Later on, my supervisor came and talked to me. Everything went by quickly and she even got me a Kaiser shirt. I was happy that I was finally starting. I am basically an intern greeter.

My job consists of greeting patients and helping them use the self check in machine. I basically stand the whole time in front of the self check in for seven hours because I have lunch for an hour. I chose to do eight hour shifts because my grandma came from Mexico and I at least wanted to have one day of the week when I can be home. Since I am part of OCAPICA, I must do twenty hours and so I do eight hour shifts on Monday and Tuesday and four hours on Wednesday. I honestly thought that I would be answering phone calls and doing paperwork, but instead I greet people. I must say it is very tiring because standing in the same spot for hours isn’t exactly what I expected. I mean there is a chair next to me where I can sit if I get tired, but I don’t like sitting on it because the patients simply smirk at me. One guy just kept staring at me the whole time he was in line and it made me feel uncomfortable. So I decided to stand back up and when he was leaving he gave me a thumb ups because I was standing again. I was tired, but sometimes people don’t understand that. Then there’s other people who are sarcastic with me and say that my job must be so hard greeting people. My job isn’t hard, it is simply tiresome that’s all. It is only hard when you greet people and they simply ignore you or make bad comments.

The receptionists are really nice and try to make my job easier by giving me a list of the departments and whether they are located in building one or two. What is hard for me is that the departments are labeled in abbreviations and I do not know what most of them mean. Most people would think that the self check in machines are easy, but what isn’t so good about them is that it doesn’t let patients check in for lab work or radiology. Patients then get mad because they have to wait in line to get checked in. I feel bad because they get upset that they are going to be late and by their complains I can tell that they are annoyed. Also, if a patient is too early or too late, it will not let them check in and so they get mad. Another thing is that if the patient is not in the correct building or the right location, it will simply say see receptionist. It is difficult for me because they get upset that I didn’t tell them that they were in the wrong building, but I didn’t know where that they were in the wrong building in the first place.

On my third day at Kaiser, two patients were yelling back at each other because the guy had told the lady something. She complained at him back and it went on back and forth. People are so rude sometimes. I felt bad because the lady had cancer and she was in pain and started crying. The man apologized, but I didn’t feel like it was right. That same day, a man came in cursing and punching walls because the doctor didn’t remove his braces like he wanted. The workers called security several times, but they didn’t come until after a while. They only sent one guy and even one of the nurses was like c’mon they need more than that. The guy scared the patients, but they were able to control everything after some time. In all honesty, I do not feel secure at all with the security at Kaiser. If it took them that long to come out and do something imagine if there was a real emergency. Even the receptionists said that they wouldn’t feel safe either. Sometimes I feel like I complain a lot, but I am not making any of this up. Hopefully next week I get to do some paperwork or  office work. I mean greeting people is sometimes nice, but I hope it’s not the only thing I get to do for the rest of my internship.

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Week 4

The coolest thing I did this week was the field trip to Los Angeles. It was tiring, but my favorite part was Olvera Street since I’ve already been there. I knew where to eat and what to buy, but I wish that we had more time to explore around the buildings rather than just walk around them. It was hot and all, but I enjoyed the positive aspect of it. I also had fun getting lost. I bought coffee at Starbucks, but then me and my group weren’t sure of our way back because the way we came was too far. Luckily around us were other AIME students and we just followed behind.

This week I still have not started my internship. This makes me feel even more disappointed because all the other students are getting their hours done at their internships and Kaiser interns are not. I mean I don’t blame anyone because it’s really no one’s fault that we haven’t done it. Even though I am lacking that experience, I still look at the bright side and at least I am more patient now and I keep trying to communicate with peers so together we can help each other out. I just feel bad that my supervisor at Kaiser never answered any of my calls, voicemails, or email. That to me seemed unfair because I’ve been trying to reach her so much and she’s never available. Luckily some lady picked up the phone and although it was not my supervisor, at least I was told that o would receive a phone call on Friday. I am hoping that everything turns out fine and that I can start right away on Monday.

I’ve been able to incorporate the 5C’s this week because I’ve been constantly communicating with my coordinators, peers, and in trying to contact my supervisor. I had to communicate with Mr. Pfeiffer several times in order to inform him what was going on. Luckily, he set up a meeting on Monday to discuss with us what was going on and help answer as many questions as possible. I had to us my character in order to help me complete my work and continue to make the right choices. I tried not to feel down and give up because I was receiving no actual date of when I would start my internship. I also used collaboration when working with my partner Jason to complete our project of mental health for OCAPICA. We actually witnessed a man in our field trip suffering from mental health issues because he was yelling out at us and saying things we did not understand.

Another exciting event this week was when I visited the Fullerton Community Center to do my hours for OCAPICA. I watched two senior classes that were pretty cool. The first was stable tennis and the seniors there were good at it and some even played a little intense. I did not get to play with them, but watching them was pretty cool. I talked to one of them and he stated why he chose that place because it made him have a good time with people who are almost the same as him. He was really nice and seemed to enjoy playing against his friend. They were mostly challenging each other and talking while they played. The second class I went to was the fitness class because it started right after. There weren’t so many seniors in there or other people as well. Maybe that’s why health concerns are sometimes taken for granted because people think they are boring. I personally don’t eat healthy but it was nice to watch someone educate others on how to stay healthy and fit. The real adventure though was getting back home because I had no clue how to do so. My mom could not pick me up and I didn’t have my buss pass on me. So, my friend had to pay for my ticket. We got lost and so I called my mother for directions, but we got even more lost that way. I got my streets confused and it turned out that we were waiting for the right bus, but my mom told us to go elsewhere. I got home later than expected, but at least I got there safely. This week was troublesome, but it taught me a lot about getting lost.

Laisha Valle, Class of 2018, #SummerInternship #Fieldtrip

Week 3

Week 2

This is the second week of the internship. Again like the past week, I have not been able to start the internship at Kaiser Permanente because my TB tests are still continuing. Even though I was not able to start my position as a receptionist, I was still able to incorporate the 5C’s this week. I had to use communication in order to talk with my coordinator and see what steps would need to be taken in order to get everything under order. I had to communicate with my partner Jason in order to work on our project on mental health. It was challenging because he and I cannot decide what we exactly wish to do for our project so we are still currently working on that. I have noticed that it is easier to communicate with my OCAPICA coordinator because she replies to my messages as soon as she is able to and she helps answer any questions that I come across. Thanks to the communication we share, I have been able to make up my hours.

This week, during the Allied Health Care Bridge program, I was able to witness group collaboration. Both OCAPICA students and Bridge students worked together to discuss the problems of obesity and mental health. We had twenty minutes to present our ideas in front of a mock council. My group and I got the topic about mental health and so we worked on informing the council the importance that this topic shares within the county. We came up with our introduction, need for the problem, and how this would benefit the council as well. The experience gained from this project was that I am practicing more in collaborating with peers and I am able to express myself freely. I can come up with creative ideas to help support the group and work in unity.

In the activity that I participated in the Bridge program initiated critical thinking in me. We played this game where we had to use critical thinking in order to come up with songs that contained a special word we needed. For example, we had to come up with songs that contained the word dance in it and we then had to sing it in unity with our group. We also had to be creative in this assignment because we could not repeat any songs mentioned by the group across. It was challenging due to the fact that we would could no longer come up with different songs.

This week, I experienced a bit of anxiety and definitely stress. I had anxiety because this was my first time riding the bus alone. The previous times, my sister had accomplined me to the places, but from now on I have to go by myself. It’s been a hassle waking up early in the morning to simply catch the bus. I feel stressed when I don’t know how to make up the hours that I have missed. The uncertainty of not knowing when we’ll finally start the internship is also annoying because I had been excited to start, but by each passing day, it seems to be far away. I had to be patient again in constantly checking emails to see if any new information was given. I really want to start my internship, it just seems so hard and it’s not fair because everyone else has already started. They are already getting the experience that we are lacking. I am still confused to why we have to get two TB tests done if we already had one. I just wish the process was quicker and that the locations weren’t too far because I know that peers will have difficulty going to Irvine. I hope that I do not miss any bus or that I do not get lost finding my way to places.

Laisha Valle, Class of 2018

Week 1 – A new start

My name is Laisha Valle. The careers I’m interested in pursuing are to become a speech therapist or to create my own business. I’m interested in majoring in business or in the medical field. My favorite movie would be Selena because it represents my cultural background.

From this internship, I hope to expand my leadership skills and help influence others onto the right path. I want to become more open since I’m typically a quiet and shy person. Since I will be interning as a receptionist, I wish to gain confidence in myself to be able to check in and out patients that can be beneficial to future use. I also plan to be able to cope with new people and gain more experience on how the real world works.

Where I am now comes from continuous building blocks from the past. I am here today thanks to my family, friends, counselors, and teachers. They have all impacted me with their stories and guidance of who I should be. It all started when I was in fourth grade. The year before I had been this really shy girl who felt like she didn’t belong in her class setting. However when I reached fourth grade, I started to improve myself and began to ask and answer questions. That helped me a lot especially in Jr. High. I took all honors classes there and took great advice from my teachers that helped me choose my career. I also began volunteering which plays an essential part of who I am. I now care so much about children and their needs and that is why I want to become a speech therapist. Now in high school, my parents and counselor are the ones who influenced me to take part in this internship so that I can gain knowledge and skills that are still developing.

This internship relates to my common goal of becoming a speech therapist because I will be checking in and out patients and that way I can practice my vocal skills. I want to be successful and this internship will provide that since I will learn what it is to have a job and get a taste of what the real world is like. It will help me become more educated in high school and college because I will have gained experience and will have a more complete picture of who I am.

Laisha Valle, Class of 2018