Karar Aljadeed’s Reflections

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Week 7 – The Road Ended and Now We’re on a New Direction!

This internship has been one of a kind and I loved everything I have done because it has taught me many thing from having a professional mindset to understanding my strengths and weaknesses. Not only that, but this experience allowed me to branch out and meet new people that I might not have known before which I love the most because it allows me to come out of my comfort zone. Not only that, but I also love hearing about peoples’ lives and what they want to do in the future. Moreover, at the start of my internship I had a different mindset about the medical field because before I thought that only doctors save lives, but now I understand that custodians, clerks, ITs, administrators, and doctors all contribute to saving lives. Not only that, my professionalism before this internship was fully underdeveloped because I didn’t know what it really meant to be professional. I used to think that it was only the clothing that needed to be professional, but now I understand that it’s how one speaks, behaves, and dresses all contributed to a professional environment. After the six weeks, I feel more confident leaving my internship because I’m leaving with new skills, ideas, and a new mentality that is driven by motivation and influence of those that I have met at this fabulous and once in a life time opportunity. Moreover, I have always wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon, and taking part of this internship has reinforced my dream because I met different people including nurses, physicians, and surgeons who all motivated me to work harder at achieving my dream. Meeting those people, indeed, opened my mind to different ways to reach my goal because they were generous enough to share how they made it to where they are today. On a final note to those 10 students interning with Kaiser Permanente next year, please enjoy every little moment of that internship because trust me, it will come to an end and you’ll regret not putting in your full effort. And please talk to new people and get to know them because their stories can have significant lessons and it’s a good way to improve your networking skills.


Karar Aljadeed, Class of 2019


Week 6 – Slowly Coming to an End

The sad feelings are coming out as this internship is coming to an end because of all the new people we have met and the new things we have learned. It feels like someone close is parting from me which really makes me want to cry, but I’m really thankful for everything Jody and Angeline have done for me. Also, being together with 9 other students who I feel really close to resulting in creating a mini family. It may seem like it’s getting separated because this internship is coming to an end, yet that’s not true because our bond has gotten so strong that we will forever be close. For the last week of my internship, I’m looking forward to having an amazing time with my coworkers and making sure that I will let them know how appreciative I am of them. Not only them, but also my fellow friends in my internship. I love them and will forever love them! Most importantly, I want to write thank you cards to those who gave me a one of a kind experience. Furthermore, I have learned so much about my strengths and weakness through this experience, and knowing what they are will allow me to either thrive to develop the weakness or allow my strengths to carry me through different situations. For instance, one of my strengths is communication which is a really important factor in any workforce and knowing I’m good at that, it will allow me to succeed in the future.

Karar Aljadeed, Class of 2019


Week 5 – Reassurance that I’m on the Right Path!

The most influential event that happened to me this week was the Irvine Medical Center field trip where we were given training at the simulating lab and hands on experience on what doctors and nurses do to save lives. There were different stations where we were taught different things from how to suture, how to deal with fracture, how to deliver a baby, and etc. And from all those, the suturing station was hands down my favorite because it built upon a hobby of sewing that I learned from my mom. It connected really well and also it goes to reinforce what I want to do in the future with surgery. Moreover, that really went to reassure my life long goal of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon and now, I’m more motivated to work harder so I can reach that goal. Within my internship, I have gained lots of life long lessons that set me for a great future and that progress really makes me happy because I can say that my summer was well spent. Indeed, the one thing I would have changed for this week is working more hours because I really love what I do at my department, but I really can’t because we can’t go over 20 hours per week. Hopefully, that law or policy can be changed in the future because it can allow us students to learn more and gain new skills from this experience.

Karar Aljadeed, Class of 2019


Week 4 – Ribbed Pants and Fun Times

This week has been really busy due to the multiple projects I had to handle which forced me to use the knowledge I previously gained about Excel and the use of it. Not only that, but also had to be organized with my time because these projects have a certain due date which indeed force me to work with a certain goal in mind– completing them on time and correctly. With all that happening I gained new lessons such as trusting myself when completing a task because sometimes I doubt myself so much that I have to recheck my work which waists time from completing other tasks. This lesson will forever follow me throughout my life because now I can convince myself that I’m trustworthy and I don’t to check my work multiple time if I’m confident from the beginning. Finally, as an IT team, we gathered up to play volleyball and have a barbecue as a team building event and while playing volleyball I ribbed my pants. That was really out of my comfort zone because I love presenting myself with professional wear but I was forced to wear shorts and throw my ribbed pants in the trash. And that really made me happy because I feel like I’m really close with the rest of my team.

Karar Aljadeed, Class of 2019


Week 3 – Lost in the Work-Force Week

This week went really well  because I have things planned out that needed to be done throughout the week such as collecting information for the new project, upgrading Vocera devices, and checking on all the shipments that came in. When I plan out my week, I tend to be focused on what needs to be done. Moreover, It was a juggle between updating Excel sheets, registering Vocera devices, and organizing the back room because with the Vocera devices, there were so many of them and with the back room, there were also so many things to organize. What I really love the most was updating the Excel sheets because I got to learn new things about Excel and the use of it. Some challenges I faced this week was trying to have specific direction on what needs to be update within those sheets and to solve this issue I collaborated with one of my co-workers and they were able to explain to me how the sheets worked and what needed to be updated. Indeed, my experience at this internship has helped me develop a sense of professionalism whether it’d be through what I wear or how I speak. That indeed, will always follow me in the future.

Karar Aljadeed, Class of 2019


Week 2 – First Step of my Journey

The first week of my internship went really great and I got to meet my supervisor and all the other managers within the IT department. Throughout that week I got to meet different people and understand their position which was literally amazing. One person in this department told me about his situation of being in the hospital for two weeks due to intestine issues which he was in severe pain and some of the nurses almost messed up his medication making him step up and ask question. His whole purpose of telling this story is to allow me to understand that asking questions is really important because sometimes it can be life threatening. Furthermore, I was asked to take part and lead multiple task and the one I loved the most was taking care of all the equipment in the storage room that needed to be sent out to the hospitals. I was in charge of approving the receipts, indicate that the items have arrive, and print out the receipts so the ITs can take the equipment and install them at the locations they were requested from. Everything I have done so far I’ve touched upon before, but know I feel like I have further my knowledge about details and requirements through the tasks I was assigned this week. Indeed, I feel like this week I was a rookie, but next week I’m going to be a pro because I have understood the basis of different tasks which will make me work efficiently to allow me to produce a better outcome with the tasks I take over next week.

PS: I’m literally put in the best department!

Karar Aljadeed, Class of 2019


Week 1 – A Little Something About Me

My name is Karar Aljadeed and I’m an upcoming senior who is interested in majoring in biology or biochemistry later in college. On the side, I love playing tennis to relief all the stress I encounter throughout my life. Making it to where I’m today took lots of effort and passion throughout my journey and with the help of close friends and staff that understood my future plan. Ever since I was a kid, I had a dream of becoming a doctor even though I had zero knowledge on what type of doctor I wanted to be. Later in life, I became more familiar with the medical field and the types of doctors out there through the programs I have joined and through my own research which made me realize my love for surgery. Indeed, my interest was sparked by a cardiovascular surgeon named Afifi who attended a Anaheim Global Hospital. That indeed made me want to enter the medical field in search of my dream occupation. This internships gives me the experience what it’s like in the medical field and being part of the Information Technology allows me to understand the doctors or specifically surgeon use to have a smooth time helping patients understand their illness and find a solution to those illnesses. This might not be close to what I want to be, yet having that perspective gives me a better understanding of the medical field.

Karar Aljadeed, Class of 2019