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Week 7 – Signing Out

Whenever someone asks me to describe my experience I always don’t know where to begin. I feel everyone around me knows how I’m very excited about and how much I really love my time at Kaiser. That’s enough to say that my overall experience is AMAZING. I can’t even pick a favorite moment because I found everything really exciting and worth learning from. However if I really have to pick, my favorite memory is when I had to plan the nursing assistant and ancillary staff celebration because I really feel like I was part of that department despite the fact that I barely started that week. They trusted me to have the role of being their project manager for that event and it gave me that feelings. Honestly though I really have a lot of memories and I can talk about them nonstop.

When I have to compare myself from the first time I started, I really had no confidence and that I really stumble on words a lot. Ms. Joanelle really pushed me to be more self-reliant and actually have to rush myself with the task that was given to me. So if I compared myself from before, I really believe that I come to the point where I can confidently do things. For instance, in nursing administration, we focus more of clerical and office procedure, I can say that I enhance skills like using the BIG copy machine, do emails, even planning, and filing. As socially, I became more sociable and can communicate with stranger.

As I leave the internship, I become more confident and determined on what I want to pursue which is nursing. Not just your average nursing, but also advance practice nurse so that I can be the bridge between the administration/bed-side nurse. Like I mentioned, I work for the administration part of the hospital and these nurse leaders had the choice to leave the bedside to work another path of nursing. They really motivated me to pursue nursing because they gave all the details and how nursing is not just the typical patient care and that it’s really broad. Being an advanced practice nurse actually gives me the option to be both type nursing, which really liked.

SO FOR THE NEXT TEN STUDENTS,  MY ADVICE IS DON’T COUNT THE DAYS, AND START MAKING THE DAYS COUNT (My supervisor always say this)!! It’s a once in a life time experience that you probably will not have the chance to experience it again, so take it all in. They tell you to file, FILE THE PAPER! Honestly, you’ll enjoy this internship a lot. Also create a special bond with the other 9 students and trust them with all your heart and be the person who they can also trust. It’s okay to feel intimidated at first but, don’t let that stop you from actually enjoying the internship. Ask questions, they love it when you do. For my fellow shy people, this is your time to step out of your shell, it’s going to be okay. It’s okay to improve yourself without having to fully change who you are. I wish you guys good luck! FIGHTING!

Lastly, I don’t want to end this last blog entry without thanking Jody and Angeline who really guided us and became our extra support. Thank you so much for everything and having to deal with us that means a lot! I love you guys.

I truly can’t believe its over. I wish everyone the best !😚😚😚😚😚

Jowie Bartolata, Class of 2019



Week 6 – It’s Almost Time

Honestly, this week I’m feeling a lot of emotions. I’m sad, however
I’m happy at the same time. I’m very grateful, but I wish it was
longer. I’m anxious and excited too. Overall, you get it. I’m all over
the place and so are my emotions. Knowing that this internship is
nearing its ends makes me really sad because I felt like it went to
quickly. Though I learned a lot, my mind keeps on saying “it’s already
been 6 weeks? WHAT?!” I bet the other interns feels the same way. I
can speak for everybody that if we were given another week we all
would jump for this opportunity. As I mentioned earlier, I’m also
excited because we can finally have a normal summer AND we also get
to take in the last 2 days we have in KP ask for feedbacks from
our supervisor. Last but not the least, I’m also very grateful because with AHA, OCAPICA, AIME, and my AMAZING supervisor I wouldn’t be where I am right now. If AHA/OCAPICA wasn’t there I wouldn’t have heard about the program, and without AIME I wouldn’t have the opportunity, and if my supervisor didn’t take the time to take me under her wing I wouldn’t have the extra skills I poses now. SO VERY THANKFUL!

As for my last week, something I’m looking forward to is for my supervisor’s feedback. I want to see what I improved on and what I can still work on. It’s really important to know their opinions because they were the ones who taught me for six weeks, so I really want to know what they have to say. Second, I’m looking forward for all the exciting ending ceremonies and field trip, because we hardly see our fellow interns and it’s fun to feel the excitement together. It’s always fun to have someone who is feeling the same emotions and have that thrill together. In addition, saying our goodbyes to our sites and giving our thank you cards. I really got used to waking up early and going to Kaiser and swiping my badge and I’M REALLY GOING TO MISS THAT. Of course, I’m going to miss my department and I know I will eventually have to say our goodbyes. but I’m really going to miss them. I will look forward to the fact that we all will stay in touch.

In the college class we took, Mrs. Ferguson implies the 5C’s : Character, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical thinking in every class and I believe I can apply them to my future since I applied them to my internship as well. It’s important to maintain a great character and continue having the impression they had of you on the first to the end. I believe that I can apply this to my future because when you work for people you should continue having the same respect and humbleness the way you started or they’ll change how they think of you. Another example I can think of is my communication skill, I can apply this to my future path because it’s crucial to know how to share out your ideas and to receive and understand other’s completely. So if I’m working in the future, I can use this to voice out and actually talk to others to have a better collaboration.

I’m really just shocked on how things went by so fast and so grateful.

Jowie Bartolata, Class of 2019



Week 5 – Likey Likey Likey

I always state that every week is different and how every week is very influential in the career paths I want to take. However, this week gave me the opportunity to step out of the office and actually practice clinical care. When the Kaiser group went out to KP Irvine, they put us in a simulation lab where we had the chance to do child labor and delivery, surgical suture on fake skin, we also practice on Code Blue (Adult at Threat), splint,and practice on giving IV shots (of course on a dummies). I would say that this experience is very influential because I realized that clerical work is not for me. I want to be out there helping patients heal by their sides. I like the excitement and adrenaline that comes along with the job. When we did the code blue practice, though at first I was panicking, there’s something that clicked in my head that I needed to save this person (dummies). I immediately started doing chest compression and did the things I had to do just to save their life. I realized that it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to care for people, and while I’m their nurse I want them to realize that I will try everything just to save them. As for progress, I believe I’ve gotten more comfortable with collaborating with people older than me and overall having this professionalism. I used to get intimated quickly by a lot of things and people, and through this internship I learn how to cope with it. I now have this mentality where I can position myself as a professional person and laid back with my own peers. In addition, when given a task I have this self assurance that I will be okay doing them on my own. I’m really happy with this progress because it shows I’m slowly breaking out of my shell and bursting  that comfort bubble to achieve my goal. Everyday that I spent at Kaiser, I feel like I’m slowly developing to a better me. Someone more professional, more goal-minded, and more confident with who I am! Something I would change this week is nothing. I truly felt that I was contempt with my week and I learned very much…..Well actually, I wish the simulation lab was an entire week!

Jowie Bartolata, Class of 2019


Week 4 – LEVEL UP

I always say that communication is a very crucial for this internship and I AM NOT LYING! This week my communication skills were really challenged because of my projects. First, I needed to talk to the staffing office in order to get the names of the CNAs and ancillary staff to distribute gifts to show appreciation. It was hard to ask them for the list because they’re all busy, however I manage to master up the courage and ask them. Though it took a few times because my words didn’t make sense or that they’re so busy they don’t have time to actually wait for me and just print other things instead of the names I need. Second part would be the distributing part, when I had to go every unit and ask for their managers. Imagine this, it’s a hospitals and most likely out of their offices. So when I go to other units I ask, ” Can I please talk to your manager?” They would be like, “which one?” Again, COMMUNICATION. I had to go back to my supervisor and ask for the names of the managers per unit’s name, so that when I go the units I can directly say the name of the person I was looking for directly instead of saying I don’t know. While doing this, I was alone so I had to be independent majority of the time and sometimes I had to figure out things on my own.

One lesson I will for sure will remember after this week is that you’ll only succeed when you fail other times. It may be really cringe-worthy, but I really live by this after this week. I work the administration part of the hospital, unlike in the units there’s little room for mistake, luckily in my area of work I can just re-do some work and go over it if I find a mistake. In addition, my supervisor is open-minded about my mistake, she knows I’m not perfect and that she was really patient about my mistake. Instead of scolding me, she guides me to correct way and leads me to do task properly. How I can apply this lesson in other areas of my life is that when I do make a mistake, I know that I shouldn’t be hard on myself. For instance , if I didn’t meet the expected grade in school I know not to scold myself and instead just use this as a motivation to be better next time.

When I told my supervisors about my goals for the internship, she really pushed me to put myself out there. That means talk to other administrators in the hospitals and also physicians and nurses. The task she gave me was challenging at times, but I really learn from them. One that allowed me to step out of comfort zone was when I had to communicate with other people to help me distribute gifts. I had mixed feelings about it, I was both negative and positive about this new challenge. I was optimistic about because I get to walk around the hospital and meet/network with other nurses. However, I was pessimistic because I had no one with me, so I really had to depend on my very little communication skill. Overall, I enjoyed it very well and I was glad my supervisor put me to this. 😄

Jowie Bartolata, Class of 2019

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Week 3 – I can get use to this….

These past two weeks was amazing! It’s been the most eye-opening experience that I have done. Though my tasks were easier compared to other workers, I believe that I have grew mentally and emotionally while working for the nursing administration at Kaiser Permanente.

Something that really stood out to me is that whenever I get “bored” I catch myself asking other people if they need my help with anything else. Though it may seem like I’m bothering them, I really didn’t want to catch myself not doing anything. I feel like my time in KP is so short that I should waste my time waiting for my supervisor to assign me something. Another thing that stuck out is that I’m typically not the person to greet strangers, however this internship really pushed me out of my comfort-zone. For instance, in the elevator instead of looking down, I start up conversation with other patients and other staffs, asking them about their day and such.

After working there for only couple of days, I still don’t know my surroundings, the people I work with, and how they things. Obviously, I ran into many challenges. For instance, my supervisor really likes to use Excel Sheet to audit and such. I REALLY DON’T HAVE A CLUE HOW TO DO IT, and I feel she’s annoyed with me when I don’t know what I’m doing. But that’s not the case. So what I do solve this is ASK. Though it can be repetitive, I feel like that’s the best solution when you don’t have any clue on what you’re doing. Just like how my supervisor says it, “there’s nothing wrong with asking.”

Like I’ve said earlier, this internship really helped me be open with stranger more. I was able to smile and greet others without overthinking it. As for professional way, I network with more people, I try to get to know them more. Especially, how my office is next to the staffing office (I’m trying to be a regular worker there lol). 😉

Honestly though, I highly recommend this internship this everyone. I became lose to people and able to have fun while actually learning about the real work force.


Jowie Lorein Bartolata, Class of 2019

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Week 2 – WHAT A WEEK !

My first week for the internship was really hectic! I already went with the things my supervisor told me to do, I’m actually surprised that she would assign me a project this early in my internship. Honestly, I’m really scared and I’m having unsure feelings throughout this task, but I learn that I need to have this leadership skill and that I really need to learn how to communicate with people around me. I never had an experience on planning a big company celebrations and it was a learning process, from making an event plan sheet and talking to my supervisor.

In just the two days that I’ve worked, she already assigned me with so many things. However, the most enjoyable task was when I was able to pass out the celebration flyer to every hospital war. Honestly, the passing the papers wasn’t the fun part but visiting the wards was interesting. I got lost, but I was able to explore around the hospital and see how each have different responsibility. This brought me out of my comfort zone because my supervisor forced me to network with everyone. Ward techs, nurses, EVERYONE. I’m really shy but it was really fun.

From what I learned this week, I can apply it the weeks to come because I need to be more prepared. I don’t want to panic throughout the internship, so having this little readiness in me will reduce that stress and nervousness. I also want to be more open and easy to communicate with. 🙂

Overall, even though it was a very hectic/busy week, I really enjoyed it and found it interesting.

Yours Truly,

Jowie Bartolata, Class of 2019

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Week 1 – First Summer Internship Blog. YAY!

My name is Jowie Bartolata and I am interested in becoming a registered nurse: providing patient care, medical help, and anything that relates to medical field. For fun, I enjoy sleeping, spending time with family and friends, eating, listening to music ( especially Kpop), and traveling.

To be where I am today, I joined an after school program called OCAPICA/ Allied Health Academy and spent my Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoon with them. First, I took the chance to apply for the mentorship at Kaiser during the fall and follows the application for the internship during spring. The reason to why I joined is for the experience, and also the money, just kidding, but mostly for the working experience.  I strive to become a nurse and I feel like this will create a great pathway for this career. That though I may not have the hands on experience, seeing the environment, work place, and seeing the jobs that is done besides patient care.

This internship reflect my long-term educational goals because of how it’ll put something different to my college applications. These days acceptance rates are getting lower and now they’re harder to getting into. Colleges looks for something unique and not repeated in the application and seeing this internship will boost the chances of getting accepted. In addition, like I’ve said before work place experience will be key throughout a the internship. This will set my career goals as a registered nurse because of how I’ll be able to observe what their daily lives are like in the hospital and how they handle their patient.

As for general gains, though the internship program I hope that I will have the chance to practice my leadership skills, or even ability to work on my own, time management, and build of communication with other, and overall have this growth and development as a future employee.

But yes, that ends my first blog.

Jowie Bartolata,  Class of 2019

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