Jocelyn Pineda

The Final Day 

This whole internship was a really good experience for me. Although, it did get difficult at times I am very grateful for the opportunities that was given to me. From being informed of the opportunity at Ocapica, to getting chosen to be part of this internship experience with completing the interview. My internship was at Kaiser Permanente in the department Medical Staff Service. What we were put to do was just scan and file papers, so it wasn’t really that hard of a task.

I used a lot of communication during the whole internship especially with my partner Brithany. From communicating on how we would get to work by using public transportation to talking on how to finish the stacks of files to scan in the most efficient way. We also communicated a lot with the ladies that were there since our supervisor was on vacation and was in a lot of meetings. Our source of communication would mostly be through them. Thankfully, we finished filling all the paperwork they had for us on the last day of the internship they told how helpful we were to them because it is less that they will have to do.

Another one of the C’s that we used was collaboration, I mainly used this skill with my partner. To finish the all the files in time we had to collaborate, so while I would scan my partner would file and when one got tired we would switch. We also used collaboration for when one had a problem we would ask one another and if we didn’t know then we would ask one of the ladies.

In conclusion, this experience helped get a real life work experience on how it is to be in a job. It gave me responsibilities and a reason to wake up in the morning.

-Jocelyn Pineda, Class of 2018

Week 6: The End is Coming

This week was another work week with the exception of July 4th which was pretty fun. Although now I am worried because I have to make up my hours. Yet next week it interferes with the college field trip. I don’t have time to make them up. On Monday it was a six hour day which didn’t seem as tiring as before although it still is doing the same things it’s not as hard.

On Tuesday I was expecting to work but the Medical Staff Departments does not work on that day which really sucked because it complicates the way I have my hours set up. Although it was pretty interesting to learn that they give them the day off which is good to know what the job sort of offers. As well as the vacations the ladies get they are able to have a lot of time to enjoy time to go places and travel.

On Wednesday we had a eight hour day which felt like like eternity. I have felt like it was really work because an eight hour shift is what people usually have and I have come to realize how heavy it is to be at work that long. Although, I have realized that I wouldn’t want to work in a office or a cubicle it is really quite I would much rather be up and walking around. I feel like being in a cubicle would make me fall asleep. I am still very grateful for the opportunity because this experience has helped me find out that is something I wouldn’t want to though. But I also truly appreciate all they do because in reality they play a really big part of a big industry.

Overall, the week was pretty short but with a lot of things to do. I am also pretty happy for Friday since we have a potluck which represents our cultures and I am always down to try new foods. Just in general I really like food so I’m very hyped about it.

Week 5: A week of change

I finally started working at Kaiser Permanente in the department Medical Staff Services. I am glad to start working although it is not what I expected. What my friend Brithany and I do is file papers by checking of what the doctors have in their work portfolio and then scan it and email it. It is very simple work but very time consuming. We ran into some issues because while scanning it didn’t go through which made us have to re-scan a whole stack which we have the day before. Although there have been bumps in the road I am trying to look at this whole experience in a positive matter because although we are not shadowing doctors I feel it could be a good way to network.

I have also thought of volunteering at Kaiser with some friends just hopefully in a different department that is something in which I am more interested in. I feel with involving myself more with Kaiser could benefit me in the future so if I would like to pursue something in the medical field it may open doors for me either with letting me work there or with putting a word in for me. Since Kaiser is a very big company and a recommendation from them would be really big. I love this internship so far when it comes to actually being at the hospital because it’s like a little taste of what it is to actually work there and I truly am convinced I want pool pursue a career in the medical field but interacting with patients.

This internship has helped me realize and be more sure of the career I am trying to pursue.

What I have to consider now is what exactly in the medical field which hard for me since I find various things interesting but not interesting enough. Hopefully, the rest of my internship I could network more and inform myself on the various different jobs out there. With filing I have noticed how competitive it is to get a job because it shows the doctors accomplishments and the schools which they attended. This motivates me to try my hardest to get to a good school and to take all the opportunities I can.

Jocelyn Pineda

 Week 4 – So Close Yet So Far

This week we have yet to start our internship since we have been cleared in regards to our medical records. We have finally gotten our schedule and I’m glad to say I start Monday. On Monday we went to Kaiser to get cleared which was very fast but with all the transportation it took to what seemed like forever. On Tuesday I met with my partner Brithany who I have made really good friends with we both decided to contact our supervisor to obtain our schedule he had told us he would get back to us and didn’t do so until the following day. Since we have to make up our hours for Ocapica we went to the the Fullerton Community Center to go observe the senior citizens and ask them questions. On Thursday we went to the field trip at L.A. which was really interesting although I had gone to Olvera street it was fun being able to visit again.

I really enjoy seeing my culture and seeing all the different things we have come to value. The trip was long and it was a lot of walking but overall very fun experience. Although I would’ve wished we had more time to explore. I felt like our time was rushed which made the whole experience very hectic. I realized that this Friday I will be attending class for the first time since I haven’t really been able to go because of getting my medical record cleared and my TB testing. I really don’t know how to feel or what to expect of how class will be hopefully it is fun. What has helped is having all my friends to make-up my missing hours with. It is less stressful having them with me and I don’t know how it would have been if I didn’t have this support system. I am really excited for next week since we are finally starting. What is a bummer is that where I’m placed, it isn’t necessary to wear scrubs which was and still is a really big dream I have had.

Jocelyn Pineda

Week 3

Week 2

The internship I have been placed in is with Kaiser Permanente in the department medical staff services. Medical staff services is administrative support services for the medical staff and the health services which are also provided. I really don’t have much of an understanding of what my position or responsibilities are yet because I have yet to start. Since there have been various complications with Kaiser Permanente and our medical records for us to start working. I am really eager to start working at Kaiser Permanente but what I have done is visited the hospital where I have been placed since it was where he Kaiser Orientation was held.

There is not really much I can say that I like about this internship experience since I haven’t truly started. What I have truly appreciated through this whole journey is the patience and the amount of time everyone had put in to make help us start this internship as soon as possible. Something I have noticed that is important to make this whole thing happen and work well is good communication. Since this whole delay started because of the lack of communication there was with one another if not I believe we would have gotten to work at our places already. Yet, I believe this happened for a reason so the outlook I have taken upon this whole journey is more on a positive way then anything. Sure, it may be frustrating at times not knowing when we are going to start or what places we have to go but I feel this will all be worth it.

Also, with the Allied Health Academy we took a quiz which was able to give us our 5 top strengths. The results the were given to me were competitive, commander, significant, achiever and analytical. The strength I went more into was commander which was very interesting for me because I never really had thought myself as one but reading the description convinced me that I have some of those characteristics for example they know that they need people to get to the same goal and take initiative to reach it. One of the weaknesses of being a commander is the fact that you can be impatient. An example would be when one is brainstorming a commander wants a quick responses and will get frustrated if they don’t which sometimes may be bad because they could be missing out on great idea just because they are not waiting.

I believe learning all things about myself will really help me succeed on my internship and in any type of work place as well. I will able to tell people what I can offer but not only that also watch out myself on ways I can improve my strengths. As well as ways I can make develop my weaknesses into strengths.

Jocelyn Pineda

Week 1

My name is Jocelyn Pineda, I know that I would like to be working somewhere medical related there are many things I find interesting that deal with the medical field which is the reason I am still undecided. I love movies so to pick one is a really hard thing but if I only would have to pick one then it would be The Lion King. What I hope to gain out of this internship is work skills and learning how to get around with public transportation. Basically to have real life and work experience to later on be able to apply it to whatever else comes up with life just to be more prepared. I got to where I am now because of the great opportunities that I have had like joining the allied health academy program also just the simple fact of taking initiative to apply and work my way up to the interview which got me to this internship. Taking that big step has helped me a lot I have been able to learn a lot not just of medical related careers which I thought it was about at first but I have come to realize how the program make sure you are good in health too and inform you on so too. This internship relates to my long-term educational or career goal because I will be able to work at a hospital which is where in the future I would like to work at.

Jocelyn Pineda