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Week 7 – The End

This was such an amazing experience and I am truly grateful to everyone who made this possible. Most exciting part is meeting new people and see what the actual medical field is about. To be able to see that gives you an actual representation of the work place and helps you decide if it’s actually for you. I’ve grown so much and I’ve seen that through my skills. They all have improved so much. I’m way better at communicating now and my work ethic has just gone beyond my norm. I am now confident in myself in choosing the right career and I know what path I need to take. For the next generation that’s going to experience this internship I would say don’t take it for granted. Listen to what supervisors say because it will come in handy sooner or later. Once again I want to say thank you and goodbye.

Jenny Nicolas, Class of 2019

Week 6 – Ending

As the internship is coming to a closing end, I’m filled with emotions. Gratitude for what this internship has done for me and what I’ve learned. Also, for creating bonds with new friends and my co-workers. However, with that comes sadness because in a few days I’m gonna say bye to those people that are a part of my life now. Also, hopefulness for my next step in life and to see what’s to come. The last week of my internship I’m looking towards cherishing the last few moment I have with my co-workers to create more memories. Also learn the last bit I can, so it can help me later on in life. I can apply what I learned, in the future, to my last upcoming year of high school. Also, this experience prepared for job interviews which I’m going to have to do in the future. With that, I can apply all the skills I learned to every aspect of my life and for that I’m grateful for this opportunity. 
Jenny Nicolas, Class of 2019

Week 5 – Almost The End

The most influential thing that happened to me this week, would be the simulation lab at Kaiser Permanent. Where they gave you a task to do like CPR or putting in stitches on pretend skin. It was influential, because it showed us part of the medical field and what type of work we might do. I think I’ve made good progress in the internship, like improving my communication, collaborative, and critical thinking skills. I wouldn’t change anything from this week everything was great and I did a lot of work at my internship. I was kept busy the whole week and it was just the best. The simulation lab at Irvine was just the cherry on top.

Jenny Nicolas, Class of 2019

Week 4

Skills that I acquired this week is my communication skills. I had to communicate with my supervisor and my coordinator about my schedule and upcoming events. Another skill was patience because when I finish my assignment early I don’t have anything else to do and I just sit at my desk at times. A life lesson that I obtained during this week that I can apply to other areas of my life is, time managing and always making room for yourself. A task that allowed  me to get out of my comfort zone was asking other people in the facility if they needed help. Which was a positive thing because  I got to meet more people and get to know them well.

Until next week 🙂

Jenny Nicolas, Class of 2019

Week 3 – Challenges

Overall this week was okay, it was the usual stuff. However, the only thing that stuck out to me was meeting my actual supervisor as he came back from vacation. He’s a very nice guy and was glad to have me there. The biggest challenge was finishing my task early and not having anything else to do. In that i case i just sat in the office for a while until they were able to give ma another task. I actually I got more tired from sitting down and being bored than actually doing something. Hopefully next week they’re able to give more task to do.

This experience is affecting me in a positive way. I can only learn from this internship and it actually gave me something to do this summer which I’m grateful for.

Jenny Nicolas, Class of 2019

Week 2 – The Adventure Begins

The first week of the internship was such an adventure, and what surprised me more is that everyone was so welcoming. The most important lesson is communication between everyone, which is key. For a work place to work everyone has to communicate from the manger all the way down to the custodians. One of the assignment I did was scanning which was something new and was actually fun doing. One of the things that took me out of my comfort zone was actually asking if someone needed help. With the first week being over I’m excited to go back to work and being in such a great environment. From what I’ve learned so far I can apply to next week and be more efficient to finish my tasks. Everyone in the psychiatry department is amazing and the people that I work with are funny and really nice. Overall the first week was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for whats to come.


Jenny Nicolas, Class of 2019

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Week 1-The Start of Something New

My name is Jenny Nicolas I want to be a physiology major and pursue my career in the Medical Field. I enjoy having time with my family, going out with my friends, and having time to relax. I am in the beginning stages to start my internship. I got here my following different opportunities and deciding which one was best fit for me. I have learned so much from the little we have experience and there is more to come. Since i’m interested in the medical career, being an intern at one of the best hospitals was the right choice for me. Which relates to my long-term education and dipping my feet into the medical world. I just hope to gain more knowledge and experience that I can grow from.

Jenny Nicolas, Class of 2019