Jennifer Marquez

Last Reflection

 It is now almost the end of the internship  program and I am more than excited for it to be done. Although, if I had the opportunity to do the AIME Internship program I wouldn’t let an opportunity like this slip from my hands, and I would do it. However, this AIME Internship did leave me very frustrated at times and had me wishing I was finished interning. The reason why is because my location was very far, thus my bus ride there was 2 hours there and back. So days in which I started at 8 am and ended at 4 pm, it was like working a 12 hour shift because I’d leave at 6am and come back at 6pm.  My daily routine consisted of going to my internship and running errands. My last two weeks were extremely tiring, especially the day after 4th July because the night before I had slept a little later due to family time, so I was unusually sleepy and I kept struggling not to fall asleep on the bus. But I think the thing that frustrated me the most was the disorganization and obstacles I’d kept running into. For instance the first few weeks I had to take the bus to plenty destinations in little notice  so I had the chance to be cleared and finally work. Throughout that time I got lost in the bus, missed some of my Fullerton college classes, got an ear infection and strep throat making me miss my kaiser orientation, and had trouble reaching out to my coordinator from AUHSD. Moreover, since I missed my kaiser orientation I never had the chance to receive my badge for kaiser. Because I didn’t have my badge I didn’t have a way to enter the staff lunchroom, so I was unaware how to bring or eat lunch. So every lunch break I either ran to the nearest fast food place or made myself  a sandwich if I had the chance to that morning . When I’d come home, I did chores, did some errands, and the little energy I had I slept. My friends would sometimes be upset with me because I’d always cancel our plans. Including my parents because I had future plans and  had signed up for a dual enrollment class at cypress college but I was unaware that it would interfere with the last few days of my internship, so I had to give them up; this made me upset, but it made my parents even more upset that I had to drop out of my class. Overall the thing that worried me the most was that all my struggles would sometimes interfere with my work style so I’d make sure I’d try extra hard at work, and do all the extra work my supervisor asked me to do after my internship.            

 Although there was times I wanted to give up from the frustration I would encounter, I didn’t. My parents will continue to tell me “this is the adult world,” and they were right. It is the adult world, and sadly it’s something I might have to encounter once more,  so I had to learn to deal with it. Therefore, I do not regret entering this rigorous internship program. Not only did it give me valuable life lessons, but it helped me learn and gain an experience. I had the chance to intern in one of the most competitive jobs and largest managed care organizations in the United States. I was able to work along knowledgeable workers, and in the medical field before I even got out of high school. I gained an experience and learned life advice and skills needed for the workforce. Working alongside opticians also made me realize that I needed glasses, and that I didn’t have perfect vision like I always thought; although, it made me really upset to find out that I needed them, I finally understand why my vision gets so blurry when I try to concentrate at stuff from a distance. After working here, I am still sure I want to work in the medical field; however, I still might want to look at some other fields just in case. I also realized that if I do work in the medical field I do not want to work in the optometry department because although I appreciate them dearly and it is a great job I wish to work in a place a little bit more chaotic. Through this AIME internship and OCAPICA I also had the opportunity to be compensated with college credit and earn $1000 that will all be going towards my college funding. This internship was definitely not easy and all fun, but it is an opportunity that every student should decide taking. My internship at the optometry did not only help me learn physical work skills but it helped me grow mentally, to help me  prepare for the future where I can strive to success.

Jennifer Marquez 2018

Week 6: In a Opticians Shoes

This was my official second week of my internship and so far I’ve been able to learn a lot. However, it isn’t a hard or chaotic department so I have pretty much been able to learn all the basics when it comes to optical dispensing. My goal in this internship was to be able to know if this is what I see myself doing in the future and be able to gain working experience, so I can’t help and share that it was exactly what I have been retrieving from it. In order to do this I always make sure I work hard,  look active, and have a great connection with the staff and my supervisor.

What I have experience learning is how the opticians communicate with their customers and how the nurses and doctors work with their patients as well. A key thing I’ve realized is that my supervisor really focuses in having a strong connection with his staff, and he frequently reminds me the importance of it. I also think it’s difficult for me to learn so much more other than what the politicians do and I’ve pretty much been exposed to what everyone around the apartment does. The reason why is because it is pretty simple and non – chaotic and most of what  the staff does is repetitive routines so it isn’t something super complex. Personally unfortunately I hadn’t had the opportunity to do anything hands on, I’ve only had the opportunity to do some accounting and observe the staff.  Oneself,  if I had the opportunity to continue working with them in the future I will definitely take the chance, although personally it wouldn’t be something I would study to be in the future. I feel as if this whole experience has confirmed my hope to be in the medical field but not as an optometrist.

Jennifer Marquez

Week 5: Eventually Starting My Internship

I finally had the opportunity to meet my supervisor and the job environment I will be working in for the next couple of days. I was extremely surprised to observe their work style.  Not only do they work efficiently, but they manage to surround themselves around humbleness throughout the entire day. I found it quite strange that my supervisor Robert D. Quiroz didn’t act the way I would’ve thought most supervisors would act. I’m always use to hearing my parents complain how their supervisors treat their workers very unfairly; moreover, I am use to seeing them portrayed as strict people who are very frightening and hard to work with. However, my supervisor is the complete opposite; yes, he is still a little frightening but it’s unintentional because all he’s been trying to do lately is “break me out of my shell.” It seems as if he really cares about his staff and most of his day consists of getting to know them and making sure that they are receiving the attention they deserve. As a matter of fact everyday my internship consists of an hour in which I make sure I have questions to ask him, but he also gives me a talk. Not any typical talk, but one in which he gives me advice in which I can follow and can help me strive in my future career or as a person.

My daily internship has consisted of learning, learning a couple background about the eye itself and seeing how opticians, my supervisor and how some optometrist work. It is not a work style that is constantly chaotic but it is a place that requires a lot of skills. There I’ve learned how to do some reports and how it is to work with some patients. Typically a great majority of the patients are elderly so it isn’t uncommon to encounter some overwhelmed or confused patients. However, the opticians were very genuine and tolerant. Working with Kaiser and its staff has made me realize the mass importance of professionalism, hard work and following its regulations. In the end I feel like this internship is able to help me learn and realize if it is something I want to be.

Jennifer Marquez

Week 4: A More Enjoyable Week

I have to say that week four is probably going to turn out as one of the funnest weeks of the entire internship experience. The reason why is because even though we continued to be stressed out over starting our internship we finally had some time to un-focus on all its negativity, and have fun and receive positive feedback. In these couple of days I finally had the chance to be cleared at Kaiser,  get the confirmation when I will finally be beginning my internship and even meet my supervisor and department I will be working at. I also had the chance to visit a senior belly dancing class and have a tour in L.A. as our field trip.

I’ll be working at the optometry at McArthur in Santa Ana, with my supervisor Robert D. Quiroz. When I met him I was instantly nervous do to the grand professionalism he portrayed and the strict look he has; I was instantly sat in his office where he made me a series of questions as if it were an interview, and then he showed me around the department and introduced me to all the staff. I couldn’t help but feel very nervous and my supervisor couldn’t help but notice it, however he was very considerate and tried to make me feel comfortable. We began to talk a little bit more about ourselves and this is when I found out that his brother use to be my math teacher when I attended Loara high school my sophomore year. He was very organized, friendly and by the end of the day I couldn’t help but feel glad for having such a great opportunity for working with people like them.

Not only did I have the chance to have a preview of my internship already but I also had the chance to visit a belly dancing class for seniors. Here is where I had the chance to visit my very first dance class and was able to see the determination of older people. They made me realize that there is no age to continue to be active, and even motivated me for wanting to participate in a dance like there’s as well. Additionally throughout this week we also had the chance to visit some places in L.A. where I was in awe from seeing such diversity and some very nice artwork and architecture. My ultimate favorite place was visiting placita Olvera where I was able to feel welcomed and appreciate my strong cultural roots. Overall, this week was a great experience and we had the chance to learn and have fun at the same time. I am so looking forward to being able to talk about my whole internship experience in general.

Jennifer Marquez

Week 3: Working Beyond

It was frustrating being unsure if we were even going to begin our internship at Kaiser soon.  And it was even more frustrating having poor communication with our coordinators at times. I know that there was no one to blame since it was AIME’s first time partnering up with Kaiser; moreover, our coordinator mentioned how they told us in very minimal time the process of Kaiser clearance we have to undergo. However, I felt that even though we didn’t have the chance to work with Kaiser at the time we didn’t miss the opportunity from being able to experience something intriguing. For example we had the great opportunity to participate with other Allied Health Academy students who are currently enrolled in Cal State Fullerton. With them we had the chance to do the “Bridge Program” where we were able to communicate, be creative, collaborate, show critical thinking skills and great character.

One of the most important things we had to make sure we did as efficient members of OCAPICA, was to collaborate. The main reason why is because most of the activities we did consisted of our effort and communicating with the other members in order to complete our projects and tasks. But it was also crucial that when we were communicating with them that we were able to depict our thoughts in a creative style where we can demonstrate our skills and hard work. The project we did consisted of critical thinking in order for us to create a program that we best believed would work and  help people in the community improve their lifestyle. Nevertheless, we also did a lot of other activities that helped us experience superb skills that shaped and illustrated our character in variety of ethical ways.

Jennifer Marquez

Week 2

The internship I was assigned was at Kaiser Permanente and at OCAPICA. The position I got at Kaiser was optical dispensing, which helps those who have issues with an optical appliance and are in need of correction, remedies or relieving the defects of the vision. At OCAPICA I worked with a group of nine students who attend Western High school similarly like I, there we communicated in distinctive ways that helped us complete tasks, improve a variety of goals and get to know each other more. When I work with the students at OCAPICA I feel as if I am not enforced to be there, and as if I am participating in an interesting project with my friends. It is an environment in which I enjoy performing unique tasks and interacting comfortably around these students I am aware that I can trust and at the same time I am completely my work efficiently.

Unfortunately I did not attend Kaiser during its orientation, due to a contagious cold I got. This was a huge disappointment for me because I feel as if now I am behind compared to my other co-interns. Moreover, I do not know how I can makeup the hours and the activities that were performed that day, yet.  However, based on the scheduled event I did attend with OCAPICA I feel as if  I encountered various experiences. I really enjoyed the fact that my co-interns and I were able to participate in activities where we were able to interact with each other in ways, where we were able to get to know one another, far more than any typical ice breaker.

My strengths are that I did not hesitate to participate actively nor did I feel timid. I feel like this is very important since I know there will be many times in the future, including at my internship where I must need to talk to my supervisor or coworkers and I mustn’t be shy to do so. A weakness I found myself doing was not asking enough questions when I had the opportunity too. I know this is something I must get a habit of doing because frequently I come up with  a lot of questions later on and sometimes I can’t receive a quick reply because they are to busy. Therefore, I must learn from my strengths to help me guide me into overcoming my weaknesses so I can perform a superior job.

Overall, unlike most other student interns I have not been able to officially begin my internship. Hopefully, I am able to complete all the requirements necessary so I can begin my internship as quickly as possible. I believe that by beginning this job, I will be able to learn superb skills that can come very handy in the future. Although, I have learned some skills already on the meetings I have attended already such as properly communicating, time management, and what it is to be responsible. I look very forward to go through this experience and look upon what I was able to accomplish throughout this internship.

Jennifer Marquez

Week 1: Perseverance

My name is Jennifer Marquez and I am potentially trying to major in Biological sciences in order to become a physician. My favorite movie is a historical, thriller, romantic, and drama film called Colonia. Some knowledge I desire to obtain from this internship experience is having a real world perspective on the job I am pursuing. Some skills I want to gain is learning to be confident with my decisions, and being able to collaborate successfully with my co-workers. Due to my work ethic, perseverance, and strong will, I was able to get where I am now. I took initiative of all my responsibilities I needed to get done in order to achieve them; moreover, I learned that I must learn how to maintain my focus and never let anything bring me down from achieving my goals. My main interest in this internship is to gain my own experience working at a place tied with the medical field; the main reason why is because ever since I was in third grade I wanted to work in the medical field. By working in this internship, I feel like I will be certain if this is what I want to officially pursue in the future.

Jennifer Marquez
Class of 2018