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Week 7 – The End

I cannot believe that this is our last week, seven weeks went by so fast! In the beginning, I remember my goal was to get the real work experience, gain knowledge, information and skills needed for the real world, and simply determine whether working at a hospital is the right choice for me. Again, I was placed in Med/Surg Telemetry in the 4th floor at Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center. It is one of the busiest floors in the whole building and I must say, I am very very thankful that I was placed in such a wonderful department. My role was to simply assist with clerical things such as filing, answering call lights and phone calls, opening doors and giving directions. I also assist patients, where I gave them simple things such as fresh water, new gowns and more but my most important role was to learn from this experience, to get comfortable and to really understand how the hospital works. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to be in the front line, where I get to assist and talk the patients, but even so, I learned that there is more to it than just the people who are with the patients.

My overall experience was such a wonderful journey, I met a lot of new people, learned a lot from these people and shared memories with them. I was also fortunate enough to witness exciting and interesting things that happened in the hospital. I was able to witness a real code blue, and the rush, the feeling in general was just something I can never forget. On my first day, I also remember visiting the morgue and it was just so fascinating. These are just some of the many memorable experiences I’ve had throughout my internship. I will never forget these and what all of these experiences had taught me.

Compared to when I first started, I’ve noticed and like the others, I have become more confident in myself. I am able to present myself better than before and I am able to communicate a lot better as well. Like in my previous blogs, I talked about how I had the chance to interact with the patients, and that really impacted my personal growth a lot. Not only my communication skills was enhanced, but also I feel like I’ve become more mature. I’ve realized how rewarding a simple thank you from a patient is like, and when they get discharged from the hospital, it makes me very happy and before they leave, they never forget to thank me again, even for the simple things that I did for them. This made me realize that I really want to be the type of person who helps a lot of people and it might sound, I don’t know, fake? But truly, what happened to me throughout this internship has shaped me into a better person that I am today. I truly, truly want to help and simply make a change to people’s life no matter how small or big of an impact that is.

I am leaving this internship with more confidence on what career path I want to take in the future. I am more than confident that I want to work at a hospital. I want to work with the people and serve the people. For what specific career, I want to become a physician but I do not know what I want to specialize in just yet. With everything that I have learned throughout this internship and everyone else, I advice the next ten student interning at Kaiser Permanente to be grateful and make the best out of everything. Even the small little things that happen during your internship, you can bring that with you through your journey in the future and learn a lot from it. If you really just take advantage of this opportunity, you will learn and gain a lot of skills and knowledge. Have fun and know that there might be days that you wished you never gave up your summer, but in the end you will miss it and you will realize how rewarding this experience really is. So just make the best out of this whole experience and have fun!!!

P.S I will not only miss my internship site but also our friday sessions with AHA, I enjoyed every single bit of it. I love everyone so much and I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me through this whole internship. AHA has helped me become part of a community that I trust so much, and provided a place that I belong in. I’m so thankful for everything!

Jelica Negos, Class of 2019

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Week 6 – I’m Sorry and Thank you!

This week was very hard for me, I wasn’t able to work at my full strength, I wasn’t able to be there mentally and it was just hard. I had a family emergency that just made me feel like I couldn’t work with the patients at the moment. I am super thankful for how kind my supervisor is, she was very understanding and I am thankful for my fellow interns, and AHA because they were there for me and everyone was just super nice and understanding. I am sorry for being so emotional and thank you.

Since my internship is coming to an end soon, I feel very grateful. Not everyone had an opportunity to intern and at the same time get money from it. I am so grateful for this opportunity and experience. It has taught me a lot of things, I was able to improve on a lot of my skills and it made me realize how nice it feels to get a simple thank you for the little things I do for the patients and not enough words can express how thankful, grateful and happy I am to get accepted to this program and get the opportunity to intern.

In my last week of internship at Kaiser, I am looking forward to all the feedback that I will get from everyone that I have worked with. I want to know what I did great on and what I can improve on. I also want to use the last few days as an opportunity to learn more, ask more, gain more knowledge and experiences and just make the best out of this internship. Lastly, I want to show my appreciation to everyone who has been nice to me and helped me get comfortable in my department and just thank them for everything.

In the future, all the things I’ve learned and gained from this experience, I will be able to use it in the future. I learned more about the medical field, and what pathways I can go through in order to become successful in the career pathway I choose to do. I learned how to work in a professional environment and work, this will help me since I have never gotten a job yet, and at least now I have an idea how it works. I also gained a lot of important skills, especially communication skills. With everyone’s teaching and advice, I can bring it with me through my journey and use it to guide me to a better pathway.

Jelica Negos, Class of 2019

Week 5 – Simulation Lab!

The most influential event that happened to me this week during my internship was the field trip at Kaiser Permanente in Irvine. We had a simulation lab and there we experienced different workshops for some of the parts that makes the hospital. The experience influenced my career goals, it didn’t change it but it made me uncertain of what I wanted to do. Another part of it was we talked to a lot of professionals in different fields and we listened and learned a lot from their experiences and advice. I learned that there are so many pathways that I can take in order to achieve my goals, and for their stories and advice, I will always bring that with me to help and guide me.

Like before, I usually work on my communication skills and I am very happy with the progress I am making because slowly but surely, I am becoming more confident with talking not only to patients, but to others as well. If I can change anything this week, I’ll change the fact that I was complaining a lot. I realized that I was complaining a lot and not just about my internship but with how busy I am with everything too. This internship and everything I am doing outside of it, I am doing all of them to help me in the future, I should not complain because unlike others, I have this wonderful opportunity given to me to experience and learn a lot from. In overall, I think this week went by pretty quickly, and it’s just hitting me now that we are almost done, and that makes me really sad.

Jelica Negos, Class of 2019

Week 4 – Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

The two main skills that I had to utilize during my internship this week was communication and tolerance. This week my supervisor came back from her vacation so she had a lot of things for me to do. I am not complaining though because I prefer doing more than doing nothing. Last week, I was just answering call lights and talking to the patients on the phone while this week, I had the chance to go inside the patients rooms and communicate/socialize with them. I also offered them water, and asked them if they needed anything like warm cloth, new gowns, wipes, etc. And I usually get them in the equipment room or the storage room. I think with this type of work that I am doing, I am improving my communication skills. Between the two skills that I was able to utilize this week, the most challenging one was tolerance. Since I shadowed CNAs, one of them told me to spray a restroom that one of the patients used to do number two, those kind of things I wouldn’t usually do for a complete stranger, but I learned how to willingly push myself to do something out of my comfort zone. I also had to tolerate walking a lot and fast while wearing flats! The CNAs were quick, especially when I shadowed this one particular CNA, he was a lot bigger than me and his one step is like three steps for me. Since it was really busy this week in our department, I really did a lot. I watched patients getting fed, getting medications, getting their diapers changed and there was a code blue in our department! I witnessed how all the doctors and the nurses rushed to the patient’s room, they ended up canceling it after the patient was okay. While doing all of those, I also had paper works to do, I had to make copies of a lot of paper, organize them to make a packet, I had to staple and hole punch all of them, and write all the staff’s name and position in our department on almost all the papers. Since there was a lot of them, Jowie helped me finished them.

One life lesson I obtained during my work this week was do not waste time and learn how to manage time. I can apply this practically everywhere. Since it was really busy and I was doing a lot of things, I learned how to manage my time so I can finish everything I had to do on time. I learned not to waste time, especially since I needed more time to do things, and if I get distracted and do nothing, then I will end up having no time to do anything because, well, I wasted it.

All the tasks I had to do this week made me step outside my comfort zone, I was busy and super tired by the end of the day. Those duties made me feel very positive because I learned a lot. One of the CNAs that I shadowed, who recently graduated and got his BSN, taught me a lot of things. He talked about everything he was doing, he explained the reasons behind it, what possible ways to do it better, and how to basically be an observant and caring CNA and nurse. He also gave me great advice and talked to me about his pathway and experiences, which I find very helpful. When I was tasked to do rounds and check if the patients need anything, at first I was scared and intimidated, but later on I realized that the patients were not there to judge me, in fact they were actually very nice, welcoming and thankful, there were some that were grumpy but that was understandable because they don’t feel good. In the end, I learned that interacting with the patients is very helpful, not only because I get to practice my communication skills but also because I learn a lot from the patients and it feels great to help them. I think because I get to do that, I’m actually growing as a person.

Jelica Negos, Class of 2019

Week 3 – I’m Floating

I was originally placed in 4 East Medical/Surgical Telemetry department, and I have been doing different work such as filing, giving directions, opening the doors and answering call lights to help the patients with what they need. This week since my supervisor is currently on vacation they would put me in different floors so I would be floating to different places; I worked at 4 East, 5 East and 6 East, they are all Telemetry departments but are somehow still different from each other. I’m pretty proud of myself because I was able to show that I am flexible and that I can adapt to changes quickly, and work well with new people. I also made sure I am doing my work correctly and fast to make a good impression. Last Wednesday, when I came in to start my shift, everyone was so busy and I did not want to interfere and annoy them. So instead I started working right away, I continued what I was working on the day before and I also started working on something I remembered they once talked about before. What stood out the most for me was when I worked at 5 East, they’re the niche floor, where the older patients are admitted. It stood out the most because I answered call lights and some of them were grumpy on the phone. I understand that though but I wish they wouldn’t get mad at me because they had to call again. I made sure the first time they called, I tell the clerk what they need right away and call the RN or CNA assigned to them. It is out of my control if they take a little longer, so I hope they understand that.

I need to work on my communication skills and get over my social anxiety. One of my job is to answer call lights, but my voice is too quiet so I need to keep working on my communication skills in order to serve the patients a lot better and so I no longer have to ask them to repeat themselves and they also don’t need to ask me again. I also have to start working on my social anxiety, this interfere with my work because they offered me to do rounds, ask the patients if they need anything and talk to them face to face but since I feel really anxious and scared that it prevented me to do what I actually want. I joined this internship to get experience, especially since it’s a hospital and I want to pursue a career in medicine but because of these weaknesses, I am not able to get the best out of this internship. I also found it challenging to keep myself awake and focused. This week I had no sleep at all so it was hard especially since I usually have work for 8 hours and I have dual enrollment. It’s kind of tiring doing the same things over and over and sometimes I’m just sitting down because they don’t have anything else for me to do even if I try to offer help. Personally, I think that it’s more tiring to do nothing, it also drags the day. To overcome these challenges, I have to push myself but also know when to take breaks.

Personally, my experience in my internship is affecting me by forcing me out of my comfort zone, like I’ve said before I have a problem communicating since I am shy and socially anxious but I have to push myself in order to serve the patients better. Professionally, my internship affecting me by teaching me skills that I can use in a working environment. I am learning how to put myself out there and offer help, I also ask and learn from professionals. For the next few weeks, I hope that I grow, learn a lot and make the best out of my internship.

Jelica Negos, Class of 2019.

Week 2 – The Real Work Begins!

I was placed in the Medical/Surgical Telemetry department in Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center. The most surprising part of my internship was that everyone was so nice to me! I was so scared and worried that they were just going to be annoyed of me since I’m just a high school student who doesn’t know anything, but they were actually so nice to me and they offered to show me what they do and explained them. It was also pretty surprising that they allowed me in the morgue, I had the chance to check it out. Lastly, it was also pretty surprising that they are allowing me to work with the patients, more like talking to them and give them simple stuff like water or food, I’m just not allowed to touch them or do anything that requires a certificate, of course. I learned a lot of things in the first two days that I worked, like how important it is to communicate well with others and work with them. Even though I was scared with answering patients call lights, I found myself enjoying it better than filing. I was able to go out my comfort zone and challenge myself to talk louder and clearer for the patients to understand me and be able to serve them better. With my first week being over, I think I can apply what I’ve learned to the next few weeks by making sure that I make the best out of this internship. During my first week, I was able to somehow, little by little, get out of my comfort zone by talking to patients and new people, and even though that is quite challenging for me, I know I will need it in the next few weeks to come. I also started doing work that I might not be happy with but I know I should be grateful and with that in mind, I will be able to enjoy the rest of my internship.

The experience I had on my first week was better than I expected! At first, I was panicking! My supervisor couldn’t reach me so I had no clue when I was going to start! When I started, I was so scared, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone or even myself. My first two days was rough, I was trying to understand how everything worked, and I got a little anxious but I think I did okay. I was able to do what they wanted me to do even though there were things I couldn’t do, which I understand since it was beyond my control, but hopefully I do better next week!

Jelica Negos, Class of 2019

Week 1 – Beginning of a Wonderful Journey

My name is Jelica Negos. My plan for the future is to major in nursing and continue to a medical school since I want to become a physician. I’m taking nursing as a premed not only because I will have a fall back in case I change my mind, but also because nurses have more experience with patients and be hands on than most pre-med majors. I want to become a physician because I want to be able to solve the issues with the patients, find a way to help them, develop plans and ways for them to get well and be healthy. My favorite thing to do and enjoy the most is watching movies, specifically horror and psychological thriller and also watching tv shows.

I recently moved to Western High School during my junior year so I decided to start joining clubs and programs like Health Occupations Club and Allied Health Academy. Deciding to join was the best thing I have done because it taught me the importance of trying new things and being more out there. It also gave me an opportunity to intern at Kaiser Permanente. I’m not really familiar with the department I was placed in which is the Telemetry Department, it might not be in the kind of department I want to work at, and what I will do there might not be related to the career I aspire to be in, but at least I will be able to work in a hospital and gain a working experience. This internship will also allow me to see what it’s like to work at a hospital and give me an idea whether or not  I want to continue working in a hospital in the future. I hope that after this internship, I will gain a lot of experience, skills like collaboration and communication and information that will be helpful for me to succeed in the career I want to pursue.

Jelica Negos, Class of 2019.