Jason Bulatao

The Last Day of a Long Journey

Since the beginning of this internship, I’ve waited for my anxiously for my last day because I just wanted to sit down and relax. However, now that I’m there I kind of regret it. This internship felt so short and I feel like I just started working a few days ago. Tuesday would have to be the most unforgettable day of life so far. On Tuesday I had to go to Irvine to observe and see presentations and simulations. In addition Ester, Mojiba, Thi, Jennifer, and I got to lead the simulation also we got to participate in the simulation. The simulation was an older man who was bradycardic and went into vfib. Now after watching many groups of nurses do the simulation, we felt confident that we could do it on our own and so we did. We all stood confidently in front of the mannequin and just like that we got work. At first, the mannequin was doing fine until his stats dropped and he became bradycardic. Since we’ve seen the simulation thousands of times we knew what do. We gave the patient atropine which is suppose to increase his heart rate and as expected he went into vfib. We started doing compressions and I gave a dose of epinephrine and we shocked the patient. The patient didn’t do better he still stayed in vfib and he went asystolic. We continued giving him epi’s, shocking him, and CPR until we got him into sinus-brady. From there we put him on pacemaker which stabilized him and we knew that it was the end of the simulation.

The time I had at Kaiser was short but good one. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people that I will never forget. They have given me the opportunities to do so many things that I am so thankful for. The group of women I worked with were the most nicest and caring people I know. On my last day, when I said goodbye they all wished the best for me and hoped that I will be want to be and that they hope they’ll see me again in the future.

Jason Bulatao Class of 2018

Week 6

Throughout the course of this week it mainly consisted of paperwork and Netflix. Also this week consisted of talking to Laisha and Kimberly whenever I got the chance. This week Kimberly was always in the Staff Education room copying and cutting papers so Ester and I would usually go in there to say hi or make some small talk. In addition there were times where we both needed to use the printers so as gentlemen I usually let her go first. Also we talked how pre-cal was a really boring class and how the homework is nothing like the test. Ester is thinking about taking pre-cal her senior year which in my opinion is really unnecessary because the teacher was really boring. In addition everyday after lunch Ester and I would go visit Laisha in the front of the hospital and we would just talk about our day and how Laisha needs a better position. When she’s with another patient I usually do her job and greet the people coming in. Then, Ester, Kimberly, and I went to the healthy living store and we all bought our thrive shirt. Ester had a major problem of picking either a red shirt or black shirt. She got the black shirt. For the remainder of the time, I majorly did paperwork. The paperwork consisted of alphabetizing papers, scanning, and email papers to specific people. Also I had to hole punch papers and put them in folders for a presentation. Usually Ester and I finish early so we watch Netflix. We got caught but they didn’t tell us anything. They just told us to files the papers. In addition I was given a tour of the hospital and I got to see the different departments where patients are treated.

Jason Bulatao 2018

Week 5 – What They Do

This week mainly consisted of paperwork and attending classes. On my actual first day at Kaiser, I mainly worked on filing, alphabetizing papers, and hole punching papers to put them to folders. In addition, this week was a pretty interesting week because Ester and I got to attend two classes. The classes we attended were Safe Patient Handling and a BLS class. In the safe patient handling, class Ester and I got to participate as the patients and the doctors and nurses used the medical equipment on us. For the BLS class, Ester and I got to practice our CPR on the dummies with the other doctors. It was shocking too because some of the doctors were rusty and seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing. However, I see why it looked like they didn’t know what they were doing it was because they haven’t really used CPR in their field because one was a neurologist and the other one was a pharmacist. Also, we got to attend a Pediatric simulation where doctors and nurse were given a specific role to be. In the simulation, there were to dummies one being a baby and the other being a 15-year-old boy. For the baby, they were given a scenario where the baby couldn’t breathe normally and they had to figure out how to treat the baby. At first, it seemed like they were all lost because whatever they did the baby didn’t get better. So they kept pushing meds and oxygenating the baby until it got better. For the 15-year-old boy, he had the same problem but they couldn’t figure it out. So the coordinator told us to make the boy better and just give them the bone. It was pretty cool because we got to see the doctors and nurse treat the dummies the way they would treat a patient and we got to see how they acted when they didn’t know what to do.

Jason Bulatao 2018

Week 4 – Something New

This week was a week of change. Each day I tried something new such as belly dancing with some of the strongest women, watching an intense game of table tennis, starting my first day at Kaiser, taking a field trip to Los Angeles, and attending my first Fullerton class. At the beginning of the week I attended a Belly dancing class with Ester and Jen and to be honest it was really fun and hard. When we got there we didn’t expect to be dancing but when the instructor asked if we wanted to participate we couldn’t say no. The first thing we did was a warm up and I swear I felt like I pulled a muscle. However, I kept going and it turns out I suck belly dancing. After the warm up the ladies got information and started doing the choreography they were taught. Jen and I tried to keep up with them but they were too fast and we couldn’t get the moves. Jen was the first to tap out, then it was me. However, Ester kept up the women and belly danced the entire class with them. The next day I attended a table tennis class with Kim, Laisha, Jocelyn, and Brithany. In addition, we were bored out of our minds because if we wanted to play table tennis we had to pay $4.00 and at that time none us had money. Later on in day, I had my orientation at Kaiser and I was pretty excited. When I got there I got a tour of the hospital and I started working. All they had me do was put presentations in folders and email papers to some of the workers. The next day AIME had a field trip to LA and it was a pretty cool experience. We got to see City Hall. the Bradbury Building, Little Tokyo, and Olvera Street. My favorite part of that day was when we went to the top of City Hall and got to see the view of Los Angeles. On Friday I attended my first Fullerton class. When I got there I sat at my assigned table and the people at my table were really funny and nice. Furthermore, we had to discuss what an elevator speech, make our own, and say it to the whole class. In my opinion, my elevator speech was okay.

-Jason Bulatao, 2018

Week 3 – Anyone Can be Positive

So this week it has been a very interesting week. On Tuesday we learned about the creation of OCAPICA and we were given a scenario on how Asian youth and elderly have a higher chance of obtaining a mental illness. Furthermore, we were put into groups and we had to discuss how we wanted to bring attention to this issue. We made posters and came up with ideas to present to the class on how we want to treat this issue. The next day we made programs and logos on the scenario. For our logo we came with gray clouds hovering over the words “your story matters” and under that is a bunch of blank people with flags on their shirts. We drew it in this order because we wanted the clouds to represent all the metal issues one can have and we wanted the words to act like an umbrella protecting the people of all ethnicities from mental illness. And for our program, we decided to draw a brain with a bandaid on it surrounded by many mental illnesses. We drew this because we wanted to show that we are we are here to help. In addition, we also had a mock panel where the coordinators acted like policy makers and we had to tell them our plan on how we are going to treat the mental health issues among the youth and elderly. It was very difficult because the coordinators acted like real policy makers and they asked us weird questions to throw us off track and some of them looked like they weren’t paying attention. I was very glad we did this activity because it gave us an insight on how a real panel went and it showed us how some of the policy makers would act. The next day we didn’t do much all we did was catch up on work, talk, ate tacos, and we decided how we are going to make up the hours we are missing. For not doing much it was still a very fun day because you’re in a room with your friends just having fun. The one interesting thing outside of the meetings was the skin test. On the third day, I notice that my skin test was red with a small bump so I went to Kaiser to get it check out and the nurse told me that I might have had an allergic reaction to the skin test. Personally, I’m split 50/50 with agreeing with the nurse because the very first time I had a skin I remember it being red for a few days and believing that I might have the TB germs in my system because I knew someone with TB and I recently found out that it’s airborne. Yikes.

Jason Bulatao

Week 2 – Setbacks

Throughout this whole internship, I’ve been feeling very anxious about working at Kaiser because of what I was assigned to do. However, because of the miscommunication that happened between AIME and Kaiser, sets back the internship by a couple of weeks. Now for me, this thought isn’t that scary because I was assigned to do “staff education” meaning that I would have to inform the staff and possibly conduct presentations. Public speaking isn’t my strong suit, so I’m somewhat happy that it has been pushed back by a week or so. However, the thing that I’m not happy about at all is that I have to make up my missing hours. And the only way to do it is to work longer hours at Kaiser. In all fairness, I’m totally fine with working longer hours but since I have to achieve 180 hours instead of 120 hours it might be a hassle to make up these hours.
We recently got a pamphlet on places to visit, I believe from the company PASE. And one of our other instructors Jody said that we can visit these places to make up the hours we lost. Believe me when I say that I tried to go to a few of these places on my own time. Throughout this whole week, I’ve only been to one of the locations listed and it was the “MUZEO.” I need to make up the hours I lost. So since I wasn’t able to start working at Kaiser I couldn’t really answer the prompt.

Jason Bulatao

Week 1 – Potentially

My name is Jason Bulatao and I don’t know what I want to be when I’m older, but I do know what my potential majors, which are Nursing or Business. Now, this is really off topic but I don’t have a favorite movie. I can list a lot of good movies to watch but I just haven’t found my favorite movie yet. Anyway, I’m doing an internship with AIME and OCAPICA at Kaiser Permanente. I’m doing this internship because I’m hoping it will give me some insight of the hospital setting and because I was hoping to get a surgical internship but I got staff education which is pretty cool too. Junior year in my Med Class we were introduced to an organization called OCAPICA and to get in we had to fill out forms, surveys, and questions on why we wanted to be in OCAPICA. Being a part of OCAPICA has shown me a lot about the medical field, time management, and ways how to de-stress such as meditating. This internship means a lot to me because I’m hoping that it will show me if I want to pursue a career in the medical field.

Bulatao, 2018