Ester Plavdjian

Final Reflection

As I write this final reflection, I can’t help but to feel a little sad that this internship is coming to an end and that the program is ending as well but I know that I can still reach out to the people who made all of this possible and gave me support throughout my journey on this bumpy, long and amazing road. Before I want to talk about the internship and the mark it has left in my life, I want to thank Jody Cajudo for making this possible for me and supporting me with my needs whenever I needed it. I also want to thank everyone else who was by my side through this amazing opportunity. Thank you. Without their help and guidance I wouldn’t be at the point where I am today, pursing a career in medicine.

This internship was more than an internship. It was a new and beautiful beginning, one I will never forget. This internship helped me decide my career, opened my eyes and introduced me to wonderful people. I am beyond thankful for meeting those who I have met. Each and every person that I met at Kaiser will be in my heart forever. From the moment I met them I knew I can count on them and ask them anything. I am still shocked that this is happening to me, that I work at Kaiser and that I met these amazing individuals. Just the thought of being surrounded by amazing people that work at Kaiser makes me want to push harder for my career because I want to surround myself with those people. That was one of the many reasons why I love this internship. I used my communication and technical skills while working on the assignments that were given to me and if I needed any help I would know who I could turn to when my partner has left for the day. My supervisor is just exceptional. I also want to thank Courtney Logan for being super chill and friendly with my partner and I. I could not ask for a better supervisor. We built a friendly connection and I knew that I could turn to her if I ever needed anything and she could turn to me if she had any questions. She is absolutely the best and I know that even if this internship is over I can still connect with her. Thank you for being awesome.

Not only did I learn new skills but I learned new things that revolved around medicine and healthcare. My partner and I went to simulation labs where they conducted labs on manikins. The first day I started at Kaiser, my partner and I went to a BLS (Basic Life Support) class and used our experience with CPR on manikins. Even the instructor was surprised that we knew CPR. It was fun using our skills again that we learned from our medical careers class at our school. That class was one of the reasons why I got inspired to pursue my career in medicine. Thanks Mr. Nielsen! Later on that day after the BLS class there was a pediatrics simulation taking place so my partner and I went. We helped the simulation lab organizer Sonny, boot the manikins and prepare them for use. The manikins the nurses needed to work with had pulses, reacted to light, breathing and blinking abilities as well as injecting IV’s. These moments where I can learn more about medicine and healthcare are the best because at the end of the day I learned something new that is beneficial to me and to my career. The next few days were consisted of paperwork and computer inputs but even doing paperwork was cool because I wasn’t bored or upset that I wasn’t going to be at another simulation lab, I was happy because I could help out others and lighten their work. I learned how to use the copy and scan machine with the help of my peers and partner. I also did paperwork inputs for a woman who works in labor and delivery.

All in total I am beyond thankful for this opportunity that I have been presented and I am blessed to be working with inspiring and amazing people that make life interesting. This internship is one to always remember and thank you OCAPICA for making it awesome!

-Ester Plavdjian, Class of 2018

Week 6

As the weeks pass and the more I fall in love with my position and job, the more I gain experience.  I absolutely love my job and position.  At first my reaction to the position I was given was not at all what I expected.  Being in the department Staff Education, I was presented with something I did not expect.  Instead of being greeted with paperwork, I was greeted by simulation labs and friendly people.  My supervisor is absolutely the best!  She greeted me with such kindness it surprised me.  I can’t imagine having someone else as my boss.  During the simulation labs I have learned so much and this has helped me greatly because I am pursuing a career in medicine as a nurse practitioner.  While attending and participating in the simulation labs I learned everything I have ever wanted to learn in just thirty minutes!  The first lab my partner and I went to was a BLS (Basic Life Support) class where my partner and I practiced our CPR skills on manikins.  Then later on after that class there was a pediatrics simulation where my partner and I watched a group of healthcare professionals treat an infant while it is being controlled by the instructor.  The group of nurses do not know what is being done to the infant.

After forty minutes of watching the interesting and fascinating scenario we went into the next room where a fifteen year old manikin was laid on a bed.  The young boy had a grown man’s body and that complicated some of the steps due to choosing the equipment and measurements between adult and child.  I had learned what I had wanted to learn all my life.  I wanted to know wh healthcare professionals check the victim’s eyesight with a light.  I always had questions about it.  How did they do it?  What do they see?  How do you read it?  All of my questions were answered without me even asking them, it’s as if the man, Sonny, who was the organizer of the labs, talked to us as medical students and handed me the light.  I was beyond shocked and thrilled because I was given a chance I have always wanted to have.  It was a day I will never forget.  I am beyond grateful and thankful for this opportunity I have been given.  It has opened my eyes and has given me the best experience I could ever ask for.  

The next few days were consisted of every light paperwork and filing.  My partner and I worked on filing papers into binders and helping others that have things that need to be done.  I even helped a lady who worked in labor and delivery with inputting information into the computer.  While I was working in labor and delivery, a code was said on the speaker which startled me because it was a code that related to labor and delivery.  The nurses all rushed by the room I was working in, I went out of the room and saw a woman continuously pressing the “press to open” button to hold open the door.  I stood next to her watching the nurses and doctors rushing past me to get to the end of the hallway.  I watched them put their caps and gloves on wondering what was going on.  I used my communication skills to ask the woman next to me what was going on and she said it was a cesarean emergency.  It was amazing to see how nurses reacted to such codes and how it was fascinating to be there at that time watching it all happen.  

There was another time where they called another code that stood for adult life threatening and my partner and I asked the lady that was assigning us work what it meant and she said typically it is when a patient comes in with stroke symptoms then ends up getting worse where it gets to the brain.  When they call the code, physicians and CT technicians stop their work and rush to treat and examine the patient.  It is very interesting watching how everything works and this internship has excelled my strengths, opened my eyes and made me decide my career.  I will never forget this amazing opportunity!

Ester Plavdjian

Week 5

As of the third week of June, I have been placed at a Kaiser near me and I absolutely love it. It has been by far the best experience I have ever gotten. I have met so many amazing people that are doctors, physicians, stimulation lab organizers and many more. The first day that I had gone, I was immediately welcomed by everyone and nobody made me feel unwelcomed. My supervisor is absolutely the best, she takes care of all my needs, makes me feel at home and is super chill. She is very flexible and friendly. Also on the first day, since we didn’t have a lot of assignments Ms. Logan, my supervisor, told my partner and I about a simulation lab class on patient transferring equipment was taking places and told us we could go. It was my first simulation class and I volunteered to be a patient while the other nurses and employees moved me from bed to bed using the equipment. When I heard the department, Staff Education, I immediately thought paperwork, presentations and more paperwork but I enjoy doing it. There is not a lot of paperwork because my partner and I are mostly at classes and simulation labs.

The next day was the same vibe and a BLS (Basic Life Support) class and pediatrics simulation lab was taking place so my partner and I went to both. The whole day we observed different medical situations and volunteered in each. The BLS class my partner and I used our CPR skills on a manikin and also collaborated with people that didn’t have partners. The next class was on pediatrics in which the manikin was the updated one. The one that has pulses, breathing and reactions. The man in charge of the simulation lab showed my partner and I how they worked and what he was planning on doing. The nurses in the class didn’t know what was wrong with the patient and started from scratch. It was amazing watching how the man, Sonny, used a computer to make the manikin react and how it should act. Another scenario was a fifteen year old boy who had a grown man’s body and again, the team didn’t know what was happening to the patient until they examined him. Sonny also showed my partner and I how the eyes react to light when they flash a light in their eyes and I have wondered all my life how it worked, what did you see, how can you read that and I found the answers to all of my questions I kept to myself my whole life in thirty minutes. It was simply amazing. He also showed us how to check the person’s blood circulation immediately without any equipment. He told us to press down on our fingernails and if the color returns back within two seconds then there is blood circulation.

On Wednesday we had plenty of work organizing papers in binders and doing copying. Thursday was a casual day as well, more paperwork and this time I got to work in an office in labor and delivery where I was caught off guard by Code “C” which means obstetrical emergency. The nurses went rushing and so did I, I wasn’t sure what it meant but the speaker said the code and labor and delivery. I saw nurses rushing to put their personal protective equipment on while I stood by a woman who was holding down the door button to keep it open. I asked her what it meant and she said that it was a cesarean emergency. I used my communication skills every second of the day whether it is asking people what something means, my questions and advice. All in total, my first week of interning at Kaiser in the Staff Education department is one to remember forever. I wouldn’t change my position for anything else, I am beyond thankful for this amazing opportunity and it truly is helping me make up my mind on becoming a general practitioner or anything in general in the medical field.

Ester Plavdjian

Class of 2018

 Week 4

This week I had done a numerous amount of fun activities that excelled my strengths and weaknesses. After discussing a topic that was very tacky with my coordinator, I went down to the Fullerton senior citizen classes and observed one. The reason I had visited a senior class was to make up my hours that we’re missing. But observing a belly dancing class and joining it was the best experience I can ever experience in a group of elderly people. I hesitated at first but then I felt welcomed and overcame my weakness of feeling left out. It was a great experience.

I didn’t feel like I was making up my hours when I was dancing and having fun with the ladies. Some brought their “wings” aka capes and spun them around as a dance movement. I felt apart of the class as if I had been there the whole time. Later on in the week on Thursday we went on a fieldtrip to the heart of Los Angeles where the AIME coordinators and students walked around and observed the buildings, structures and monumental areas such as the city hall and the Bradbury Building. The first place we went to was the City Hall where we observed the structure and took the elevator up to the 27th floor. After that we went down to the Bradbury Building and observed the place that was also used to make movies. It had a very unique structure. We then had a break at Little Tokyo where we walked around looking at the different cultures. After Little Tokyo, we walked down to the Go For Broke statue and observed. Soon after that we had lunch and a scavenger hunt. We ate lunch at Olvera Street then went back home.

To sum the whole day up, I had a blast and used my 5c’s. I communicated with my peers and to new people while using critical thinking to figure out what to do if we are lost or if we were going somewhere we didn’t quite know the way to. I also collaborated with my peers in the scavenger hunt and while taking pictures. It was a day worth while and I am glad I got to spend it with people who are smart and willing to give up their summer to work and gain experience.

Ester Plavdjian

Class of 2018

Week 3

This week was another challenging one due to the delay of the medical clearance. On Monday, I had to get my final shot for my TB at Kaiser then the next day it was my birthday and I had missed an OCAPICA meeting because my parents wanted to take me out but the next day my peers explained and recapped everything that I had missed and I used my collaboration skills to continue where they had left off. We created posters that represented the topic that they had to do research and we’re assigned to.

Our topic was Asian youth and mental illness. We created posters and presented them to the class. Later on that day we had a mock presentation in which we had to defend and ask board members to fund us money to run the organization we we’re assigned to present. It was a cool experience feeling under pressure and very professional, even the response from the board members was very pressuring but it was a good experience because it felt real and gave me experience. Later on the next few days in order to make up the hours lost from not working at Kaiser, we met to do work and make up our hours.

Ester Plavdjian

Class of 2018

 Week 2

Internships are amazing opportunities and I am blessed to be apart of one. Although we are going through a bumpy road at the moment, there will soon be stability. The work environment I will be going into would be a hospital, Kaiser Permanente. I will be interning in the department primary care. I will be surrounded by doctors, physicians and nurses and with my communication skills, I would ask them questions and have connections with them. I believe having the skill of communicating with another person is crucial because it is the base of a relationship and life. Due to TB shots, our internship is being delayed and we are spending the delayed time working on assignments and meetings in which we discuss important aspects of our internship and daily skills.

I believe this internship will help me make up my mind on my career and give me hands on experience. I don’t want to follow what others say without seeing it with my own eyes which is why I want to make every moment of this internship useful. I will be gradually taking notes of my tasks and feelings making sure to keep my attention focused on my tasks. To strengthen this skill of taking notes, I do it in the meetings held to give us more information about our internship. Instead of just listening to the presentation, I take notes on the important points and refer back to my journal given to us by AUHSD. I use it frequently and make the most of it. Another program that I am in, OCAPICA, holds meetings every Friday and assigns us work to complete our hours required for the delayed time. The alternative things we do to complete our hours would be projects and activities. The project we are currently working on is on a health topic and the one that my partner and I are assigned to is obesity and diabetes. We had the options of choosing to do a video or a poster and brochure and my partner and I chose a brochure and poster, splitting the project. We are currently taking notes and researching about this topic while maintaining an outline. Aside from projects we do activities that require us to use our skills. For example one activity we did required communication. We were in a group of three people, one person was blindfolded another was sitting in a chair facing another person. The person in the chair was the only one who could speak, the person blindfolded needed to listen to that person and move while the person in front of the chair needed to use their hands and body to tell the person in the chair what to say. This activity seemed very easy until it was actually your turn to go. It required trust and communication skills to work with one another to get somewhere.

After this activity my group and I huddled with everyone else at the meeting to discuss our key points and frustrations of the activity. We have little talks and discussions about how we feel and anything else we just want to get off our chest. These meetings held greatly because we don’t want to feel alone in this internship, the students and I have many questions that are slowly getting answered but we are on stand by and patiently waiting for any news. After this internship I am going to volunteer at Kaiser and hopefully obtain a job there.

Ester Plavdjian

 Week 1: Blog Introduction

My name is Ester Plavdjian and my potential major or career of interest would be medicine because I want to become a doctor and my favorite movie would be The Ring. The knowledge and skills I hope to gain from this internship experience would be visual experience because I don’t want to follow what others say about this field without getting hands on experience about it. I feel as if this internship will guide me to find what I really want as a career. I got to be where I am now by joining the OCAPICA Allied Health Academy at my school, at first I wasn’t sure what it was about until I went to the meetings and learned that they were here to help and assist us on our journey to life. The steps I took were very simple, I just signed up and attended the meetings even though towards the end it was difficult for me to attend due to sports. I have learned more about college and heard stories from different people who came in as mentors to talk to us about their experience and that helped a lot because since they are older than us, it helps to get wiser information.

I found out about this program in my medical careers class and that led me to sign up and get help for my career. I am interested in experiencing hands on in the workforce and that is what led me to be apart of this internship. This internship relates to my long term educational or career goals by giving me the hands on experience I need to start planning and focusing on my career. When I found out I was going to be at Kaiser Permanente for my internship, I was beyond overjoyed because it is a hospital and I love helping and assisting people.

Ester Plavdjian, Class of 2018