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Week 7

Hi~   (,, ・∀・)ノ゛

Overall, my experience was very enriching. I gained so many valuable skills and the skills that I had already, I learned how important and impactful they are. The first day was especially exciting. When I first came into my department it was cold and a bit gloomy but after getting a tour and the days after, I felt so comfortable being there. Being in PACU, I got to see how the RNs cared for their patients and the process of them getting checked in and discharged. I learned a lot from observing the dynamics of the workforce. Noticing how they reacted to situations and solved problems is what I can apply to future situations. Also, going to meetings was really fun because of the different personalities and some of them are just being unnecessary extra (plus free refreshments). Compared to the beginning I wasn’t really that confident in myself but through this experienced, I noticed that I became more confident in what I’m doing. When there were times that I felt that I can’t bring myself to finish a task, I really pushed myself to get the job done. Sometimes, I’m just walking back and forth like 5 times, from one end of the hall to the other end, until I had the courage to continue. My leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills really improved too. Before, whenever someone tried to talk to me, I responded to them but then that was the end of it. Now, I really want to build a relationship with them and engage in long conversations, not awkward short ones. One of the big things that I got away from this experience that I’ve mentioned before in my previous blogs was that I learned not to think just of myself and to go beyond the box. Prior to this experience, I was on the fence about becoming either a cardiothoracic surgeon or a nurse. In the end, I realized that I didn’t want to pursue a nursing career and instead, become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Nurses are amazing but I knew it wasn’t a career that I was going to be happy and content in. If I hadn’t had done this internship and had chosen to go into nursing, I wouldn’t be happy and felt ultimately lost in my life. I know that for now I don’t want to be in the administrative side of things but I think in the far future I will take on an administrative role, so having this experience, I’m familiar of what’s to come. Ok, so my advice to the next ten students interning at Kaiser Permanente is to set a personal goal for yourself and to really push yourself, push yourself to improve who you are. There are going to be days where it’s exciting, boring, scary or even sad but know that there’s something new to learn. It’s good to reflect on your experience each week, so be sure to write down the stuff you were doing even the littlest things. Good luck to you guys and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out.   Bye~    。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

Diane Luong, Class of 2019

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Week 6

As the internship is coming close to the end, I feel both relieved and sad at the same time. Relieved that I don’t have to wake up at 6 in the morning; sad thatI’m leaving a place that I’ve become so comfortable working at and gained so much from. I wish that the internship was bit longer. I’m going to miss everyone there the most since they’re the best mentors I could’ve ever asked for! To leave a place that helped me grow moving forward is like leaving a part of myself behind. This internship is something I’ll look back on and see that it was what made me where I am today. For my last week, I’m looking forward in showing how appreciative I am to those who’ve taught or just said good morning to me. I want them to know what they do are valued. I’m going to ask for feedback on my performance so I can develop, learn, and grow from them. I also want to finish strong and relieved as much workload for my supervisor since she’s preoccupied with a lot of stuff already. In the future, I can utilize the skills I’ve gained in my future workplace and basically whenever I’m going out. A couple ways I can use my communication skills is to build relationships, land a job, work with others in a diverse environment, meet employers’ needs and advance in my career. I’m going to use my leadership skills to influence and motivate others. When I’m in Link Crew or running a club meeting, I’ll do things like setting goals, give praise and rewards and most importantly lead by example. Bye!

Diane Luong, Class of 2019


Week 5 – Realization

The most influential event that happened to me this week was going to the SIM Lab, a meeting and a conversation I had with my supervisor. For the SIM Lab, the thing that stood out the most was being able to do sutures because I can see myself doing in on a heart 10 years from now. The people in the meeting were from two different departments-OR/Surgi center and Pre/Post Op, so naturally the meeting consisted of different personalities who have different responsibilities and goals. The meeting was intense at first and as the time went on I got to see how everyone collaborated with each other to find a some kind of solution. Overall, the meeting was really, really interesting. After, that day I realize what I for sure wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon and not a nurse as my dad wanted me to become. I can’t really pin point what happened during the meeting that lead me to my decision. Maybe it was because I lean towards the tasks/personalities that OR has as oppose to Pre/Post Op. My supervisor and I was talking about stuff such as taking things as challenges, balancing life and collaborating with others. I improved on the 5 C’s, I see myself eagerly wanting to build relationships and going 10 steps ahead to solve problems. I’m really proud of myself with the progress I had been making. I gained so much confidence as compared to before the internship. I honestly don’t wish I could had changed this week because this week lead my to finding where my true passions laid and I’m able to see my future clearer than before. I learned to appreciate everything I do and not do, taking in my environment since the internship is sadly ending soon.

Diane Luong c/o 2019


Week 4 – Happy Face

The two skills that I had to utilize this week was patience and professionalism. Like last week, my department was still really busy, so they didn’t have the time to give me work to do. Basically spent the majority of my time observing but rather than being fully negative about it, I did my best to put a happy front on. I was given a lot of paperwork to do, realizing how I definitely don’t want to be in the administrative field. It gave me insight on how much work the charge nurses really do, especially when they take care of patients too. One life lesson I’ve learn is to have a positive outlook and find ways to grow rather than staying at one place, doing the same things. Going to meetings/huddles brought me out of my comfort zone because I in a group of random people and I’m just there y’know observing as usual. Just being there makes me feel that I’m someone who actually works there and not someone who’s interning. I love going to meetings because I get to see how different personalities collaborate which each other. I’ve attach an image of a chair that is strongly similar to the one that is currently molding into my body. Bye~ (ஐ╹◡╹)ノ

Diane Luong, Class of 2019


Week 3 – At This Rate the Chair is Going to Mold into my Body…

I challenged myself to say good morning to most of the people in the department but it only ended up on being 6 people. It’s the effort that counts, and when your co-workers see that, they’ll be more willing to talk and help you out. I’ll work more on it next week. On Tuesday, I went to a kinda big meeting that involved all the charge nurses; they discussed about the concerns they had. They had food so that was a plus. This week, the department was really busy, so the majority of the time I just observed. Honestly, I was feeling frustrated that all I was doing was sitting and observing, I want to do more y’know? However, at the end of Thursday, my superior did an evaluation of what skills I had picked up the past weeks and during the evaluation I learned that I picked up a ton of skills that I wasn’t even aware of! By all my ‘boring’ observations and going to meetings, I learned about the importance of not cutting corners, integrity, knowing where you stand at your workplace, finding solutions to problems, listening to others concerns and addressing them, building relationships and most importantly going beyond the box. I had become more conscious of my actions and working towards on improving how I interact with others and leaving good impressions of myself. From then on I had this mindset of appreciating what I do even when it’s mundane. Going beyond the box is one of the main thing I took away this week because I see everyone doing the same. Whenever someone ask for directions, instead of telling them where, I walk them there. If you’re working in an environment where people could easily get injured, don’t just think about yourself, think about your co-workers. Also, if you’re finding yourself doing the same things, go talk to your supervisor what you want to do/learn. My supervisor had been very receptive of my feedback.╭( ・ㅂ・)و )))

Diane Luong, Class of 2019

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Week 2

My first week was just awesome. I’m legit so close to the OR and the patients. I run into surgeons, OR & Pre/Post RNs. EVERYTHING in pre/post operative services is so fast pace. My supervisor and the charge leader I shadow go to extreme lengths to make sure everything is going smoothly and I even asked my charge leader after a meeting how she doesn’t get confuse by everything she has going on. She has something to write on, which is essentially where she shows what’s happening in her brain. I learned how to be a better communicator and leader. My supervisor makes sure that everything is in order and tends to other patients also. Just shadowing them and going to meetings showed me what really took to make everyone content. I enjoyed going to meetings because that’s where all the important decisions goes on and you get to learn about the new equipment that the department is going to use. Just shadowing brought me out of my comfort zone because I’m observing everything and hearing everything the RNs are doing and talking about. Even though I’m not really included into their conversations, just listening seems like I’m eavesdropping but hey, that’s what I’m suppose to do. In the next five weeks, I want to be able to say hello to everyone and be more than a bystander. I’m going to interact more with the staff.

Diane Luong c/o 2019

Week 1- Starting to Sweat a Bit

My name is Diane and I’m currently interested in pursuing a nursing major or something else depending on what I decide to become. I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon but it’s going to take a lot of time and money so I’ll probably go with being a cardio or surgical nurse. I really enjoy cooking and baking in my free time and playing tennis. By joining the Allied Health Academy I was able to get this internship because it enrich me with so much information about the health field, that I enjoy coming back every week. The program fuel my passion/mission statement of helping others grow ten times more than it was before! From this internship, I’ll develop skills, gain experience, make connections and learn in-depth about the field (Pre/Post Operative Services), all at the same time strengthening my resume. I want to get into a UC and having this internship will help me stand out from the other candidates. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to intern at such a prestigious hospital (Kaiser Permanente), so I’m really excited and optimistic. I really hope to grow more as a person (already seeing progress from just two days!) from this internship experience. My grit got me this far and it’ll keep me going. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Diane Luong, Class of 2019

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