Jessica Salas (Senior) Magnolia

When this virus struck in March, and schools were beginning to close, I found myself with much more free time than I usually had. Along with that, I wasn’t allowed to see my friends and the shift from in-person to online school was quite difficult. I also remember panic happening among my family because we had feared my parents were going to lose their jobs. To say the least, the first few months of social distancing was tough. Now, I have become accustomed to distancing learning and the fear that I once had is not as prominent. However, the amount of free time I have and being in my house most of the time has led to some mental health issues, such as high anxiety which has sometimes made it hard to function on a day to day basis. Besides that, I feel that the extra time has also given me clarity and allowed me to focus on what is going on in the world and how I can further help. All in all, COVID – 19 has greatly impacted the world and the billions of people living on it, and will continue to shape society as a whole in the future.

Carol Juarez, Senior (Magnolia)

    Covid has really affected me lately. I’m now at home everyday and it really affected me socially. Not being able to speak to friends and see people on a regular basis is hard for me. Also, now that school is closed it has really had an effect on my school life. I’m not used to being at home all the time and working on my computer for 8 hours, like we’re usually in a classroom surrounded by other students. With social distancing and all, we now separate ourselves from other parts of society. This has made me feel very much disconnected from my friends and family. All though we have social media to communicate with, it’s always better to talk in person and with this virus we can’t really do that.



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