There is More to Come

There is so much to be said and so much gratefulness to express about the opportunity I have been given to intern at Kaiser Permanente. I want to start off on the fact that although all the other internship sites started on the starting day ours was a huge set back due to medical reasons and mishaps. Even though our internship was delayed, the time I’ve actually spent at Kaiser Permanente with the people I’ve been with is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I truly want to thank my mentors in Kaiser, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Labette for giving me the greatest time, opportunities, and experience here at the Kaiser Miraloma Call Center. They have done nothing but give me experience, opportunities, and support on everything that I want to become and everything that I have been doing throughout this internship. For the time that Mrs. Brown was out and about managing the other departments in different buildings, Mrs. Labette gave me all her support help and undivided attention to make sure that if there was ever anything I ever needed help on the tasks she has given me that I wouldn’t feel bad to always ask questions. It felt great to know that my instructor was someone who wouldn’t be bothered to be relied on by me and that if I ever struggled she would always be there. When Mrs. Brown was present, she was very humorous, and full of kindness. I enjoyed her presence a lot and wished that I could’ve interacted with her more. Mrs. Brown had given me more hope onto achieving my dream as a successful RN.
For the time I was not placed at Kaiser Permanente, I had spent majority of the time with OCAPICA. OCAPICA is where my biggest thanks goes out to for even introducing the internship for Kaiser Permanente. I truly from the bottom of my heart want to thank Ms. Jody Cajudo, Ms. Erin Quiambao, and Mary for as well as pushing me to do better for my future and making me strive harder for what I want to achieve in life and my ultimate goal of becoming an RN. Jody always expresses her kindness by always wishing us the best, and always wishing us a congratulations to making it this far. Because of OCAPICA, Jody, Erin and Mary, they have given me the chance to meet such wonderful classmates and schoolmates to enjoy the internship with. We have all been placed in different Kaisers and different departments and being able to hear about their different experiences about what they do interests and excites me so much. I greatly appreciate the time and dedication that even my mentors has given to us interns to be able to teach us about their job and teach us in general about Kaiser
Overall in this internship, this summer by far was my most successful. I believe that I became more mature and responsible with the duties that I was assigned to do throughout the start of the internship. I gained so much knowledge that I will forever be grateful to be taught so much by my mentors. This internship has given me such a great insight into the future career I have set in mind and with the help of my mentor, Dina, she really gave me the ultimate push to make me want to be an RN and work hard and achieve the impossible. Dina has become someone I will continue to look up to forever because she became my role model. She showed me that great things will await for you in the future if you try your best and give it your all to everything that you do. I want to follow in her footsteps and become a successful Registered Nurse. Last but certainly not least, I’m grateful for AIME for also giving me such a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and expand the paths I can take for my future. Without AIME, OCAPICA, and Kaiser, this would have all been impossible, therefore I give my thank you for every program and will forever be grateful for choosing me as an intern and giving me a whole different world to step into.

-Alliyah Bernales, Class of 2018


Final Reflection

My internship has been completed as today, June 8, 2017. The location of my internship was Kaiser Permanente and honestly what I worked on throughout my internship was not what I was hoping for but even so the whole experience overall was one for the books.

I loved my whole internship, I learned many new things and was able to meet incredible people through it all. I am very upset that it had to come to an end as it was one of the best things I’ve experienced. Although I was doing the same thing everyday, I was able to experience how it was going to be to have a job, and take the bus, and this experience that I now have will help me so much in the long run. There were a few difficulties along the way but I was able to overcome that and learn from my mistakes.

Some obstacles I faced were when the bus would arrive earlier then it was supposed too. The first time this happened my friend and I got lucky that we were able to catch up to it on the next stop, but this happening meant I was going to have to wake up even earlier to catch the bus in time since ironically the bus is never on time. There were some other smaller issues like when the printer would jam but I got the hang of it and asked questions to make sure I was doing every as I was supposed to.

Going back to before I even started my internship, looking back I realize that it was a long journey to even begin working with Kaiser. That taught me that I shouldn’t expect that thing will always go as planned and I should always learn to be patient throughout hard times and thing will eventually flow. The preparation of being able to work at internship location pushed my starting point at Kaiser by 3 weeks, but even so I had a blast and was able to make the most with the time I had working at Kaiser. I truly loved my internship experience, it was my first ever job and I was able to learn so much from it. It’s sad that it had to come to an end but now greater things will come and this internship was able to guide me to being better prepared. I am so grateful I had the chance to take part of AIME and I will always remember this whole experience.

Brithany Miranda, Class of 2018

Final Reflection

12 July 2017
Throughout my internship I had ups and downs through the way, but I survived and accomplished what I wanted to see. At first I was so happy that we were going to start, because we were going to finally work and be with our friends, but unfortunately there was miscommunication with AIME and Kaiser Permanente, so we had to go through TB testing and so much paperwork to get started. We had to go through that for like 3 weeks, because we had to get cleared, so all the students located at Kaiser started all late and everyone else had already began. This made me upset and mad, because we were so lost when we would go the AIME classes, because we didn’t know what they were doing. I did face challenges throughout my internship, but I have come to realize that communication is really, really important, because we always need to communicate about what is going on or what is going to happen.
This internship gave me the opportunity to observe what I would do in the future, because their were so many nurses and doctors that were basically doing the career job that I’m looking into. This internship as changed my view for my future, because I have came to the end of deciding that I will be doing something in the Medical field and helping the people out with anything they may need. During those few weeks that I had of my internship I had so much fun, because I got to meet so many wonderful people that had really cool careers. They showed me so much in the 3 weeks I was there, I got to see the job of a Registered Nurse, the doctors, and I got to wear the PPE’s. Wearing the PPE’s was a reminder of what I did my junior year, because since I took Medical Careers I knew what I had to do and the order of putting them on. This internship as influenced me greatly, because it has given me an intro of the healthcare facilities and careers at Kaiser Permanente. There were many nurses and doctors that influenced what I want to do in the future, because they have talked to me and showed me the things that I would have to take to be in their shoes. I got to wear scrubs, I felt so cool when I wore them, because I felt like a nurse going around helping the patients, offering them water or magazines. I felt like I was an actual nurse, because I got to see the live experience of wearing the scrubs and shadowing a nurse.

From this internship I gained knowledge, collaboration and communication skills, because I got to see the nurses, their jobs and the environment. I gained knowledge, because I didn’t really know that much about a Registered Nurse and their job until I got their. I gained collaboration skills, because I came to see how the nurses got together and shared their experiences and have buddies to help them out in anything. I gained that, because I got to be in that location of Medical/Surgical & Telemetry Stroke, because it was like a teamwork job that we all helped each other with anything that we needed. They answered all my questions and concerns, and whenever I would need help they helped me. I gained communication skills, because I communicated with my supervisor about any concerns I had and I got to ask other nurses for help. I loved doing this internship, because it gave me an insight of the career I am interested in doing and it gave me the work experience of being in that work environment. I would recommend this internship to the incoming juniors, because they will learn a lot about a job experience and get that observation of whatever they may be interested in doing.

Kimberly Rodriguez

Final Week

   This is the last week of my internship. I must say that it has been an amazing experience. Through all the ups and downs, it was an unforgettable experience. I am grateful to all the people who made this possible. Monday was my last day at Kaiser Permanente and I already miss all the patients and the receptionists. Maria was one of the receptionists and I think that she is one of who I miss the most. Ever since day one, she stayed with me and walked me through everything. I was able to see her son through pictures and her son’s story helped inspire me even more to become a speech therapist. She was the one who mostly paid attention to me and made sure that I had my lunch on time. She even bought me chocolate twice. Maria is truly an extraordinary person and even though she is a single mother, I know that she is still able to smile at the world.

         Even though I interned as a receptionist, I was still able to learn the abbreviations of the departments. I was able to memorize where the departments were and if I ever go to Kaiser, I know my way around. On my last day, I was on MOB #1 for about three hours. It was pretty slow because not many people check in there as they do in MOB #2. I felt kind of lost because I had never interned there before and I feared being asked where each department was. Luckily since I knew the departments in MOB #2, I was able to direct the patients who were in the wrong building. During the first three hours, I walked five patients to MOB #2 and helped them check in. I felt so happy because I was able to walk back and forth on my last day. I felt happy being able to greet everyone for the last time. I took my time walking up and down the departments so that I could remember as much as possible. I did feel a bit sad that I would no longer be there, but another part of me was filled with joy that I had finally accomplished my internship.

              The night before I had spent time finishing my thank-you cards and was excited to imagine all the people I work with smiling at the cards that they would be reading. I wish I got to know each one more because they all have amazing stories that I identify myself so much with. I am thankful for my three supervisors because they were all nice to me. I was just sad that I was promised to go see the speech therapy department, but they never took me. I really wanted to see what they did because I want to be a speech therapist. Before I left, my supervisor told me that she had finally had something else for me to do. She had forgotten that it was my last day so I had to remind her again. I was sad again because when everything seemed to be getting better, I already had to go. My supervisor told me that if I was ever interested in volunteering there again that I could. Since it is kind of far for me, I know my parents wouldn’t let me volunteer there again. I feel accomplished though for everything that I did and formed part of.

             I will also miss my OCAPICA coordinator and everyone who formed part of the program. I got to meet amazing people and know a little about their stories. I wish in the future to do more internships and to continue volunteering where I normally volunteer. I love helping kids and doing activities with them so for the remaining time that I have before school starts, I will be looking forward to that. I am surprised of everything that was able to be done in such little time.

           Hopefully, I am able to find a job somewhere in the medical field like I want to. I will definitely use this internship in my resume. I know that I am proud and that my family is proud of me as well and that’s what will keep me going in anything that I do from now on.

Laisha Valle, Class of 2018, #SummerInternship #FinallyDone

The Final Day

          This whole internship was a really good experience for me. Although, it did get difficult at times I am very grateful for the opportunities that was given to me. From being informed of the opportunity at Ocapica, to getting chosen to be part of this internship experience with completing the interview. My internship was at Kaiser Permanente in the department Medical Staff Service. What we were put to do was just scan and file papers, so it wasn’t really that hard of a task.

            I used a lot of communication during the whole internship especially with my partner Brithany. From communicating on how we would get to work by using public transportation to talking on how to finish the stacks of files to scan in the most efficient way. We also communicated a lot with the ladies that were there since our supervisor was on vacation and was in a lot of meetings. Our source of communication would mostly be through them. Thankfully, we finished filling all the paperwork they had for us on the last day of the internship they told how helpful we were to them because it is less that they will have to do.

            Another one of the C’s that we used was collaboration, I mainly used this skill with my partner. To finish the all the files in time we had to collaborate, so while I would scan my partner would file and when one got tired we would switch. We also used collaboration for when one had a problem we would ask one another and if we didn’t know then we would ask ome of the ladies.

            In conclusion, this experience helped get a real life work experience on how it is to be in a job. It gave me responsibilities and a reason to wake up in the morning.

-Jocelyn Pineda, Class of 2018

The Last Breath

The title is so dramatic but it really felt like such a depressing ending. My internship ended a few hours ago and I couldn’t be more thankful. The limited amount of time I had was truly the best. I got the chance to be able to see what it’s like to work in a healthcare profession. My department was audiology. The study of the ear. At first I was jealous of others who had surgical tech and other departments I’ve heard about. But then I realized that this was a chance to take other careers in consideration and be enlightened by new ideas and concepts. I did end up with a few problems. My supervisor wouldn’t answer my calls or emails which frustrated me but I got over it soon after I realized he was probably a very busy man. When he finally answered, I was a week behind on my hours and realized I had to work more hours than planned. I didn’t mind, but I had to plan accordingly in order to finish on time. This encounter allowed me to become organized and prepared to map out what my next move would be. Strengthening my ability to be flexible and finding alternative ways to resolve problems. I also had the chance to really see how communication impacted every patient. If the audiologist was not informed of any family history or any other vital information, it made the doctor’s life harder in diagnosing the problem. Communicating with patients effectively was also such an important aspect. Simply being honest and straightforward allowed the patient to open up and ease their anxieties. It was great seeing that first hand.

I enjoyed this internship so much. I REALLY LEARNED A LOT. I was wrong for judging this field so early on. It was really was more than ear checkups. The connection audiologists made with the patients and their family was incredible. Their patients varied. They had infants, toddlers, children, teens, and adults. Each one with a different story or background. Every single one was unique. Pediatric patients made their job challenging but at the end of the day their smiles and laughs made up for it. It was worth it. One of the toughest things I ever watched as an intern was when the doctor gave the patient the news that they needed a hearing aid. Although it may not seem all that depressing but most patients came in denial of their decreasing hearing. They didn’t want to admit that they were aging. It was sad. But we as always medicine always finds alternatives. We presented them with solutions, and treatment. It was truly a blessing to witness these people change and shape the lives of their patients.

Throughout this internship I was blessed to have Dr. Collen and his colleagues mentor me. They really helped me and encouraged me to continue to succeed. They opened my eyes on how valuable being a minority is. They helped me realize that I needed a career that included what I love the most: kids and sports. After telling them I loved kids, they would try their best to always have me in the room observing pediatric cases. They even allowed me to experience what it’s like to work with them. After hearing I enjoyed working with kids, my supervisor even allowed me to consult with the speech therapist to get an idea of their working environment. They all offered great advice and opened my mind to consider things I previously would ignore. For that I am thankful.

-Eva Gomez, Class of 2018


     So we finally made it to our last day at our internship sites and I’m glad that I finally made it to the end. During the beginning of this internship there were many delays to even get started at Kaiser which shortened our experience there, but in the end I’m satisfied and I can’t wait to get that last check! This summer has been one busy summer because of everything that was going on here and because at the same time I was managing between the AIME program, and the Ocapica (Allied Health Academy) program. This overall experience has been a long 7 weeks (because Ocapica started a week earlier) I am glad to have a few weeks to actually enjoy summer and do summer activities. The internship wasn’t exactly like how I thought it would be because I would have preferred to work outside of an office environment. They people in my office were really nice, but I didn’t enjoy sitting down for long periods of time doing the same things over and over again. This experience did teach me about time management, patience, and definitely communication. I have had to juggle my time around in the morning between practice and the internship, and that required me to be on a time schedule so that I wouldn’t arrive late to work.

            At my actual internship site I was starting to get bored because I did many of the same things everyday and it became tedious. I don’t think that I would have been able to handle being there for 6 weeks straight because being in an office is boring. This experience helped to show me that I ever do decide to work in a hospital I won’t work in the administration part of the building. Maybe I would have been able to experience more if I had been there longer, but like we all know the medical clearance is what delayed us about 3 weeks. Either way I was fine just doing 3 weeks because it wasn’t in the department that I wanted. However, I did get a taste of what some part of the workforce would be, the parts that involve working in offices and being in charge of multiple things of once. Being there also allowed me to observe that sometimes there can be many things going on at once but they all learned to manage their own priorities effectively. Everything ran smoothly in the office even as a few people were constantly running off to their meetings like my supervisor. Everyone knew their place and exactly what they were supposed to be doing. So in an office I also learned that you have to be very independant driven and know at almost all times what you are supposed to be doing. They all communicated very well with each other and while I was there everything seemed fine so as I left I could’ve imagined how the next day would go. I won’t miss the work I was doing but I will miss the people who helped me and made me feel comfortable in their office because they were very nice to me. I mostly spent most of my time with my supervisors assistant and her other co workers because she was almost always out at meetings, and took a week vacation. I was supposed to shadow her to her meetings but she wasn’t really there so I just did what others asked me to do.

I would say that yes this overall experience did have it’s pros and cons but in the end I am still getting paid for all the hours that I have put in and I’m fine with that! The skills that I learned about weren’t completely foreign before this, but I did learn about them in a deeper extent, and I actually got to see them in action in the workforce. I am just thrilled to finally be done and free from having to go to work at Kaiser. No more having to rush to get to work on time after practice and not being able to hang out with friends. I am going to relax the rest of this summer until I start my senior year which is sure to be one heck of a ride!

Brianna Mendez, Class of 2018

The Last Day of a Long Journey

Since the beginning of this internship, I’ve waiting for my anxiously for my last day because I just wanted to sit down and relax. However, now that I’m there I kind of regret. This internship felt so short and I feel like I just started working a few days ago. Tuesday would have to be the most unforgettable day of life so far. On Tuesday I had to go Irvine to observe and see presentations and simulations. In addition Ester, Mojiba, Thi, Jennifer, and I got to lead the simulation also we got to participate in the simulation. The simulation was an older man who was bradycardic and went into vfib. Now after watching many groups of nurses do the simulation, we felt confident that we could do it on our own and so we did. We all stood confidently in front of the mannequin and just like that we got work. At first, the mannequin was doing fine until his stats dropped and he became bradycardic. Since we’ve seen the simulation thousands of times we knew what do. We gave the patient atropine which is suppose to increase his heart rate and as expected he went into vfib. We started doing compressions and I gave a dose of epinephrine and we shocked the patient. The patient didn’t do better he still stayed in vfib and he went asystolic. We continued giving him epi’s, shocking him, and CPR until we got him into sinus-brady. From there we put him on pacemaker which stabilized him and we knew that it was the end of the simulation.

The time I had at Kaiser was short but good one. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people that I will never forget. They have given me the opportunities to do so many things that I am so thankful for. The group of women I worked with were the most nicest and caring people I know. On my last day, when I said goodbye they all wished the best for me and hoped that I will be want to be and that they hope they’ll see me again in the future.

Jason Bulatao Class of 2018

Last Reflection

              It is now almost the end of the internship  program and I am more than excited for it to be done. Although, if I had the opportunity to do the AIME Internship program I wouldn’t let an opportunity like this slip from my hands, and I would do it. However, this AIME Internship did leave me very frustrated at times and had me wishing I was finished interning. The reason why is because my location was very far, thus my bus ride there was 2 hours there and back. So days in which I started at 8 am and ended at 4 pm, it was like working a 12 hour shift because I’d leave at 6am and come back at 6pm.  My daily routine consisted of going to my internship and running errands. My last two weeks were extremely tiring, especially the day after 4th July because the night before I had slept a little later due to family time, so I was unusually sleepy and I kept struggling not to fall asleep on the bus. But I think the thing that frustrated me the most was the disorganization and obstacles I’d kept running into. For instance the first few weeks I had to take the bus to plenty destinations in little notice  so I had the chance to be cleared and finally work. Throughout that time I got lost in the bus, missed some of my Fullerton college classes, got an ear infection and strep throat making me miss my kaiser orientation, and had trouble reaching out to my coordinator. Moreover, since I missed my kaiser orientation I never had the chance to receive my badge for kaiser. Because I didn’t have my badge I didn’t have a way to enter the staff lunchroom, so I was unaware how to bring or eat lunch. So every lunch break I either ran to the nearest fast food place or made myself  a sandwich if I had the chance to that morning . When I’d come home, I did chores, did some errands, and the little energy I had I slept. My friends would sometimes be upset with me because I’d always cancel our plans. Including my parents because I had future plans and  had signed up for a dual enrollment class at cypress college but I was unaware that it would interfere with the last few days of my internship, so I had to give them up; this made me upset, but it made my parents even more upset that I had to drop out of my class. Overall the thing that worried me the most was that all my struggles would sometimes interfere with my work style so I’d make sure I’d try extra hard at work, and do all the extra work my supervisor asked me to do after my internship.
              Although there was times I wanted to give up from the frustration I would encounter, I didn’t. My parents will continue to tell me “this is the adult world,” and they were right. It is the adult world, and sadly it’s something I might have to encounter once more,  so I had to learn to deal with it. Therefore, I do not regret entering this rigorous internship program. Not only did it give me valuable life lessons, but it helped me learn and gain an experience. I had the chance to intern in one of the most competitive jobs and largest managed care organizations in the United States. I was able to work along knowledgeable workers, and in the medical field before I even got out of high school. I gained an experience and learned life advice and skills needed for the workforce. Working alongside opticians also made me realize that I needed glasses, and that I didn’t have perfect vision like I always thought; although, it made me really upset to find out that I needed them, I finally understand why my vision gets so blurry when I try to concentrate at stuff from a distance. After working here, I am still sure I want to work in the medical field; however, I still might want to look at some other fields just in case. I also realized that if I do work in the medical field I do not want to work in the optometry department because although I appreciate them dearly and it is a great job I wish to work in a place a little bit more chaotic. Through this AIME internship and OCAPICA I also had the opportunity to be compensated with college credit and earn $1000 that will all be going towards my college funding. This internship was definitely not easy and all fun, but it is an opportunity that every student should decide taking. My internship at the optometry did not only help me learn physical work skills but it helped me grow mentally, to help me  prepare for the future where I can strive to success.

Jennifer Marquez 2018

Week 6

This week for my internship I only worked two days since on Tuesday it was the Fourth of July and I don’t work on Thursdays.  I still did the same thing I always do in my internship, I just scan document throughout the day but even just doing that there has been complications.

While working on marking all the files with “practitioner scanning forms” my friend and I eventually have all these files then need to be scanned, and at times the papers get jammed in the printer machine because of multiple reasons.  When that happens the specific paper that got stuck becomes really difficult for you to re-scan, so we have to try and try until it eventually works, and that can take a while.  Another complication that I encounter is that sometimes the files can be hard to understand, but I just make sure to ask any questions that I have an everything turns out to be okay.

Well I  can’t say much because that’s basically all that happened this week, since I only worked for two days and do the exact thing everyday.  My internship has been pretty cool overall, the work is doable and the people I work with are really kind.  I really enjoy working at kaiser, just working and being in a hospital in general is so interesting to me.

Brithany Miranda, 2018