Brithany Miranda

Final Reflection

My internship has been completed as today, June 8, 2017. The location of my internship was Kaiser Permanente and honestly what I worked on throughout my internship was not what I was hoping for but even so the whole experience overall was one for the books.

I loved my whole internship, I learned many new things and was able to meet incredible people through it all. I am very upset that it had to come to an end as it was one of the best things I’ve experienced. Although I was doing the same thing everyday, I was able to experience how it was going to be to have a job, and take the bus, and this experience that I now have will help me so much in the long run. There were a few difficulties along the way but I was able to overcome that and learn from my mistakes.

Some obstacles I faced were when the bus would arrive earlier then it was supposed too. The first time this happened my friend and I got lucky that we were able to catch up to it on the next stop, but this happening meant I was going to have to wake up even earlier to catch the bus in time since ironically the bus is never on time. There were some other smaller issues like when the printer would jam but I got the hang of it and asked questions to make sure I was doing every as I was supposed to.

Going back to before I even started my internship, looking back I realize that it was a long journey to even begin working with Kaiser. That taught me that I shouldn’t expect that thing will always go as planned and I should always learn to be patient throughout hard times and thing will eventually flow. The preparation of being able to work at internship location pushed my starting point at Kaiser by 3 weeks, but even so I had a blast and was able to make the most with the time I had working at Kaiser. I truly loved my internship experience, it was my first ever job and I was able to learn so much from it. It’s sad that it had to come to an end but now greater things will come and this internship was able to guide me to being better prepared. I am so grateful I had the chance to take part of AIME and I will always remember this whole experience.

Brithany Miranda, Class of 2018

 Week 6

This week for my internship I only worked two days since on Tuesday it was the Fourth of July and I don’t work on Thursdays.  I still did the same thing I always do in my internship, I just scan document throughout the day but even just doing that there has been complications.

While working on marking all the files with “practitioner scanning forms” my friend and I eventually have all these files then need to be scanned, and at times the papers get jammed in the printer machine because of multiple reasons.  When that happens the specific paper that got stuck becomes really difficult for you to re-scan, so we have to try and try until it eventually works, and that can take a while.  Another complication that I encounter is that sometimes the files can be hard to understand, but I just make sure to ask any questions that I have an everything turns out to be okay.

Well I  can’t say much because that’s basically all that happened this week, since I only worked for two days and do the exact thing everyday.  My internship has been pretty cool overall, the work is doable and the people I work with are really kind.  I really enjoy working at kaiser, just working and being in a hospital in general is so interesting to me.

Brithany Miranda, 2018

Week 5: Work week

This week I was finally able to start working at Kaiser Permanente. I am working in the department of Medical Staff Services with some really nice people. Overall my week was really busy and kinda stressful, mainly because it was my first week working there and I was getting the hang of things.

When I arrived there the first day w we’re taking around the hospital floor and the cafeteria, after that we were told that we were going to be scanning in documents for the day. These documents were the files of all the doctors working in the hospital. So all day all we did was scan documents. It was kinda confusion at first but we make sure to communicate to them so I made sure I was doing everything correctly. We made some mistakes at the beginning but we got the hang of it eventually. It was interesting to see all the files and it was cool that I now know how to scan and make copies with those big machines.

We got a lot done the first day, and the second day we did the same things and the next day we also did the same day. Then on Wednesday one of the ladies told us that there were about 14,000 doctors/nurses working at Kaiser and that all we were going to do working there is scan these files. When I heard that I was pretty upset because I wanted to do more things like shadowing people and doing more medical related stuff. But it’s fine I guess it’s still pretty cool to be working with such nice people and learning new technical things.

Overall I did learn new things and I enjoy working there. Although all I’m going to be doing is scan files it’s still fun to be apart of the work being done. It’s good experience to have and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to work there. Just knowing that I work at a hospital is pretty cool to me.

Brithany Miranda

Week 4 – Busy Week

This is it, the final hectic week of my internship. I am finally going to began my internship next week and I’m so ready for it, but before getting to that point I will have to do many other things this week.

This week was a pretty busy week overall. On Monday I went to Kaiser to finish the last part of my TB test, I am so glad I finally finished all that because it was stressing me out, but now I finally get to start my internship next week. It felt good to know that all the testing is done, it felt like forever but it’s all over with. The following day I met up with my friend to contact our supervisor and to set up a schedule. We decided that we were going to start next week, which is perfect but I was going to have make up hour this week by doing many different activities, like going to see senior citizens do yoga!

That wednesday I went to the Fullerton Community Center with my friend and observed many of the activities the senior citizen participate in to stay in good health. Overall it was really fun and an interesting day because I was able to see all the many activities available for these senior citizens and it made me happy knowing that these people care about staying in good health. I also asked mamy if the senior citizen why they do these activities and the minority answered that they do it to stay active and prevent them from being stiff. It was an interesting day and I was able to make a lot of new friends.

The next day I went to LA with the rest of the AIME internship student to go an explore around the many different places. Throughout the day we went to many different stops that were so interesting to be in. I’m really glad I went on this trip because I was able to experience many new things that I wouldn’t never even know about if it wasn’t for AIME.

In conclusion this week was the last week of me being all over the places making up hours. I am so glad that I am finally going to start my internship and I am glad that I am finally going to be able to reflect on my internship rather than random activities.

Brithany Miranda

 Week 3

 Week 2

So far I have not started my internship at Kaiser permanente due to push backs but I was able to go to the orientation and see where I was going to be working at. I am so very excited and ready for this internship and being there at the orientation allowed me to get a feel of the environment at Kaiser which seemed so friendly and you just get a kind of a confident feel if that makes sense. Just walking around the hospital and having all the doctors around smile and greet you just gives you the confidence that one day one can become like them because they’re just ordinary people with amazing ability and talent that anyone can develop with potential and hard work.
Prior to this orientation at Kaiser Permanente I had an orientation with Ocapica and there we went through all the things we were going to do for my internship with them and it was a long day and informational day that allowed me to see all the things I will be doing apart from Kaiser. I was overwhelmed at first because it was a lot to take in and the day after that I had to do an 8 hour homework day which seemed impossible to get through at the time but after I finished that day and looked back I realized that this is something I can do, I thought to myself that I am capable of handling this and after that I didn’t feel too stressed or overwhelmed with all the things that I will be doing this summer. I just have to take things one step at a time and I know i’ll be fine.

After that day I had a meeting with Ocapica on friday and learned a lot about teamwork and the importance of communication throughout the work field and everywhere, really. That day really gave me a lot of useful advice for my internship. I was also able to learn that day how to work better with different types of people because with all these types of personalities, if people don’t know how to properly communicate and see eye to eye with each other then the work that will be done won’t be too great. That activity was very useful because I know how to use my strengths to help others with their weaknesses through the internship and being able to do so will make everything much easier. Overall that day gave me great advice and skills that I will be able to imply in my internship with Kaiser.

The following Monday was the orientation for kaiser and after that since we weren’t going to start work that week, I made up the hours missed with doing things for the Allied Health Academy. Yesterday I worked on a project on Drug abuse and use that my partner and I are working on. We were able to get lots of information and we are confident our project will turn out pretty good. Next my friend and I went on the bus and traveled to the Fullerton Arboretum, Fullerton Museum Center, and the Muckenthaler Cultural Center for this scholarship opportunity. Although the bus rides felt like eternity, we enjoyed being able to go to these news places we’ve never been to before. I’m really I got to see these places and had lots of fun doing so.
With all that said, that concludes my week. It was filled with lots of traveling and work but overall it was pretty fun. I am really so excited and ready for my internship at Kaiser, just thinking about the fact that I am going to be interning somewhere, where I find so interesting and hope to work in one day still, overwhelms me with joy and excitement.

Brithany Miranda

Week 1

My name is Brithany Miranda I am graduating in 2018, my potential majors are in veterinary science and medicine and the career I want to be in is becoming a veterinarian or being anywhere in the medical field. My favorite movie is kind of an old one I think its called visions. The knowledge and skills I want to get from this internship are being able to develop real life readiness skills and get the feel on how its going to be like having the responsibility of having a job and a schedule. I am excited just overall for all skills and experience I am going to be able to get from this internship since I don’t have such a good idea the specific work i’m going to be doing yet. The steps I took to get to where I am now is first, I joined the Allied Health Academy, I applied and got into it and from there we had workshops and soon enough I found out about the internship and decided to give it a try. I did the online application and got recommendations from and French and 9th grade English teacher. After a while had passed from turning in my application I got an email saying that I got an interview, so I went to the interview and soon later I got accepted and here I am today. Throughout this whole process I learned that if you really want something you got to work hard for it and if you work hard enough you’ll get it and if you don’t then next time try a little harder. I am very interested in the medical field and that interest had led me to be a part of this internship. This internship relates to my long-term educational and career goals in the way that I will be given a opportunity to work in my field of interest and I am very excited for it.

Brithany Miranda, Class of 2018