Brianna Mendez


So we finally made it to our last day at our internship sites and I’m glad that I finally made it to the end. During the beginning of this internship there were many delays to even get started at Kaiser which shortened our experience there, but in the end I’m satisfied and I can’t wait to get that last check! This summer has been one busy summer because of everything that was going on here and because at the same time I was managing between the AIME program, and the Ocapica (Allied Health Academy) program. This overall experience has been a long 7 weeks (because Ocapica started a week earlier) I am glad to have a few weeks to actually enjoy summer and do summer activities. The internship wasn’t exactly like how I thought it would be because I would have preferred to work outside of an office environment. They people in my office were really nice, but I didn’t enjoy sitting down for long periods of time doing the same things over and over again. This experience did teach me about time management, patience, and definitely communication. I have had to juggle my time around in the morning between practice and the internship, and that required me to be on a time schedule so that I wouldn’t arrive late to work.

At my actual internship site I was starting to get bored because I did many of the same things everyday and it became tedious. I don’t think that I would have been able to handle being there for 6 weeks straight because being in an office is boring. This experience helped to show me that I ever do decide to work in a hospital I won’t work in the administration part of the building. Maybe I would have been able to experience more if I had been there longer, but like we all know the medical clearance is what delayed us about 3 weeks. Either way I was fine just doing 3 weeks because it wasn’t in the department that I wanted. However, I did get a taste of what some part of the workforce would be, the parts that involve working in offices and being in charge of multiple things of once. Being there also allowed me to observe that sometimes there can be many things going on at once but they all learned to manage their own priorities effectively. Everything ran smoothly in the office even as a few people were constantly running off to their meetings like my supervisor. Everyone knew their place and exactly what they were supposed to be doing. So in an office I also learned that you have to be very independant driven and know at almost all times what you are supposed to be doing. They all communicated very well with each other and while I was there everything seemed fine so as I left I could’ve imagined how the next day would go. I won’t miss the work I was doing but I will miss the people who helped me and made me feel comfortable in their office because they were very nice to me. I mostly spent most of my time with my supervisors assistant and her other co workers because she was almost always out at meetings, and took a week vacation. I was supposed to shadow her to her meetings but she wasn’t really there so I just did what others asked me to do.

I would say that yes this overall experience did have it’s pros and cons but in the end I am still getting paid for all the hours that I have put in and I’m fine with that! The skills that I learned about weren’t completely foreign before this, but I did learn about them in a deeper extent, and I actually got to see them in action in the workforce. I am just thrilled to finally be done and free from having to go to work at Kaiser. No more having to rush to get to work on time after practice and not being able to hang out with friends. I am going to relax the rest of this summer until I start my senior year which is sure to be one heck of a ride!

Brianna Mendez, Class of 2018

Week 6: Are We Almost Done Yet?

Today marked the end of my second week at Kaiser this week in the primary care department. Can I just say that by the end of this internship I will be sick and tired of offices?? This is not the environment I enjoy at all. I don’t know how people can handle working there everyday for 8 hours at a time. I would go absolutely crazy. I enjoy talking and getting to know the staff there, but I just wish it wasn’t in an office. I hate sitting down in the same spot all day, doing paperwork, or putting info into the computer. This has not been exactly like how I expected, and I am looking forward to the end.

This week my experience has been minimal because my supervisor has gone on vacation all this week. I have basically been helping out her assistants, and other in the office. I am like a little servant ready to help where needed, in a way, not exactly but it’s an extension of reality. I am up to do anything they ask of me because I like to stay busy, but sometimes when everyone is busy I have nothing to do and just wait. I would like to go explore the whole hospital especially MOB #2 but I’m stuck in MOB #1 until the end of my internship. I am looking forward to the closing ceremony and saying bye to my internship site, and hopefully this internship will help open many doors for me. I am grateful to have met the people I did this internship so far, and will take this experience with me into the future.

I have thought about extending my volunteer time there after the internship ends but I have decided to take a break and relax the rest of the summer. I am excited to enter into senior year soon but at the same time I am nervous! I am glad that I get to put this internship on any applications I fill out and it will help give me a step above the rest of the applicants. This internship has taught me so much about patience and time management and I really hope I put those into play for my senior year. My experience may not have been exactly like I hoped it would be but I still got to experience different things. The workshops that I attended with the Bridge program and just those sessions with you Jody or Erin and Mary really taught us valuable skills for later on in life. Like the public speaking! Which is something I definitely need to work on much more because it is one of my biggest fears to speak in front of an audience.

So although I am very eager for my internship to be over, it makes me kind of sad because I made a lot of memories with this group of 10 people plus you Jody, Erin, and even Mary who came in later. You guys all tried to make our experience as best as possible because of all the hardships we went through and I thank you all so much for that. I am really going to miss spending time with you guys we became like a little family who went through so much together to start our internship. In the end all these memories will last a lifetime and the experience with keep me one foot above the rest.

Brianna Mendez, Class of 2018

 Week 5: And So It Starts

So our internship finally began this week at Kaiser Permanente and I honestly don’t like where I am placed. This has nothing to do with the people there because the people there are super nice to me, but it’s just not my thing. I hate sitting down all day in the same spot doing boring things because I feel like I always have to be doing something productive. The whole team there welcomed me, but there is really no one there to talk to me other than this other college intern who is there sometimes. I definitely don’t see myself working in an office like that in the future.

So far I have just been doing their “grunt work” or the work that none of them want to do or have gotten to. I don’t mind doing it sometimes because it keeps me busy but I wish I could be doing something else. This is the last place I would imagine myself to be in like 10 years. I am more of a hands on type of person, who prefers to do things that are more enjoyable. This internship so far this week has been okay but I really would’ve hoped it would have been better. However one thing is for sure; I would not have survived 6 weeks there at my internship site!

This kind of disappoints me because yeah we are getting an extra 400 dollars but it isn’t gained doing something I enjoy. I would have rather experienced another internship at another site and have different experiences rather than being in an office. Sitting in an office sitting down is like the opposite of the type of person I am because like i mentioned before I always have to have like something to do, but here at times I have nothing to do at all.
This week is also the week I worked out my schedule with my supervisor and we had to find a good time to compromise for my start time because I told her I had practice. She was very kind to me and agreed on my start time being 11. This way I can go to practice, come home to shower and get ready, and then leave to work. It has been a little rushed to get ready and go to work lately but I always show up on time. This week has taught time management, and definetly patience!!!

Brianna Mendez

Week 4: So close but yet so far

So there has been some progress made since the last reflection in terms of our medical clearance. We have all been cleared in order to start our internship finally at Kaiser, which has been a big relief to know, but now another complication has arisen for me. We were given our supervisors numbers to call and ask when we start but for some reason my supervisor isn’t answering any of my calls. I could have started on Wednesday this week but I haven’t started because she hasn’t reached out to me. This is frustrating because we went through such a long process to get cleared and now my supervisor won’t even answer me. However, there was another good thing that came out of this. I was originally placed at the Kaiser in Irvine but I communicated with my coordinator that it was going to be extremely difficult to get there. I eventually was able to get my location switched to the Kraemer Kaiser in Anaheim which is a big relief because going to Irvine everyday would have been very stressful for me and especially my parents. I am grateful for being placed at a more convenient location and I really want to start my internship already. This whole experience so far (which has been mainly only setbacks and improvised plans) has taught me the importance of communication. I’ve learned that communication is very important in a workplace environment because when one person fails to pass information along then the whole plan comes crashing down. We have all learned this the hard way because it is already going to be the 4th week of the internship and we haven’t gotten any experience at Kaiser yet. If one person from Kaiser would have told the coordinators from AIME about our medical clearance tests we could have already been almost done and get the full experience along with the rest of the interns. The next set of interns for Kaiser are lucky because the coordinators will learn from this mistake and they won’t have any setbacks. In the few weeks that I am going to be at Kaiser I hope to get the best out of it still because I still want the experience. I don’t know if I’ll stay after July 14th to get the full experience there but maybe I’ll still volunteer there after. This delay did start to interfere with other summer plans such as college campus tours of schools I want to go to next fall, so continuing this internship past July 14th might not be the best thing. Despite all this though I am glad that we are still getting paid, if we weren’t getting the money the money anymore that would have been very disappointing but we are, so that is all good. These reflections are basically just me talking about how I feel because I can’t really talk too much about experiences concerning my placement. Hopefully by the next reflection I can actually talk about my placement and how I am doing in my position!
Brianna Mendez

 Week 3: Still waiting

So I actually haven’t been able to start my internship due to the complications that Kaiser has actually placed in our way. We have all had to go and get medical clearances and we are hoping to get started by Tuesday. This past week has been stressful because we really want to start our internship but we can’t yet and for us members from Ocapica we have had to find alternative ways to make up the hours in order to get the 1,000 dollars that we will be receiving in total. I think the way I am trying to deal with it, is to just keep my head up and remember that I will eventually start at Kaiser and that there was many other kids that could have been in my spot. Well obviously my experience has been different than I expected because I had expected to be working at Kaiser for my second week now. It was instead a let down to learn that I had to go take tests in order to even be allowed to start there. I just have questions about when I am going to be placed and if I am cleared yet. We have been doing some activities though, that have required critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. We were divided into groups and given different health related topics, and we had to come up with programs that could help with the cause. My group received the topic of mental health in the community and we had to come up with a program that would help educate and help the people understand mental health and what it can do to someone. We had to also figure out ways to help lower the rates of suicide because of its connection to mental health through things such as depression. So we all had to work together to reach a common goal of completion for our program These activities were done with another group called the Allied Health Academy Bridge Program. So for two days out of the week us, Ocapica and the Bridge Program were working together to gain insight into all the work that goes into making a health program. Critical thinking was used throughout our process of creating our program because we had to take one topic and come up with solutions from prior knowledge. We used the things that we have known from common sense to prior knowledge to draw conclusions.

After we completed our programs we had a MOCK panel that judged the quality of our demands. We had to go up to them and and convince them why they should fund us and support us. This gave us experiences of placing our demands in front of people in a sufficient matter. It gave us the opportunity to learn how it would feel to be placed on the spot to get people to see things through your perspective. I don’t really have questions about what I am learning other than the fact that I want to know when exactly I am going to start. These experiences however have helped to grow my skills in communication because I have had to work with others even if we had opposing views or different ideas to approach the same problem. So although we haven’t been able to start our internship I have been learning a few new things. But I still hope to gain valuable knowledge and insight into the Kaiser hospital when I start. I want to still learn new things to broaden my knowledge of the things I know and those that I don’t. So this week hasn’t gone like the way I expected but I hope that later on I will be able to start my internship and actually gain the experience that I was hoping for.

Brianna Mendez

 Week 2

The internship partner I was placed was with Kaiser in the department called Medical/ Surgical & Telemetry. I actually can’t describe the work environment because I haven’t actually started my internship with Kaiser officially yet. It was recently told to us that we wouldn’t be able to start with Kaiser until we got TB tests which would take almost a week and a half to two weeks to complete. This was a disappointment because I was really looking forward to starting my internship as soon as possible in the location I get put in. I wish that Kaiser could’ve told the AIME program that the interns for Kaiser would have needed to take these tests before they can be allowed to start. Now with this delay it is kind of throwing off the rest of my schedule and hours which is frustrating. It is becoming a battle of time management to see where we can fit in the hours to make up for the week of hours that we are missing from our internship. The exact Kaiser location I am getting placed at is the one in Irvine which is semi far in terms of distance, especially if some times I am going to have to take the bus. I am not completely sure what my exact responsibilities will be once I get to my internship but I am hoping I get to wear scrubs at my job. I want to wear scrubs because it’ll give me chance to feel attuned with the hospital and all its workers, like the nurses, doctors, etc. I think one of the only things I would kind of dislike about my internship is being so far from the rest of my friends. Most of my friends got placed at the Kaiser where we had our orientation on Monday. I know most of the time we wouldn’t even see each other but maybe on our lunch breaks we could have met up and just talk about our day so far and stuff. That would probably end up being really one of the only disappointments for me so far because I am going to be quite a ways away from everyone. I feel like as the internship goes on I will be able to really find out what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are because I will actually be starting the job. I will see the things I have to do, and I will adjust to it and learn more skills as I go. My strengths will help me in my internship because I will be able to use them to do the best possible job I can in my work, and it can allow me to further grow these strengths as I go. My weaknesses might deter me from succeeding because maybe things that I don’t do so well will stress my out and make it seem really hard. But it will only deter me if I let my weaknesses really get to me and ruin my focus. But I am going to focus on the things that I can do and put those skills to good use, and to my advantage. So although I have already faced roadblocks before my internship at Kaiser officially starts, I am very excited for the opportunity that I have been given in this program. I plan to make the most of this summer internship to work towards a better and brighter future after I graduate from high school next year in May of 2018.

Brianna Mendez

Week 1: The Beginning

My name is Brianna Mendez, and one of my potential majors is animal science because I am very interested in becoming a veterinarian. After I receive a bachelor’s degree in animal science I plan on pursing a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine. I have wanted to be a vet since I was young because I grew very fond of animals and wanted to do more to be able to help them. I know that it is going to take about 8 years to become a vet but I am ready to endure those years to achieve my dream and goal in life.

One of the skills that I hope to gain from this internship is to be able to work on my patience because I will be working with all sorts of people and need to learn to be patient with everyone. Learning to be aware of different situations people might be in would help me to understand how to address certain people in the best possible manner. I want to be able to be more sympathetic towards those who are put in tough situations. I would also hope to develop a better way of being organized and not messy in order to be able to get the job done faster, and just be more organized in general. I hope to gain knowledge just about the way the hospital itself works and just exactly what a medical/surgical telemetry person does.

I have gotten to where I am now by taking advantage of the educational opportunities at school in order to better myself. I made sure to keep my grades as high as possible in order to make myself look as well as possible when it comes to filling out college applications. I have learned the importance of taking advantage of anything that could possibly help me to better my future. Even the littlest things can help and using all resources that are available is a great way to better myself. I am interested in going into the medical field for the welfare of animals. Although animals and people differ I wanted to gain the experience of working inside a hospital to see if maybe I could also consider a career there as well. I can even build off of my experiences at kaiser if I go to work in an animal hospital in the future.

It relates to my long term goals because I hope to be a veterinarian that can operate on animals to be able to save their lives. I will still have to work with people because the owners will want to know what’s going on, so having good communication skills that I can develop in the internship would come in handy. Either way, vets and doctors both work to try to save lives and gaining some experience within the medical field will help me to really strive towards what I want to do.

Brianna Mendez
Class of 2018