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Week 7 – Conclusion

My internship experience was truly amazing, I feel like I’m a better person than I was 6 weeks ago. My most exciting moments were going down to the OR, and being in a real interview. Being down in the charge nurse station in the OR was very inspiring, I got to see real life surgeries on the monitors and watch the nurses workflow. It really pushes me to continue working as hard as I do to some day work in an OR. In addition to this, being in real interview was also very eye-opening. There’s all sort of classes and tips that people can give you yet nothing beats living the experience. I sat down with my supervisor and her manager. I watched the candidate introduce herself, present herself and overall got to see what to do in my own future interviews. That experience alone has calmed the anxiety I always got when thinking about going to a job interview because I now know what the people interviewing review think and ask.

In comparison to when I first started my point of view really changed. When I used to hear the word healthcare I thought hands-on doctor patient care. And now after this whole experience I realize I was only thinking about and looking at the surface not realizing that the healthcare industry was an ocean of people and parts that work as a whole. This really made me value the importance of acknowledging and respecting what goes behind the scenes in a business as big as Kaiser.

Before this internship I was hellbent on what I wanted to be. I knew what I wanted and that was all. However this journey truly opened my eyes and my mind. I am now more confused than ever about what it is I want to do and yet I leave more confident knowing that I don’t know because it’s okay not to know. This internship broke my mindset of making my life a race to get to the end. It made me realize that I have time and that with it I’ll figure out exactly what it is I want to be.

My advice to the next Kaiser interns would be dont be afraid. Being nervous and shy is okay and perfectly normal, but dont be afraid. Just jump into it, these professionals dont know you, but they can help you. These professionals will be lasting relationships in your professional life and the experience overall will be amazing. You will learn to love healthcare in a way that you didnt think was possible. So forget being nervous and jump into it, the sooner you get comfortable the better because once it’s over you’ll be wishing you had more time. That’s all I have to say. Andrea out

Andrea Romero, Class of 2019


Week 6

Facing the end of my internship I am feeling lots of different things. I’m excited to see what else these final days are going to have in store. On the other hand I’m upset that they will be ending soon. My internship is a great place to be and it saddens me to know that eventually I will no longer be going in and seeing the team everyday. 
For my last week I’m really looking forward to seeing if my supervisor will hire a new employee after all and attending more meetings with the lead. Everyday is honestly very different and completely unplanned. I’m looking forward to see what my last days have in store and how they’ll ultimately help me.
The things that I have learned from my internship that I can apply to the future would be my professional confidence. For example, just knowing how an environment of professionals works can be very useful especially when it helps build your confidence for interviews or new job outlooks. In addition, I learned a lot of abbreviations which can ultimately help me in understanding the health care field better when I’m older. Overall, this experience truly helps with the future especially when you want to go into healthcare. 
Andrea Romero, Class of 2019 

Week 5 – Week Cinq

The most influential thing that happened to me this week was being able to participate in the OCI Simulation Lab. It influenced my career option because it opened up my eyes to the possibilities of being a surgeon. All my life I strongly believed that I could never be a surgeon because my hands shake, but through this experience I realized that my hands don’t shake. I was actually surprised to find that from the people in my group I was the most agile and the one that got the furthest with the sutures station. Although it seems like a small thing, it really opened my mind to what I would be willing to do with my future.

The progress I have made in this internship includes confidence and communication. I am more confident about talking to people which is a big improvement to not being able to ask for ketchup a couple years ago.  I look forward to growing more as a person  as this internship comes to an end.

The one thing  I would’ve changed about this week was being more daring. My supervisor asked me to show her my resume and I said I would but  I never got to it because I was avoiding it. I would change avoiding it because I know her looking at my resume is a good thing that can ultimately improve my future career.

Andrea Romero, Class of 2019


Week 4 – Week Quatre

The two main skills I used this week were listening and patience. The skill that challenged me the most was my listening because although I can usually be patient I like to talk more than to listen. This past week was a challenge because I wasn’t given any tasks or projects to do, all I could do was sit and listen to either patients or the managers. It was an uneventful week but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to the rest of the experience.

A life lesson that I learned this week was pivot tables on Excel. Although they might not seem like much the way they categorize information for companies and meetings is really useful. Its a great way to interpret data and help a business or department grow because it separates the good negative or whatever statistics you may want. The operations manager explained to me that they’re extremely useful to know when taking biological or research classes in college- which I plan to do. So this internship is already getting me ahead of the game in my future.

The task that has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone is picking up the phone. I have major anxiety most the time so hearing a line ring to anybody that I didn’t already know was always nerve racking. Now its becoming a habit and although I’m not the one talking to the patient it has helped me with my personal obstacle of phones.

Andrea Romero, Class of 2019


Week 3 – Week Trois

My experience this past week has been rather ordinary I have been watching the surgery schedulers like usual, the only addition is the bonus of listening o the phone conversation with Brenda Ruiz the Lead Scheduler. The event that has stood out the most from this week is being able to go down to the OR’s. I learned that the KOR Surgicenter and the OCA MOR are separated by different colored tiles on the ground. I also got to watch the different things going on inside the operating rooms through live screens that Robert the charge nurse put up. These things stuck out because its very rare to get a first hand experience of an OR and go into an otherwise restricted area of the hospital.

The biggest challenge I faced this week was having to read through the Surgery Scheduling Playbook Manuel which was very boring and long. I had to sit there a read it without falling asleep which turned out to be very difficult, especially without getting caught by David the Operations Manager. Time was dragging on or so I thought until I realized that it was almost time for a meeting that I had to attend, which very luckily pulled me out of my almost slumber. The solution was skimming through it as quickly as possible while taking notes to keep me awake and allow me to go back to watching Brenda Schedule surgeries which was/is more interesting anyways.

This internship is affecting me professionally because it makes me extremely conscious of what I’m supposed to be doing when in a conference or meeting with professionals. I’m constantly being mindful of my posture what I’m doing or looking it whether I should be nodding along or applying myself to look interested.It makes you open yourself to the idea that you must create a professional persona for yourself in order to keep growing as a professional.

Andrea Romero, Class of 2019

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Week 2 – Week 1

The most surprising thing about my internship was watching the surgical schedulers work, you’d think that it would consist much the same as other call centers getting a call and booking a free time the doctor has- but no. Surgical scheduling is so much more complicated than that. When they get a call they have to ask for their MRN in order to find out who their doctor is and what procedure they need. Afterwards they have to shift through calender’s consisting of what days that the O.Rs are open for certain departments, which doctor is working it and if there is any time for the patients required procedure. If there is space- though there usually isn’t-they can then schedule the surgery give an estimated time schedule post-op, pre-op, certification classes and clearance. Then they must contact the surgeon to assure he is aware when the procedure is taking place and finish by assuring that all the surgeons left operations go first and then the right ones, they have to limit the amount of surgeries per day by doctor some getting 17 others only 11 or dealing with reassigning patients whose doctors are retiring. The lesson I learned is that they are very important they’re networking and communications enables them to create a smooth environment fro doctors, without the schedulers all surgeons would be gathered around an OR yelling and trying to get their patients in first. The doctors may save lives and get the glory but ultimately the shoulders make everything work without them nothing would get done.

I enjoyed watching and listening which is really all I did but is really interesting and I’m glad to have the challenge of learning about their job and why they love it so much. The thing that has brought me out of my comfort zone the most is the conferences where I am introduced to many new people and have to be wearing “professional clothes”. I’m really a jeans and t-shirt type of girl so having to wear nice clothes and flats to work is way weird.

I think I can apply what I have learned in the first week to conferences, I’m finally learning their language so being able to apply my understanding to conferences Ill be able to comprehend what they’re referring to or saying.

Andrea Romero, Class of 2019


Week 1 – Let Me Tell You a Bit About Me…

So my name is Andrea Romero. My potential majors are anything science related. Especially anything Biology, not Physics though…. Physics is just math in disguise. Other majors that interest me are English and History. English has always been a strong suit for me and I seem to have a knack for History, I understand it better then most people and remember things most dont -usually, not always so dont quote me on that. Careers of interests for me include writing creatively, critiques, books, you name it and/or the Medical Field. I’ve always had a large fascination for the human body and its functions so I know that’s something I would love to do and learn about.

I got here primarily through my interest in medicine, I decided to take Medical Careers 1 and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of topics and subjects we covered. In the beginning of the year I was introduced to Allied Health/ OCAPICA, and since I was branching out to learn more about medicine I thought Hey! Why not join. I ended up being introduced to an amazing group of people -part of which I’m sitting amongst now. When counselors told us to apply to an internship I decided to ask around to older friends who told me Kaiser was a possibility. Upon hearing that I was thrilled, an internship, at Kaiser? Where do I sign! Ultimately I went through the process of applying and once I was in I was told OCAPICA would be adding extra hours for more money and of course a more fulfilling experience. Which is the story of how I’m here now.

This internship really relates to my long term career goals because I want to go to Medical School. I want to work at a hospital and help people and learn. This Internship is all of that which makes me really excited as I look forward to starting very soon.

The knowledge and skills I hope to gain from this internship include everything and anything they’re willing to teach me. I want to experience first hand how hospitals work and be part of that exclusive “back stage” -being more than just a patient. In addition I want to to work on my communication so I know how to act professional and am prepared for any future conflicts or jobs. Overall I’m looking forward to this experience and knowledge.

Andrea Romero, Class of 2019

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