Alliyah Bernales


 Week 7 – There is More to Come

There is so much to be said and so much gratefulness to express about the opportunity I have been given to intern at Kaiser Permanente. I want to start off on the fact that although all the other internship sites started on the starting day ours was a huge set back due to medical reasons and mishaps. Even though our internship was delayed, the time I’ve actually spent at Kaiser Permanente with the people I’ve been with is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I truly want to thank my mentors in Kaiser, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Labette for giving me the greatest time, opportunities, and experience here at the Kaiser Miraloma Call Center. They have done nothing but give me experience, opportunities, and support on everything that I want to become and everything that I have been doing throughout this internship. For the time that Mrs. Brown was out and about managing the other departments in different buildings, Mrs. Labette gave me all her support help and undivided attention to make sure that if there was ever anything I ever needed help on the tasks she has given me that I wouldn’t feel bad to always ask questions. It felt great to know that my instructor was someone who wouldn’t be bothered to be relied on by me and that if I ever struggled she would always be there. When Mrs. Brown was present, she was very humorous, and full of kindness. I enjoyed her presence a lot and wished that I could’ve interacted with her more. Mrs. Brown had given me more hope onto achieving my dream as a successful RN.
For the time I was not placed at Kaiser Permanente, I had spent majority of the time with OCAPICA. OCAPICA is where my biggest thanks goes out to for even introducing the internship for Kaiser Permanente. I truly from the bottom of my heart want to thank Ms. Jody Cajudo, Ms. Erin Quiambao, and Mary for as well as pushing me to do better for my future and making me strive harder for what I want to achieve in life and my ultimate goal of becoming an RN. Jody always expresses her kindness by always wishing us the best, and always wishing us a congratulations to making it this far. Because of OCAPICA, Jody, Erin and Mary, they have given me the chance to meet such wonderful classmates and schoolmates to enjoy the internship with. We have all been placed in different Kaisers and different departments and being able to hear about their different experiences about what they do interests and excites me so much. I greatly appreciate the time and dedication that even my mentors has given to us interns to be able to teach us about their job and teach us in general about Kaiser
Overall in this internship, this summer by far was my most successful. I believe that I became more mature and responsible with the duties that I was assigned to do throughout the start of the internship. I gained so much knowledge that I will forever be grateful to be taught so much by my mentors. This internship has given me such a great insight into the future career I have set in mind and with the help of my mentor, Dina, she really gave me the ultimate push to make me want to be an RN and work hard and achieve the impossible. Dina has become someone I will continue to look up to forever because she became my role model. She showed me that great things will await for you in the future if you try your best and give it your all to everything that you do. I want to follow in her footsteps and become a successful Registered Nurse. Last but certainly not least, I’m grateful for AIME for also giving me such a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and expand the paths I can take for my future. Without AIME, OCAPICA, and Kaiser, this would have all been impossible, therefore I give my thank you for every program and will forever be grateful for choosing me as an intern and giving me a whole different world to step into.

-Alliyah Bernales, Class of 2018

 Week 6

As of week 6, I’m enjoying everyday at the internship and I’m always looking forward to work with the employees there. I experience new work tasks everyday ranging from filing paperwork to sorting out files into the computers to even contributing to the meetings that Dina holds. As for the fourth of July, this week we had Tuesday off but the following day we had a post fourth of July and celebrated at the meeting. There were more than usual in our office, we had one doctor, 3 MA’s, Amanda our administrative assistant for Dina, and even Dina as well. Surprisingly everyone noticed that it wasn’t as busy as we thought it would’ve been since there was a holiday. We had a cool and relaxed time working and eating together.

Dina had prepared an assignment for me to do next week, in which I would call patients (makes sense it’d be my assignment since I am placed at a call center) and ask or give them a quick survey. It’s rather nerve wracking since I might not be able to answer all the questions that the patients might have ready for me. Amanda always makes sure that I ask questions and that it’s not a bother to her so it feels great being able to rely on her. It’s almost my last week at the call center and I’m truly gonna miss working with everyone. The whole call center in which who I’ve interacted with was super nice and considerate to me. Being able to help Dina and Amanda around the office with the paperwork and such, has given me a great insight into the new side of the medical field I barely had knowledge of. They showed me that there are not only doctors or surgeons performing operations that is important to the workflow of the medical field but there are also those who work behind the scenes so that being able to interact and have meetings with patients and higher ups to discuss how we can better the health and process of each department can be reached and achieved.

-Alliyah Bernales 2018

 Week 5

The field trip around LA was very hot, but yet it was very educational I actually enjoyed getting to learn about the many sites that we would see as a great view but not realize the story and meeting behind it. I enjoyed getting to see the hispanic culture spreaded all over Olvera street as well as the Japanese culture in Little Tokyo. It was great getting to explore and actually see how different the two cultures and see how over time they got along and now have the peace passed down to us. Entering the City Hall was truly amazing and it was built so nicely. I had a great time enjoying the view as well as taking pictures from the top floor. We were even able to spot Catalina Island from the height and view we were standing at. It’s funny how high we actually were to even see Catalina Island when you look up from being on ground level it didn’t seem too high for me. Overall I think that being able to go almost around the whole building to see the amazing view was my favorite highlight of this trip.

My friends and I were discussing a trip to the Japanese Museum, the museum that we didn’t get to see and explore in the inside but from looking at the outside I wanted to enter and actually learn about the Japanese background and what they have been and fought through. It’s very fascinating that there is so much Japanese culture that made an impact in one place and just a couple of minutes down the street there you have a whole Hispanic culture. I love how diverse Little Tokyo and Olvera Street is and I actually want to go back soon to explore more of the area. I wish I could’ve bought a souvenir from each place to remember this field trip.

-Alliyah Bernales 2018

 Week 4

So as of week 4 I was finally able to start at the Kaiser Miraloma Call Center. Interning at a call center, I didn’t know what I was in for but I was very excited yet very nervous. My instructor couldn’t meet my first day there but her lovely assistant Amanda was there to assign me my duties and assignments. Although Dina wasn’t there and I was left with Amanda, she was always checking up on me making sure that I was doing fine with what was being given to me. Amanda on the other hand, she as well was super sweet about asking if I ever needed help with a certain task that she gave me, she made me feel very comfortable about asking her for anything and my 5-8 hours day went by super quick. On my first day she took me out to lunch and I had the best salad ever and we also conversed for a while and she was very humble and easy to talk to. I am very grateful for being under Dina and Amanda.
Within my workplace inside one office, there were three MA’s and different doctors that came in everyday to finish up with patients through the phone. I’m quite shocked with the amount of work they have to do and what their job actually is. I was shocked to know that their job is to make sure that all the schedules between doctors and RNs and basically within the whole facility was scheduled correctly and even making sure that the patients who they call received the right education behind their diagnosis. All the workers around me treated me nicely and I enjoy being able to work with them. With everything that happened on my first week, I wish I could’ve interacted with Dina more but she manages about a couple of buildings when it comes to the Primary Care department therefore I do understand that she’s busy. But Amanda kept me busy and made me feel that that I was also an employee there (in a good way of course).

-Alliyah Bernales (2018)

Week 3

 Week 2

Attending several of the meetings, in which we should’ve been told our location and had been given other information about our internship, it was actually delayed more than how it already was. Between AIME and Kaiser Permanente, there was a miscommunication in which resulted to our week of being unable to intern at Kaiser. We had to make up the hours we needed to have each week so that the we can get the right amount of hours put in by doing several of activities that our OCAPICA instructor Jody has given us. At first and until now, I’m still very excited that soon, we will be able to intern at Kaiser, although it is taking longer due to the TB testing. I am very happy that I was put under Primary Care because I was told that we were able to interact with patients and be exposed to the real life cases that come to the hospital. I feel that interacting with people is somewhat a strong suit of mine since I do work as a host and I feel that being in primary care, interacting with people, not saying that it will be easy but will be on the easier side.  However I know that I wouldn’t be interacting with patients in that way since I was placed at a call center.

Back to making up our hours, we had to visit at least three locations in which was given to us in a P.A.S.E pamphlet but was given the assignment to visit three locations to make up for our hours. My experience on the bus was drastic. I would have thought that using the bus to get around would be so much easier, but even some bus drivers couldn’t give us proper directions and sometimes we wouldn’t be sure on whether to get off on a certain stop or to stay. Although my experience getting to the Fullerton Arboretum, Muckenthaler Cultural Center, and Fullerton Museum Center, was difficult in many ways, it was great being with other interns which are my friends and being able to work together to get place to place and to get back home. Even though I am not working with my friends that are also interns, it was great that we were able to work together to get to the places we need to. Besides the museums, this week was like a school week and had to read and do my project as if I wasn’t in summer. To clear everything up, I wasn’t able to follow the prompt because I haven’t technically started interning at Kaiser.

Alliyah Bernales

Week 1- My First Step To a Long Journey

My name is Alliyah Bernales and I want to strongly pursue a Nursing career in the medical field and my favorite movie is The Last: Naruto Movie. I hope to gain strong knowledge on the basics and advanced care about the choice of my career whether it be by performing duties daily or not. Upon entering high school, I searched for available classes that will open my eyes about the medical field and the various positions in the medical field. Once I was allowed to be put under the Medical Careers class, it definitely made my interest and passion for becoming a RN much greater and the class itself has even taught me hands on basics that I can surely apply to the internship at Kaiser. I even went as far as to join Sports Medicine and Therapy to expand my choices on which medical path I want to pursue. With both of the only ROP medical related classes available, I have gained knowledge on basics ranging from taking ones blood pressure and knowing the proper PPE, to safely putting an injured athlete on a spine board and taping injured athlete’s ankles. In all honesty, I enjoy helping those who are in need with the best of my ability and being interested in the medical field has led me to my choice of career that does exactly what I enjoy, and that is to be a RN. I believe that this internship will give me a great opportunity to expose me to the real life situations on what I would face and deal with in my dream career while I gaining knowledge to helping those in need.

Sincerely, Alliyah Bernales c/o 2018