Samantha Valez Senior (Magnolia)

Covid has impacted my life greatly. My life has been very unsocial. I use to visit family almost every week and now it’s rare when I do see them. It’s really hard not being able to see your loved ones, it also causes a lot of distance. This results in losing touch with people like friends that you only see at school.My sister recently had her first baby, my niece Ellenie. We wanted to try our best to be safe so everyone who lives with me had to quarantine 3 months before she was born and a month after. That’s an incredibly long time to not socialize with anyone other than your family. This also caused many issues because you start to feel very contained. I recently went out for the first time in a long time and there was so many people around me that when I came back home I had to quarantine again and get tested. I have become very attached to my niece because I help take care of her and the time period of my quarantine to get tested felt like forever. Not being able to hold her when she cries or be close to her is something I never want to feel again. 


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