Thomas Nguyen, Senior (Magnolia)

Senior year supposed to be magical. Putting on your suit for prom, late night party at Disney with friends, or walking the path of graduation and receiving your diploma. I envision this being my senior year, only for it now to be a fantasy. The COVID-19 pandemic appeared and took away what could have been one of the best experiences of my life, my disappointment was immeasurable at first. But as the days unfold, I have come to accept the situation. As the pandemic breakout, news scattered on the internet about families losing their income, financially broken and massive death toll. It is that, when I come to terms with the event and appreciate that I am still lucky to have my family keeping their jobs and still being healthy. And rather, I should be grateful for this peacefulness that still resides in my life. I started spending time learning new skills: coding, guitars, cooking. And learn to self-entertain. This time might be tough, but I believe coming out of this pandemic will make me stronger, more disciplined and resilient for any future events.


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