Carissa Pearl Moya, Senior (Magnolia, Part 4)

Despite the prominent lack of motivation to do school work, my teachers began their mission checking up on their students and let me just say that it definitely helps. Each week our school’s staff got working onto multiple videos, activities, and programs to support its students, ensuring that they are getting the help they need. I am speaking on behalf of my class, we are at a time where everything is unknown, however I can testify that my school has been doing their best to celebrate the Class of 2020 as much as possible. During our school pick-ups, students had the ability to witness the coming of parents, teachers, friends, and everyone as they drove by the school’s parking lot to receive their cap and gown. The smallest gestures make the biggest impact and I think many of us have learned to make the most of what we have because for all we know it could be our last.


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