AJ Estrella, Senior (Savanna)

The COVID-19 Pandemic has truly taken a toll on everyone’s life. I understand where everyone comes from. We are all going through different things, but for me it’s been my senior year. Senior year is something we all look forward to and me being such an involved student it’s really been hard. I took part in planning all my senior events and for them to all be cancelled along with our graduation just made it all really hard. I feel a lack of motivation to continue on with not only my school work but in my personal life as well. Honestly I do feel bad that I’m complaining about this and I’m aware that others go through more but this is my life and what I’m going through in this pandemic. I honestly hope this all ends soon so that it won’t go into college but it’s not looking so well. If I’m being honest I don’t know how they expect us to continue through life if everything is paused except our education.


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