Halfway through the Summer Internship Experience!

June 26, 2017| Our students have been hard at work this Summer! They are halfway through their High School Summer internship program with Kaiser Permanente. Here is a list of which departments they are currently interning with:

  • Jason Bulatao & Ester Plavdjian
    • Staff education- Assist those who educate all staff, including physicians, about safe patient handling program. Training can range from onsite demonstrations of equipment use and maintenance to broader safe patient handling education programs and national conferences.
  • Eva Gomez
    • Audiology- Hearing services; help those who administer diagnostic audiological tests that allow the differentiation between types of hearing disorders, coordinates and interprets test results and consults with and makes recommendations on hearing disorders to physicians.
  • Jennifer Marquez
    • Optical Dispensing– Help those who issue an optical appliance which corrects, remedies or relieves defects of vision.
  • Brianna Mendez
    • Primary Care- Any of these areas of medicine with a primary care physician: 1. adult or internal medicine (specializing in adult care) 2. family or general medicine (health care for you and your whole family) 3. pediatric medicine (care for patients from birth through age 16 to 18, depending on the facility)
  • Brithany Miranda & Jocelyn Pineda
    • Medical Staff Services– Perform a variety of tasks and are primarily involved with managing the activities of the medical staff in the traditional hospital.
  • Kimberly Rodriguez
    • Medical/Surgical & Telemetry Stroke- Help those who carefully monitor and treat patients who are often in critical condition and need constant monitoring and specialized cardiac care.
  • Laisha Valle
    • Central Reception- Assist in the checking-in of patients for their appointments and other administrative tasks within the central reception department.
  • Alliyah Bernales
    • Miraloma Call Center- First point in contact for Kaiser Permanente. Makes sure doctors and nurses have a correctly set schedule and makes sure that patients who call receive the right education after their diagnosis.

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