Workshop: Network Connection


April 13, 2016 | The goal of this workshop was for students to create and build new relationships by connecting with current college students from Cal State Fullerton’s Allied Health Academy.

The activity above is our Community Web

Students were gathered in a circle to discuss what motivates them to succeed and the barriers they will face along their road to success. As each student shared their thoughts, they expressed how they related to each other and found that they are all connected.


After the Community Web, the college students were separated from the high school students to create motivational cards for the high school students. The college students were paired up with the high school students.


When the group gathered together again, each pair discussed questions about: their personal journey, how to maintain relationships in college, and the process for getting to college and choosing a career. They engaged in meaningful conversations and the college students gave their motivational card to the high school students at the end of the conversation.


Students learned more about allied health career options and how to be successful throughout college. We had a great time! Thank you CSUF Allied Health Academy!



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