2015-16 School Year


Class of 2016

Farah Tauaivale

Farah T.“Being in the allied health academy was an amazing experience for me. Not only was I able to meet people with the same interests that I have, but I also got to meet others with different interests as well. The allied health academy has opened up my eyes and shown me that I have gotten where I am with the help of my family and my community. It has taught me that I should not only appreciate what I have, but I should also give back to those that have helped me. The allied health academy has given me the opportunity to explore different occupations in the health field and it has given me the chance to meet amazingly wonderful people and mentors. It was a great opportunity to be a part of it and I am truly thankful for it.”

Marylee Flores

“Being part of the AHA was the best choice I have ever made. Thanks to AHA I have decided to study physical therapy. AHA has taught me so many things . For example, everyone has a a different culture. Many people have different ways to heal someone from sickness. It’s very interesting to know the different types of remedies. Knowing these types of remedies will help me in the future to help out. AHA has helped me to communicate, work as a group and help out others. I have gained this because of AHA and I will use this in my career because I would be helping patients, work with other physical therapists and communicate with patients and doctors.”